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Tyler Tobias

M.S. Student - Wildlife and Fisheries Biology (SC Coop Unit)
Research & Teaching Assistant
Forestry and Environmental Conservation Department

Office: Lehotsky G12E



Educational Background

B.S. Environmental Studies
Central Michigan University 2023


Tyler Tobias (Ty) joined the FEC department as an M.S. student in Dr. Erin Buchholtz’s Lab at the start of Summer 2023. Prior to arriving at Clemson, Ty attended Central Michigan University, where he spent time conducting research on the behavioral ecology of Michigan herpetofauna, as well as aiding research related to assessing the presence of mussels in Michigan rivers. Ty also worked as a natural history museum assistant for four years and gained additional research experiences at the Memphis Zoo and San Diego Zoo Wildlife Alliance, where he worked on the applications of reproductive technologies to Anuran conservation and the use of accelerometers to ascertain tortoise behavioral activity budgets, respectfully. At Clemson, Ty strives to continue working on interdisciplinary research with direct applications to supporting conservation efforts and fostering human-wildlife coexistence. In addition, Ty is also affiliated with the USGS SC Cooperative Research Unit.

Research Interests

socio-ecological systems, human-wildlife interactions, conservation biology, behavioral ecology, spatial ecology, Black ecologies, natural history

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