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David Willis

Professor of Agribusiness
Specialization: Natural Resource Economics
Agricultural Sciences Department

Office: 239 McAdams Hall
Phone: 864-656-5790



Educational Background

PhD Agricultural and Resource Economics
Washington State University 1993

MS Agricultural and Resource Economics
Washington State University 1987

BS Economics
Rocky Mountain College 1978

Courses Taught

Clemson University Only

AGRB 3080 - Quantitative Agricultural Economics
AGRB 3570 - Natural Resources Economics
AGRB 4570 - Natural Resource Use, Technology and Policy
APEC 8220 - Public Policy Economics
APEC 8090 - Advanced Natural Resources Economics
ECON 3090 - Environmental Economics
STAT 3300 - Statistical Methods II


Editor of Journal of Agricultural and Applied Economics
Undergraduate Coordinator for the Environmental and Natural Resources B.S. Degree
Graduate Coordinator for the MS and Ph.D. degree programs in Applied Economics and Statistics

Research Interests

The socially efficient use of natural and environmental resources. Prior natural and environmental economic research endeavors have focused on the optimal use of our increasingly scarce water supplies over time. I have examined the use and non-use values of both surface water use and groundwater use. I have also examined the impact of anticipated climate change scenarios on both the consumptive and non-consumptive use of water over time, and the role technology plays in conservation.


Selected Publications since 2008

Willis, David B., David W. Hughes, Kathryn A. Boys, and Devin C. Swindall. "Economic growth through entrepreneurship: Determinants of self-employed income across regional economies." Papers in Regional Science 99, no. 1 (2020): 73-95.

Purcell AD, Khanal PN, Willis DB, and Straka TJ. “Valuing ecosystem services of coastal marshes and wetlands”. Clemson Land-Grant Press, Clemson Extension. January 2020.

Willis David B. and Tomas Straka. "The Economic Contribution of Natural Resources to a State Economy: A South Carolina Case Study" Natural Resources, 8(3): Feb. 2017, pp. 115-129.

Willis, David B., Carlos E. Carpio, and Kathryn A. Boys. “Supporting Local Food System Development Through Food Price Premium Donations: A Policy Proposal”. Journal of Agricultural and Applied Economics, Vol. 48(2): May 2016, pp192-227.

Boys, Kathryn A., David B. Willis, and Carlos Carpio. “Consumer Willingness to Pay for Organic and Locally Grown Produce on Dominica: Insights into the Potential for an “Organic Island”. Environment, Development, and Sustainability, Vol. 16(3):595-617:2014.

Huber, Matthew C., David B. Willis, John C. Hayes, and Charles V. Privette III. “A Private Incentive-Based Stormwater Mitigation Program to Enhance Stormwater Management Control beyond Current Minimum Standards in Residential Subdivisions”. Watershed Science Bulletin, Vol. 4(2):1-12: August 2013.

Das, Biswaranjan, David B. Willis and Ken Rainwater. “An Interdisciplinary Regional Groundwater Model: A Study of the Ogallala in the Texas High Plains”. Regional Science, Policy and Practice, Vol. 5(1):113-133: March, 2013.

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Zapata, Samuel D., Holger M. Benavides, Carlos E. Carpio, and David B. Willis. “The Economic Value of Basin Protection to Improve the Quality and Reliability of Potable Water Supply: Some Evidence from Ecuador”. Water Policy, Vol. 14:1-13, 2012.

Willis, David B. “Water Scarcity – Future Uses and Implications for Policy”. Journal of Agricultural and Applied Economics, Vol. 43(3):379-384, August 2011.

Smith, Loren M., Scott T. McMurry, and David B. Willis. “Ecosystem Services Provided by Playa Wetlands in the High Plains: Potential Influences on USDA Conservation Programs and Practices”. Ecological Applications, Vol. 21(3):82-92, April 2011.

Willis, David B. and Jeff W. Johnson. “Groundwater Depletion in the Texas High Plains”. In “Water Policy in Texas: Responding to the Rise of Scarcity”. Edited by Ronald Griffin. Resources for the Future. Washington, D. C., 2011 (September):178-200.

Das, Biswaranjan, David B. Willis and Jeff Johnson. “Effectiveness of Two Water Conservation Policies: An Integrated Modeling Approach”. Journal of Agricultural and Applied Economics,Vol. 42(4):695-710, November 2010.

Willis, David B., and Norman K. Whittlesey. “Water Management Policies for Stream Flow Augmentation in an Irrigated River Basin”. In “International Library of Critical Writings in Economics: Economics and Water Resources”. Edited by R. Quentin Grafton. Edward Elger, Cheltenham, United Kingdom, 2009 (September):112-132.

Johnson, Jeff W., Philip P. Johnson, David B. Willis and Eduardo Segarra. “Water Conservation Policy Alternatives for the Ogallala Aquifer in Texas”. Water Policy. Vol. 11: 537-552, 2009.

Wheeler-Cook, Erin, Eduardo Segarra, Phillip Johnson, Jeffrey Johnson, and David Willis. “Water Conservation Policy Evaluation: The Case of the Southern Ogallala Aquifer”. Texas Journal of Agriculture and Natural Resources vol. 21:86-100, December, 2008.

Willis, David B., Joel R. Hamilton, M. Henry Robison, Norman K. Whittlesey, and John Draper. “Secondary Damages in Interstate Water Compact Litigation”. Natural Resources Journal, Vol. 48(3):679-696, Summer 2008.

Willis, David B. and Justin S. Baker. “A Coasian Approach to Efficient Water Allocation of a Transboundary River”. Journal of Agricultural and Applied Economics, Vol. 40(2):473-484, August 2008.


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