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College of Education

Administration and Support

Dean's Office

George J. Petersen Founding Dean 864-656-4444
Christie Ackerman Executive Assistant to the Dean 864-656-4444
Gayla Luff Administrative Assistant, Office of the Dean 864-656-7656
Jeff Marshall Associate Dean, Research and Graduate Studies 864-656-2059
Michelle Cook Associate Dean, Undergraduate Programs 864-656-5119
Julie Jones Student Services Manager 864-656-5096
Laura Eicher Director, Teacher Residency 864-656-3077
Emily Freeze Program Coordinator 864-656-3191

Academic Advising Center

Stacy Dillard Human Capital Education & Development 864-656-3872
Jamie Garland Undergraduate Program Lead Advisor 864-656-3180
Staci Koonce Undergraduate Program Advisor 864-656-0491
Valerie Oonk Undergraduate Program Advisor

Accreditation and Assessment

Kent Ellison Director of Assessment and Learning Systems 864-656-7483

Field Experiences and Certification

Leigh Martin Executive Director, Office of Field and Clinical Partnerships and Outreach 864-656-5115
Jennifer Hall Coordinator, Field Experiences and Licensure 864-656-7692
Paula Adams Middle Grades/Secondary Placement Coordinator 864-656-9701
Latasha Chappell Early Childhood and Elementary Education Placement Coordinator 864-656-5095

Graduate Programs

Stephanie Henry Student Services Program Coordinator 864-656-0416
Alison Search Student Services Program Coordinator 864-250-8880

IT Services

Jessica Gray Support Areas: Desktop, network and peripheral support 864-656-5125
Mason Thomas Support Areas: Desktop, network and peripheral support 864-656-5125

Research Services

Jean McKendry Director of Research Development 864-656-1728
Melinda Fischer Grants Administrator & Manager 864-656-2683

Online Education

April Pelt Director of Online Education

Personnel and Finance

Rachel Burch Human Resources Generalist 864-656-3362
Kristie Nieves Human Resources Service Representative 864-656-2072
Regina Carroll Director of Business Relations 864-656-2073
Savannah Bock
Associate Business Officer 864-656-1779
Brooke King Business Center and Grants Manager 864-656-3483
Teresa Kelley Educational and Organizational Leadership Development Business Manager 864-656-3484
Doug Stephens Education and Human Development Business Manager 864-656-4273
Katie Cato Teaching and Learning Business Manager 864-656-4274

Public Relations and Communications

Melanie Kieve Public Information Director 864-656-1051
Michael Staton Public Information Coordinator 864-933-0334
Tim Whims Web Developer 864-350-1777


Jeff Cogburn Director of Development 864-364-0461
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