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Office of Human Resources

Performance Management for Temporary Staff

For Supervisors of Temporary Staff

Time Limited (TLP), Temporary Grant (TGP) and Temporary (TMP)

The goal of Clemson’s performance management process is to help employees and Clemson maximize performance potential and engage managers in the success and growth of every employee, including those in Temporary Positions.

Although not required, the performance management process is helpful in ensuring the success of temporary employees, who often become Full-Time Equivalent (FTE) employees.

The performance management process comprises three major phases: Planning, Performing and Monitoring, and Evaluation with continual communication and feedback throughout the process. Please familiarize yourself with the phases and your supervisory responsibilities found on the Staff Performance Management page.

The Planning and Evaluation stages for all temporary positions (TLP, TGP and TMP) are to be completed on the Performance Planning and Evaluation Form. (The OnBase-Performance tool is not available for use with temporary employees.)

Quick Reference Guides

Use these quick reference guides to help you navigate the Planning and Evaluation stage form.

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