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College of Education


Arts and Creativity Lab at Clemson University

Arts and Creativity Lab

The Arts and Creativity Lab allows for concentrated work in both the visual and performing arts in education. A visual art with seminar space and a performing arts space with a specialized performance floor have been modeled after professional arts studios and designed to create a comfortable and non-intimidating environment for creative work and arts integration in early childhood, elementary and special education.


Contexts of Learning & Development Lab

Contexts of Learning & Development Lab

The Contexts of Learning and Development Lab at the College of Education brings together faculty and students to address issues relating to healthy human development and learning across complex ecological contexts – classrooms, schools, families, and communities. Our members lead research, teaching, and service projects in collaboration with multiple stakeholders in the state of South Carolina and around the world.

Digital Media and Learning Lab

Digital Media and Learning Labs

The mission of the Digital Media and Learning Labs is to create a culture of participation with digital media technologies by providing media “hangouts,” fostering skill development, creativity, production and learning, and providing a space that is used and supported by community members.



The IDEA (Inclusive Digital Education and Analytics) Lab is located at Clemson University in the College of Education. Our research is focused on designing inclusive digital learning environments in engineering, computer science, and computational statistics. We also develop and implement innovative and inclusive analytics approaches to make sense of student learning.

Connected Learning in Education & Research Lab


Established in 2019, the Connected Learning in Education and Research (CLEaR) Lab is co-located in the College of Education at Clemson University and School of Education at the University of Pittsburgh. We are a team of faculty and graduate students in the learning sciences who study participatory learning, development, cognition, assessment, and issues of equity and access. We research and apply innovative approaches to connect learning in formal and informal environments to solve practical problems in education. Our passionate team members use a variety of methodological approaches, share scholarly work and discuss pressing issues in the learning sciences.

College of Education
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