W. Walker Spivey

Graduate Research Assistant
Plant and Environmental Sciences Department

Office: 202C Biosystems Research Complex
Email: wwspive@clemson.edu


 Educational Background

B.S. Plant and Environmental Sciences: Agricultural Biotechnology
Clemson University 2021


I am a first year Master's Student at Clemson University in the Plant and Environmental Sciences department focusing on Crop Physiology. My research focuses on characterizing heat and drought tolerance mechanisms in peanut and cotton by evaluating lipidome alterations and root architecture.

I completed my undergraduate degree in Plant and Environmental Sciences: Agricultural Biotechnology concentration and minors in Genetics and Biological Sciences at Clemson University in May 2021. During my time as an undergraduate student, I worked in many areas of research such as bioremediation, plant pathology, crop physiology, and forestry. I actively participated in research and was awarded funds as part of the CAFLS Undergraduate Research Initiative in 2020 and 2021. I am a dedicated student to not only my studies but also in my community involvement. I was a member of the CAFLS Student Ambassador team and an officer in the Agronomy Club. I enjoy educating others about the unique and rewarding opportunities that an agricultural degree can provide.

After completing my M.S. degree I would like to continue to work on issues related to crop production, sustainability, food security, plant breeding, and biotechnology as it applies to these areas. I am open to collaborating with individuals in other disciplines and educating people about the world of plant science.


Slow Sand Filters for Horticulture: What’s Old Has Become New
J Majsztrik, NL Bell, L Kome, WW Spivey, SA White - 2019 ASHS Annual Conference, 2019

Wetland Plant Bioremediation of Paclobutrazol from Nursery and Greenhouse Runoff
W. Walker Spivey, Emily Jordan, Devin Orr, Natasha Bell, Laura Garcia Chance - Clemson Biological Sciences Annual Student Symposium- Spring 2019