Online Paystub FAQs

You will be able to view the current calendar year, plus one calendar year in the past.
Please allow one full pay period for us to pre-note a fake transmission to your account. You should have Direct Deposit by your 2nd payment from CU.

Annual and sick leave balances will appear only on your most current pay stub. As this information is not the most up-to-date, you are encouraged to use MyCLE for your leave details.

Calendar year current, plus one additional calendar year.
Your stub should print easily on 2 pages, depending upon your deductions. For problems with margins which will not allow for printing on 2 pages, please contact the CUBS Help Desk at 864-656-2827 or
You are cautioned to print your stub at your own risk. The intent of online pay stubs was for the employee to view their payments online, rather than printing a copy.
Due to the fact that each person’s information is different, i.e., number of deductions. Employees with no deductions or leave will find their stub will print on one page. Employees with various miscellaneous deductions and multiple insurance deductions and leave will find their stub will print on two pages.
The online stub is available via a secure web-link. You can tell your are at a secure link by the gold lock picture in the bottom right corner of the web page.
Only you can see your pay stub.
From a payroll standpoint, students are employees. As such, students will also use the online paystubs using their Employee Novell UserID and Password.
We are exploring the possibilities of moving this to MyCLE. If this happens, you will receive ample notification from various channels.
No. Travel Reimbursements are issued via the Finance system, which is different from Human Resources Payroll.
Yes, due to our pre-note process, you may receive one live check. Your department will pick-up the check from HR and should deliver it to you. You can see on your online payment whether or not it is a Check or Advice.
You should only have a check if you are a new employee or if you are changing bank accounts and your pay is pre-noting. Your department will have your check on payday Friday. If your department does not have your check, please call Payroll at 864-656-5596.
Your Employee User ID is assigned to you upon being hired as an employee. Student employees receive an Employee User ID in addition to their Student User ID. This ID is used to log you onto the computer, as well as used as your e-mail address. It is usually a combination of letters from your name.

Contact HR

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Office of Human Resources

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Phone: 864.656.2000
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