Guido Schnabel

Plant and Environmental Sciences Department, Public Service Activities

Office: 105 Collings St./220 BRC
Phone: 864-656-6705
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 Educational Background

PhD at University of Stuttgart, Hohenheim 1997

 Courses Taught

Plant Disease Diagnostics Summer Course


Dr. Guido Schnabel is a plant pathologist at Clemson University with over 25 years of experience working with pathogens of fruit crops. He has an active research and extension program focused on management of diseases of small fruits and stone fruits. Together with his technician Karen, MS students, PhD students, and postdocs he publishes in highly ranked, peer-reviewed journals. Since 2019 he has been Associate Editor of the international journal 'Pesticide Biochemistry and Physiology' and in charge of all fungicide-related submissions. His research and extension activities were recognized with the APS Lee Hutchins Award for Excellence in Tree Fruit Research in 2011, The APS Excellence in Extension Award in 2015, the Clemson University Godley Snell Award for Excellence in Research and the Clemson University Centennial Professorship Award for years 2017/2018.

 Research Interests

Integrated management of diseases affecting peach and strawberry. Dr. Schnabel studies molecular mechanisms of fungicide resistance in Colletotrichum, Monilinia, and Botrytis; monitors resistance in the field; and determines the efficacy of fungicides both in vitro and in field trials. He identifies and characterizes tree fruit pathogens and has also developed cultural management strategies for Armillaria root rot control. He is also working on causes and management of abiotic peach skin disorders including streaking and bronzing.

 Extension and Outreach

Extension programs include commercial grower education, county agent support, extension presentations, publications, on-farm visits, using technology for information transfer, identification of pathogen resistance, and farm-specific consultation to improve disease and resistance management. His outreach efforts are best known for his regional fungicide resistance monitoring as well as the development of the MyIPM smartphone app.


Recent Publications
-Chechi, A., Stahlecker, J., Dowling, M. E. and G. Schnabel 2019. Diversity in species composition and fungicide resistance profiles in Colletotrichum isolates from apple. Pestic. Biochem Physiol. 158:18-24.
-Hu, M-J., S. D. Cosseboom, and G. Schnabel 2019. AtrB-Associated Fludioxonil Resistance in Botrytis fragariae Not Linked to Mutations in Transcription Factor Mrr1. Phytopathology 109:839-846.
-Froelich, M. and G. Schnabel. 2019. Investigation of fungi causing twig blight diseases on peach trees in South Carolina. Plant Dis. 103:705-710.
-Dowling, ME, Bridges, WC, Cox, BM, Sroka, T, Wilson, JR, and Schnabel, G. 2019. Preservation of Monilinia fructicola genotype diversity within fungal cankers. Plant Dis. 103:526-530.
-Allran, J., G. Schnabel, and J. C. Melgar 2019. Peach bagging in the southeastern U.S., J. AM. POMOL. SOC. 73:38-46.
-Cheng, S., G. Schnabel, H. Yuan, C. Luo 2019. LAMP detection of the genetic element ‘Mona’ associated with DMI resistance in Monilinia fructicola. Pest Manag. Sci., 75: 779-786.
-Cosseboom, S. D., K. L. Ivors, G. Schnabel, P. K. Bryson, and G. J. Holmes 2019. Within-season shift in fungicide resistance profiles of Botrytis cinerea in California strawberry fields. Plant Dis. 103:59-64.


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