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College Hiring Plan


Join the largest addition of faculty in our history

The College of Engineering, Computing and Applied Sciences is implementing a massive hiring plan across all our 12 departments. Twenty new faculty members came on board this year, and we expect to need another 100 over the next five years.

We seek excellent teachers and researchers who embrace convergence research. The National Science Foundation defines it this way: “Convergence research is a means of solving vexing research problems, in particular, complex problems focusing on societal needs. It entails integrating knowledge, methods, and expertise from different disciplines and forming novel frameworks to catalyze scientific discovery and innovation.”

Are you ready for your career to roar like a Tiger?

To become a part of this growing research enterprise, please reach out to the contact person listed below that is closest to your expertise area.

Zoran Filipi
Department Chair and Executive Director

Martine LaBerge
Department Chair and Professor

David A. Bruce
Department Chair and Professor

Ronald D. Andrus
Department Chair and Professor

Larry F. Hodges
Interim Director of the School of Computing and Professor

Daniel Noneaker
Department Chair and Professor

Cindy Lee
Department Chair and Professor (EEES)

David Freedman
Department Chair and Professor

Joe Watkins

Scott Mason
Acting Department Chair and Professor

Rajendra Bordia
Department Chair

Atul Kelkar
Department Chair


A Landscape of Diversity

With Clemson as their collective backyard, six faculty from five countries individually earned one of the nation’s highest honors for junior faculty this year. The result: life-altering research that’s happening close to home and making a world of difference.


2018 New CECAS Faculty

  • Abdelkawad in ME

    Fadi Abdeljawad
    Mechanical Engineering

  • Brahma in ECE

    Sukumar Brahma
    Electrical and Computer Engineering

  • Brinkley in Computing

    Julian Brinkley
    School of Computing

  • Cheng in Computing

    Long Cheng
    School of Computing

  • Freeman in Computing

    Guo Freeman
    School of Computing

  • He in MSE

    Kai He
    Materials Science and Engineering

  • Isik in IE

    Tugce Isik
    Industrial Engineering

  • Iuricich in Computing

    Federico Iuricich
    School of Computing

  • Johnson in MSE

    Mark Johnson
    Materials Science and Engineering

  • Karig in BIOE

    David Karig

  • Kelkar in ME

    Atul Kelkar
    Mechanical Engineering

  • Best-Lazar in ESED and EEES

    Kelly Best Lazar

  • Le in CE

    Tuyen (Robert) Le
    Civil Engineering

  • Li in AuE

    Bing Li
    Automotive Engineering

  • mckee in Computing

    Sally McKee
    School of Computing

  • Naghnaeian in ME

    Mohammad Naghnaeian
    Mechanical Engineering

  • Paredis in Aue and ME

    Chris Paredis
    Automotive and Mechanical Engineering

  • Redmond in CE

    Laura Redmond
    Civil Engineering

  • Rodeghero in Computing

    Paige Rodeghero
    School of Computing

  • Singapogu in BIOE

    Joseph Ravi Singapogu

  • Song in IE

    Yongjia Song
    Industrial Engineering