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College of Education

REAL Lunches

About Our April REAL Lunch

College Graduate Student Awards

Graduate student awardees in the following categories will be announced:

  • Excellence in Research
  • Excellence in Teaching: College Level
  • Excellence in Teaching: K-12
  • Excellence in Service: Outreach
  • Excellence in Service: Clinical

Please join us in honoring our students!

College Committee On Community And Diversity

The College Committee on Community and Diversity will present on Interrogating racial violence: Implications for critical- and equity-minded research. Committee members will expand upon equity concepts in the context of educational research. Through examining the recent surge of anti-Asian racism, participants will have an opportunity to review assumptions of equity minded research and consider its implications for their work.

Committee Members:

  • Shanita Anderson, Lecturer, Teaching & Learning
  • Natasha Croom, Associate Professor, Educational and Organizational Leadership Development and Special Advisor to the Dean for Diversity and Inclusive Excellence
  • Jennifer Hall, Faculty, Office of Field and Clinical Partnerships and Outreach
  • Jaylen Hill, Elementary Education Major, Call Me Mister Program
  • Rachelle Savitz, Assistant Professor, Education and Human Development
  • Tomiko Smalls, Doctoral Student, Educational and Organizational Leadership Development
  • Daniella Hall Sutherland, Assistant Professor, Educational and Organizational Leadership Development
  • Rachel Wagner, Assistant Professor, Educational and Organizational Leadership Development
  • Tara Weekes, Manager, Education Media Center
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Please join us for monthly REAL (Researchers, Educators And Leaders) Lunches to engage in conversations about research, grants, and collaborations. If you would like to make a brief presentation about your research for feedback from colleagues, contact Dr. Jeff Marshall.

All lunches are scheduled from 12:30-1:30 p.m. and will be virtual until further notice. As these virtual conversations occur over lunch, the format is a bit informal. Faculty and graduate students are encouraged to include kids or other family members “at their lunch table.”

Zoom Link - 

2020-2021 REAL Lunch Schedule

Wednesday, September 9
Dr. Michelle Boettcher - EOLD-Higher Education and Student Affairs - Tenure Conversation

Thursday, October 8
Dr. Natasha Croom
EOLD-Higher Education and Student Affairs - Special Advisor to the Dean for Diversity and Inclusive Excellence - Tenure Conversation

Wednesday, November 11
Dr. Sandra Linder - T&L-Early Childhood Education - Promotion Conversation
Dr. Shanna Hirsch - EHD-Special Education
Tracy Burns - Dr. Phinnize J. Fisher Middle School

Thursday, December 10
COE Graduate Students

Wednesday, January 13
Dr. Hans Klar - EOLD-Educational Leadership

Thursday, February 11
Dr. Golnaz Arastoopour Irgens - EHD-Learning Sciences

Wednesday, March 10
Dr. Cynthia Sims and Dr. Angie Carter - EOLD - Human Resource Development
Meihua Qian - EHD-Learning Sciences - Tenure Conversation 

Thursday, April 15
COE Graduate Student Awards
COE Community Diversity Committee
Conclusion to the Semester

College of Education "Best In Class"
College of Education "Best In Class" | 101 Gantt Circle