Thomas Walker III

Research Coordinator, SC Water Resources Center
Instructor, Master of Public Administration Program
Public Service Activities

Office: 509 Westinghouse Rd., Pendleton, SC 29670
Phone: 864-646-2156


 Educational Background

Ph.D. Policy Studies
Clemson University 2017

M.P.A. Public Administration
Seattle University 2010

B.A. History
Randolph-Macon College 2003

 Courses Taught

PADM 8210 Perspectives on Public Administration


Tom Walker, Ph.D. is the research coordinator for the South Carolina Water Resources Center. Tom has been at Clemson since 2012 and worked and taught for the MPA program while pursuing his doctorate in Policy Studies. He was previously a postdoctoral fellow in the SC Water Resources Center and his work focused primarily on several phases of the State Water Planning Process. Dr. Walker received his B.A. degree in History from Randolph-Macon College and his M.P.A. in Public Administration with a Government concentration from Seattle University. He received a Ph.D. in Policy Studies from Clemson University with an emphasis in environmental and natural resource policy.

 Research Interests


SC Water Resources Conference Planning Committee
Journal of SC Water Resources Editorial Committee

 Extension and Outreach

Surface Water Availability Assessment
Groundwater Availability Assessment
Water Demand Projections
Planning Process Advisory Committee
Edisto River Basin Council Planning Team

Pellett, A. (2019). Projection Methods for Off-stream Water Demand in South Carolina. South Carolina Department of Natural Resources Land, Water and Conservation Division.
Editor: Walker, T.

South Carolina Water Planning Framework. (2019). South Carolina Department of Natural Resources Land, Water and Conservation Division. Planning Process Advisory Committee (PPAC) Coordinator: Walker, T.



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