Patrick Wechter

Director / Research Leader
Research Leader
Plant and Environmental Sciences Department, Coastal Research and Education Center

Office: Coastal Research and Education Center
Phone: 843-402-5398


 Educational Background

Ph.D Plant Pathology
Clemson University 2000

M.S. Plant Pathology
Clemson University 1994

B.S. Biology
Winthrop University 1983


Dr. Wechter was with the USDA, ARS as a Research Plant Pathologist for 18 years. He has also served in different capacities in the American Society of Microbiology, the American Society of Horticultural Science, and the American Phytopathological Society, including service as Senior Editor for Bacteriology for the journal Plant Disease. He is the recipient of the prestigious T. W. Edminster Research Associate Award by USDA (2014) and has over 70 peer-reviewed publications.
Over his career, Dr. Wechter has worked with a variety of pathogens and vegetable crops and has developed important cultivars with significant impact on the vegetable industry. He developed the mustard green cultivar ‘Carolina Broadleaf’, the only commercially available brassica leafy green with resistance to Bacterial Leaf Blight, an important disease in the southern US. He also developed, in collaboration with Clemson Scientists, the watermelon grafting rootstock ‘Carolina Strongback’, which has high levels of tolerance to Fusarium wilt and resistance to root knot nematode. Carolina Strongback has been licensed to Syngenta Seed and has been made available in many countries around the world.

 Research Interests

Bacterial and fungal plant pathogens, molecular genetics of plant resistance, development of molecular markers for marker assisted breeding and resistant germplasm development. Main research thrust is vegetable crops, especially cucurbits, brassica leafy greens and peppers.


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