Shari Rodriguez

Assistant Professor of Human Dimensions of Wildlife
Forestry and Environmental Conservation Department

Office: 222 Lehotsky Hall
Phone: 864-656-0430
Fax: 864-656-3304

Personal Website:

 Educational Background

Ph.D. Fisheries, Wildlife and Conservation Biology
North Carolina State University 2012

M.A. Sustainable Development
School for International Training 2007

B.A. Biology
Whitman College 1993

 Courses Taught

Conservation Biology (WFB/BIOL 3130) - in person and online formats
Human Dimensions of Fisheries and Wildlife Management (WFB 4930 - undergraduate)
Human Dimensions of Fisheries and Wildlife Management (WFB 8610 and 8611 - graduate)
Wildlife Biology Lab (WFB 3010)
Wildlife Biology (WFB 3000)
Non-game Wildlife Management (WFB 4400)
Graduate Seminar (FNR 8080)

 Research Interests

Human dimensions of wildlife conservation and management; wildlife conservation on private lands; economic incentives; private lands stewardship; human-wildlife interactions and conflicts; recreational hunting behavior; attitudes, perceptions and behaviors towards wildlife.

 Extension and Outreach

Faculty Advisor, Clemson University Tigers for Tigers


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