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Secondary Education, MAT

Clemson Master of Arts in Teaching teacher with high school students in Greenville

After completing three sessions of online classes and 75 hours of field experience, Secondary MAT students will engage in a full-time student teaching experience while continuing to complete their coursework. You emerge from this expedited pathway to education with a master’s degree – and a firm foundation for a teaching career.

  • Overview

    The online Secondary Education Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) is a 30-credit hour degree designed for mid-career professionals who have a content background in English/Language Arts, Social Studies, Mathematics, or Science, are seeking to change fields, and are not currently certified to teach. By allowing acceleration through the program with the goal of placement and retention after completion, the MAT helps address the ongoing teacher shortfall in the state of South Carolina. Most importantly, it places well-prepared candidates in the classroom in a timely manner.

  • Program Benefits
    • Convenience – Our online classes provide you flexibility to continue working while pursuing your degree.
    • Quality – You learn from some of the best minds in the education profession, people committed to preparing you for a long and successful career in the classroom.
    • Local Classroom Experiences You complete field experiences in classrooms in your local area.
    • Salary – With a master’s degree in hand, you can begin your career with a higher salary.
    • Career – This degree leads to a job that is in demand and makes a difference.
  • Admissions Requirements

    Admission to the Program

    The Masters of Teaching in Secondary Education program admits students for summer entry. Only complete applications are considered for admissions. Application decisions will be made shortly following the posted deadline below.

    Application Deadlines

    All application materials must be submitted by the following deadline:

    • March 15

    Application Requirements 

    To be considered for the Program, applicants must:

    • Have completed a bachelor’s degree with a minimum GPA of 2.75 on a 4.0 scale and a preferred GPA of 3.0 or higher on a 4.0 scale
    • Have received a ‘C’ or better in all pre-requisite content area coursework (English, Mathematics, Science or Social Studies) necessary to meet state teacher certification
    • Have received a passing score on ETS Praxis Subject Exam(s) OR have completed a Praxis Subject Exam Acknowledgement
      • Praxis Subject Exam Acknowledgement Forms will ONLY be provided by the program coordinator, Dr. Morrison –, following a transcript evaluation. A transcript evaluation may be requested prior to application
      • See the FAQ section for more information about registering for this exam
    • Submit an online Graduate School application which requires:
      • Unofficial transcripts (official transcripts will be required if you are accepted into the program)
      • A current resume
      • Two letters of recommendation
        • Recommendation forms are emailed directly to recommenders via the online application process
      • A personal statement
        • The statement should address your knowledge, accomplishments, and future career goals
      • TOEFL/IELTS scores for international students
      • An interview, in-person or virtual

    Additional information concerning supporting materials

  • Program Requirements

    The MAT Middle and Secondary program is a 30-credit hour program designed to be completed in 14 months. All coursework is offered online, and cohorts will start each summer. There are in-person field experience requirements embedded throughout the program. An overview of the field experience requirements is provided below:

    • Summer I, Year 1: Field Experience: 22.5 hours or 3 days
    • Fall, Year 1: Field Experience: 37.5 hours or 5 days
    • Spring, Year 1: Full-Time Field Experience Required

    Course Requirements/Schedule

    Summer I, Year 1 (6 credit hours)

    EDLT 8270 — Content Area Reading & Writing
    ED 8030/8031 — Methods of Teaching at Middle and Secondary Levels 

    Summer II, Year 1 (6 credit hours)

    EDF 8020 — Learning and Motivation in Context
    EDML 8410 — Advanced Middle School Curriculum and Instruction OR ED 8650 Curriculum Theory

    Fall, Year 1 (6 credit hours)

    EDLT 8100 - Foundations in Literacy
    Discipline-Specific Method Courses —Students select one of the following options:

    • EDSC 8610 — Science
    • EDSC 8620 — Mathematics
    • EDSC 8630 — English
    • EDSC 8640 — Social Studies

    Spring, Year 1 (6 credit hours) | Classroom Field Experience Required (Full-time)

    EDSC 8910 — Directed Internship
    EDSC 8920 —Capstone Seminar 

    Two Options:

    • Internship Certificate with Partner District
    • Traditional Student Teaching

    Summer I, Year 2 (6 credit hours)

    EDSP 8230 — Teaching Individuals with Disabilities in Integrated Settings
    EDF 8350 — Early-Late Adolescent Growth and Development 

    Additional requirements after entering the program:

    • Attendance at the Internship Orientation;
    • Criminal Background Check and Full Disclosure Statement from the State Law Enforcement Division (SLED);
    • Meet with program faculty at least twice per academic year to ensure that you are meeting the program
  • Content-Specific Prerequisite Coursework

    This program requires applicants to have content-specific prerequisite coursework. Please see the linked document for details. If you are unsure if your coursework fulfills these requirements and would like to request a transcript review, please contact the program coordinator, Dr. Morrison –

    Prerequisite Coursework

  • Program Delivery

    With the support of CU Online, Clemson uses the most advanced online technology to provide a rich, supportive, seamless learning environment. Courses will be asynchronous thus allowing students to access courses when and where they need. 

    While students have great flexibility in asynchronous learning, there are key deadlines in each course when learning modules must be completed. Students will be provided with timely support from instructors and technology personnel so that learning is maximized. 

    Canvas, a very user friendly learning management system, is used for all courses to guide the learning experiences. 

    An orientation module will be provided before the start of the program to allow students to become comfortable with expectations and the technologies before classes formally start.

  • Financial Information

    Tuition and Fees
    Explore information on tuition and fees using the Student Financial Services’ tuition and fee calculator (be sure to choose the ‘online’ tab at the top of the page).

    Financial Aid
    For information regarding Financial Aid, please contact the office of Student Financial Aid.

  • Frequently Asked Questions

    How do I register for the Praxis Subject Exam?
    Applicants should register for the Praxis Subject Assessment on the ETS Praxis website

    Test scores should be sent to both Clemson University (code 5111) and to the South Carolina State Department of Education (code 8108). 

    Test Codes:

    • English Language Arts: 5038 or 5039
    • Mathematics: 5165
    • Science
      • Biology: 5235 (discontinued after 8/31/23) or 5236 (available beginning 9/1/22) 
      • Chemistry: 5245
      • Physics: 5265 (discontinued after 8/31/23) or 5266 (available beginning 9/1/22) 
    • Social Studies: 5086


    Where can I complete my field placements?
    Because this program leads to state-level certification, all field placements have to be completed in schools within the state of South Carolina.

    What and where can I teach after I graduate from this program?
    After completing the MAT Secondary Education program, you will be eligible to apply for a High School Education (Grades 9-12) teaching certificate for your emphasis area in the state of South Carolina.

  • Information Sessions & Calendar

    Review our College of Education Graduate Calendar to view upcoming events and information sessions.

  • Find Out More

    For more information regarding the Program or questions associated with applying, please contact Dr. Morrison –

Department of Teaching and Learning
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