Oral Presentations

Please provide your PowerPoint presentation at the time of registration on a USB drive or CD. A conference representative located at the registration desk will load your PowerPoint presentation onto a computer and return your USB drive or CD. Please include your last name in the file name of your presentation (For example: S. Guynn would submit the file “Guynn.ppt”). If you are providing more than one presentation, please indicate in the file name the session time slot in addition to your last name.

It is also requested that you provide a brief biography for speaker introduction purposes. Your bio may be submitted at the conference as a separate file, using Microsoft Word .doc or .docx format with your last name-bio as the title for the file (For example: “guynn-bio.docx”). You may also send your bio as an email attachment to Susan Guynn at sguynn@clemson.edu. Providing a hard copy of your bio at the time of registration is also acceptable.

A computer with Microsoft PowerPoint (Windows version) and a projector will be provided for each oral presentation session. A total of 20 minutes has been allotted for each oral presentation. The duration of your presentation is expected to be approximately 15-18 minutes, thus allowing 2-5 minutes for questions from the audience.


Boards, easels and clips will be provided on site to hang your poster. Your poster size should not exceed 36"x48".  Poster may be put in Ballroom A starting on Tuesday, June 11, 2013 at 8:00am and must be moved by 8:30pm on Tuesday, June 11, 2013. If posters are not removed by this time, they will be taken down and placed in a trash receptacle. For a list of poster presentations, please click here.

Guidelines for Manuscripts and Extended Abstracts

The authors of presented papers must submit an initial abstract in electronic format for the program by May 1, 2013. They are encouraged to submit a formal written manuscript or an extended abstract, including citations, for publication in the Conference Proceedings. Proceedings for the meeting will be available as a pdf after the meeting as well as made available on the internet. The proceedings will include copies of the presented papers or extended abstracts, abstracts of poster papers, a list of award winners, and a list of participants.
The deadline for submission of manuscripts and extended abstracts is June 30, 2013.  Send manuscripts or extended abstracts to Michael Cunningham at mwcunni@arborgen.com.
All manuscripts and extended abstracts must be written in English and submitted electronically as a Microsoft Word document. A paper version must also be submitted at the meeting so that appropriate formats can be verified for the proceedings. Authors are solely responsible for the technical content of the manuscript or extended abstract as no technical editing will be done prior to publication.
All manuscripts and all extended abstracts must conform to the following guidelines. There are additional guidelines specific to extend abstracts and to full manuscripts outlined below:

  • Paper size: Letter (8.5 by 11 inches or 22 x 28 cm)
  • Margins: 1 inch (2.5 cm) on all four sides
  • Font: Times New Roman 12 pt.
  • Title and authors names centered and capitalize first letter in each word. The title should be bold. Authors' affiliation should be given as a footnote.
  • All measurements should be metric (English in parenthesis if appropriate).

Additional Guidelines for Extended Abstracts

  • Body of abstract should be single spaced, fully justified (aligned on left and right side), and have full margins throughout. Do not indent first lines of paragraphs.
  • Length: The maximum length for an extended abstract is 3 single-spaced pages. Authors are encouraged to include critical tables and figures along with literature citations in the extended abstracts, but brief abstracts are acceptable. See Instructions for Manuscripts for additional instructions for presenting tables, figures, and literature citations.
  • Do not insert page numbers.
  • Click here for an example of an Extended Abstract in pdf format.

Additional Guidelines for Manuscripts

  • A brief abstract (500 words maximum) should be included with the manuscript. It should start immediately after the authors name and have "Abstract:" at the beginning. The abstract should be indented on the left and right sides approximately ½ inch or 1 cm.
  • Body of the manuscript should be single spaced and fully justified (aligned on both the left and right sides). Do not indent first lines of paragraphs.
  • The format for the paper is flexible, but authors are encouraged to include the standard sections of a scientific paper (e.g. Abstract, INTRODUCTION, METHODS AND MATERIALS, RESULTS, DISCUSSION, AND LITERATURE CITED).
  • Length: The maximum length for a manuscript is 12 single-spaced pages including all text, figures, tables, and literature citations.
  • Do not insert page numbers
  • Tables and Figures should be placed within the text.
  • Authors are free to use whatever literature citation convention is customary in their primary journals.
  • Click here for an example of a manuscript in pdf format.