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Student Affairs

Student Affairs Leadership Team

Dr. Chris Miller

L. Christopher Miller, J.D., Ph.D. — Vice President for Student Affairs and Dean of Students

Chris Miller serves as the vice president and dean of students for Clemson University Division of Student Affairs. Miller was appointed to the full-time position in April 2021 after serving in an interim capacity. Student Affairs has thrived with Miller’s leadership at Clemson. After guiding the division through an organizational realignment and modified operations due to a global pandemic, Clemson’s student experience has emerged stronger than ever.

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George Smith

George Smith, Ph.D. — Senior Associate Vice President for Student Affairs

George Smith serves as senior associate vice president within the Division of Student Affairs and holds administrative oversight of the Office of Community and Ethical Standards, Student Engagement, Housing and Residence Life, Student Health Services and Campus Recreation. He holds division-level authority and is an advisor to the vice president providing portfolio leadership and institutional acumen.

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Kimberly Poole

Kimberly Poole, Ph.D. — Assistant Vice President and Senior Associate Dean of Students

Kimberly Poole serves as assistant vice president and senior associate dean of students within Clemson University’s Division of Student Affairs. She serves as designee for the Vice President for Student Affairs and Dean of Students — engaging closely with students and families — in his absence. In her expanded role, she has supervisory responsibility over Advocacy and Success, Fraternity and Sorority Life, Interpersonal Violence Response and Military and Veteran Engagement.

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Kryssa Cooper

Kryssa Cooper — Assistant Vice President for Division Operations and Logistics

Kryssa Cooper serves as assistant vice president for division operations and logistics within Student Affairs. In her current role, Cooper oversees internal processes, communication and division commercial sponsorship. She also has responsibility for large-scale divisionwide events and serves as a liaison to key stakeholders, including the Board of Trustees Student Affairs Committee, Board of Visitors Student Engagement and Success Committee and Clemson Family Ambassador Board. Cooper serves at a division level, supporting special projects from the VP office that support the Clemson Elevate strategic plan. Cooper was a member of the President’s Leadership Institute (PLI) cohort in 2021.

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Lisa Bona

Lisa Bona — Chief Business Operations Officer

Lisa Bona serves as chief business operations officer for the Division of Student Affairs. She returned to Student Affairs in April 2017 after spending three and a half years as associate director of student financial services and EmoryCard Services at Emory University in Atlanta. In her current role, she oversees all business operations, budgets, financial and personnel activities for the division. She also provides leadership and oversight of all financial planning within Student Affairs to support effective strategic decisions, operational excellence and resource alignment.

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Pam Davis

Pam Davis — Interim Asst. Vice President for Student Engagement

Pam Davis serves as the interim assistant vice president for student engagement for the Division of Student Affairs. In this interim role, she will provide transitional direction and supervision for departments: Campus Reservations and Events, and the Center for Student Leadership and Engagement. She also works directly with the Office of Institutional Excellence to align Student Affairs strategic and operational plans, assessment, enterprise risk management, business continuity and continuous improvement projects to Clemson Elevate — the University’s strategic plan. As a key member of the Excellence Lead Community of Practice, Davis influences University-wide continuous improvement opportunities and sharing of best practices.

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Leasa Evinger

Leasa Evinger, Ph.D. — Interim Assistant Vice President for Housing and Residence Life

Leasa Evinger serves as interim assistant vice president for housing and residence life. She was appointed to the position in September 2023 after a structural realignment that returned Residential Living and Residential Learning to Student Affairs. In her capacity, she is a member of the Student Affairs Leadership Team.

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Lesslie Pekarek

Lesslie Pekarek, M.D., FAAFP — Assistant Vice President for Student Health and Wellness Services

Lesslie Pekarek serves as assistant vice president for student health and wellness services. As a Fellow of the American Academy of Family Physicians, she utilizes her expertise and passion to serve our students. In her role, she oversees our Redfern Health Center, Counseling and Psychological Services, and Healthy Campus. She continues to also serve as executive director of Student Health Services, Clemson University’s comprehensive outpatient healthcare organization.

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Neil Burton

Neil Burton, Ph.D. — Associate Dean of Students and Executive Director of the Center for Career and Professional Development

Neil Burton serves as executive director of the Center for Career and Professional Development, a merger of the Cooperative Education Program and The Michelin Career Center. Burton also manages the UPIC Program on campus, and provides strategic direction for the Center, which offers our students services such as career workshops, career fairs, and experiential educational programs.

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Mandy Hays

Mandy Hays — Special Asst. to the VPSA

Mandy Hays has been a member of the Clemson University Division of Student Affairs since 1993 and possesses a rich knowledge of student development and programming. From 2015 until Spring 2024, she held administrative responsibility for the direction and supervision of two departments: Campus Reservations and Events, and the Center for Student Leadership and Engagement. She currently is serving as a special assistant to the VP.

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Student Affairs Leadership Team — Partners

Philip Sikes

Philip Sikes

Marketing and Communications

Executive Director of Student Communication

Carrie Truax

Carrie Truax


Director of Development and Unit Lead for Student Affairs

Division of Student Affairs
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