Clemson University Honors College Peer Mentor Program


The Clemson University Honors College Peer Mentoring Program creates a community of students working and learning together to develop a unique perspective of living and learning through shared experiences.  Peer mentors are current upperclassmen in the Honors Program that work with groups of 4-7 newly admitted Honors students throughout the academic year.

In addition to small group events determined by the mentor/mentee groups, the Peer Mentors also plan several large-scale events, including an Honors information fair in August known as Honors New Student Day and various social events including Lemonade on the Lawn.

Objectives of Mentoring

  • To enhance group support and community within the Honors College
  • To assist new students with the transition to Clemson University
  • To encourage active participation in students' academic years
  • To encourage mutually beneficial, positive and lasting relationships between students
  • To provide peer mentors with opportunities for developing skills in group facilitation, communication and event-planning
  • To enhance mentees' abilities to interact comfortably with people and groups from diverse background


  • Participate in a mandatory training session 
  • Meet with mentees as a group at least three times each semester
  • Maintain an open line of communication throughout the semester with mentees
  • Log all contact dates you have with your mentees using the required form

Meet the Peer Mentor Leadership Team

Honors Mentor Presedient Nate Matzko

Name: Nate Matzko, President Peer Mentor Leadership Team

Hometown: Columbia, SC

Major: Biochemistry & Genetics

Class: 2021

Campus Involvement: EUREKA! 2017 Research Program, Undergraduate Research in DNA Repair, Writer for The Pendulum, Clemson Engineers for Developing Countries (CEDC), College of Science Student Advisory Board, Clemson Weight Club, 2019 Beckman Scholar, Study Abroad in South Africa on Public Health


Hello freshman Honors students and welcome to the Clemson family! My name is Nate Matzko, and I’m a rising senior on the pre-med track from Columbia, SC. I hope to one day earn either an MD or MD/PhD and become involved in medical research. This past year I had the privilege of serving as program president for Honors Peer Mentoring and can’t wait to do it all again this fall. Our leadership team strives to both create a welcoming atmosphere where you feel at home and provide opportunities for everyone to get connected on campus. Along with the experiences you’ll have with your mentor group, we hope that you find the program events and activities enriching and engaging, and we look forward to your participation in the future functions we have planned for you.

As a freshman, I had the benefit of a great Honors Peer Mentor who helped show me the ropes in the midst of all the fun, excitement, stress, and confusion I felt my first semester. It is my hope and the hope of our leadership team, that we can help provide you with a similarly impactful support system and network of peers to help you get your college experience started off on the right foot. You’ll soon find out that, just like most things in college, the Honors Peer Mentoring program can be as meaningful of an experience as you want to make of it. As someone that has been a part of this program for the last three years and benefited tremendously from my involvement, I hope that you, too, will choose to join Honors Peer Mentoring and discover the abundant resources and support the Clemson Honors community offers to help you grow and succeed!


Go Tigers!


  • College of Agriculture, Forestry, and Life Sciences

    Degrees Within the College of Agriculture, Forestry and Life Science

    Agricultural Education
    Agricultural Mechanization and Business
    Animal and Veterinary Sciences
    Environmental and Natural Resources

    Food Science and Human Nutrition
    Forest Resource Management
    Packaging Science
    Wildlife and Fisheries Biology


    Meet the Mentors


    Name: Natalie Boulos

    Hometown: Greer, SC

    Major: Animal and Veterinary Science

    Minor: Biology


    Grad year: 2021

    Campus Involvement: Pre-Vet Club Executive Board Member, Alpha Lambda Delta Executive Board Member, Tutor for Residents in Science and Engineering, Creative Inquiry in Animal and Veterinary Sciences Department


    Bio: Hey, y’all! Congratulations on your acceptance to the Clemson University Honors College! You have many wonderful things ahead of you, and I am so excited for you to experience all of the wonderful opportunities Clemson has to offer! I am a junior Animal and Veterinary Sciences major with a Pre-Vet Concentration, and I will be applying to veterinary school this coming cycle. I would love to talk to those of you interested in pursuing professional degrees, and I hope I can use my own on-campus involvement to help find which clubs and extracurriculars will be the best fit for you! In between classes, clubs, and work, I love going for picnics on Y-beach, studying in the amphitheater, attending basketball games, and seeing TigerLive movies! I was a bit overwhelmed as a freshman, and I hope to facilitate and improve your first-year experience in the Clemson University Honors College to the best of my ability! I am so looking forward to getting to know you better and sharing my experiences with you. I cannot wait to meet you all, and I am excited for a great year. Go tigers!!



    Name: Jessica Hardiman


    Hometown: Summerfield, NC


    Major: Food Science and Technology


    Grad Year: 2023

    Campus Involvement: Involved in Running Club, Food Science Club, Nutrition club, and FCA.

    Bio: Hi everyone! Welcome to Clemson, and congrats on your acceptance into the Clemson University Honors College! I am a Food Science major from Summerfield, North Carolina! I am a rising sophomore, I would love to share my freshman year experiences with you and help make your transition as smooth and enjoyable as possible. In my spare time, I love to run, go to hiit classes, try new restaurants, and hang out with my friends. I also work at the ’55 Exchange ice cream shop on campus, so I eat a lot of ice cream as well :) I would love to give you guys tips on how to get involved on campus, as I am a part of many different types of clubs. I’m so excited to get to know all of you and help you pick out classes, show you around campus, and take you out for free food! I can’t wait to be your peer mentor! GO TIGERS!!



    kayla lee 


    Name: Kayla Lee


    Hometown: Austin, TX


    Major: Animal and Veterinary Sciences


    Minor: Spanish


    Grad Year: 2023

    Campus Involvement: Kappa Delta sorority, Fellowship of Christian Athletes, Reformed University Christians, Pre-Veterinary Club.

    Bio: Hey y'all! Welcome to Clemson!! I'm so excited for you to become part of the Clemson family. My name is Kayla and I'm a rising sophomore from Austin, Texas. I'm majoring in Animal and Veterinary Sciences, and I plan to go to vet school after graduation, so I'm working towards that goal through internships with various veterinarians and at Clemson's livestock farms. I love being outdoors and hiking in the experimental forest, going out on lake Hartwell, or just playing spikeball or frisbee on the fields. I already cannot wait for football season to start, and I love supporting Clemson's athletic teams. Coming from out of state, I know how big of a transition coming to college can be, and I am so excited to help you through it and offer my support in any way I can. I'm a bit of a coffee and ice cream fanatic, so I can't wait to treat y'all to Starbucks and Spill the Beans and go on as many adventures we come up with. I'm so excited to meet y'all! Go tigers!!



    faith shupard

    Name: Faith Shupard


    Hometown: Bluffton, SC


    Major: Animal and Veterinary Sciences


    Minor: Wildlife Biology


    Grad Year: 2023

    Campus Involvement:

    Honors College Ambassador, Dixon Fellow, Agriculture and Natural Resources Chair for the Block and Bridle Club, member of the Pre-Vet Club, Eco-Rep for the Honors Residential Community, Intercelluar Communication Creative Inquiry, Undergraduate Researcher in the Parkinson Snake Lab.

    Bio: Hey y’all, welcome to Clemson and the Honors College! My name is Faith and I am a rising sophomore from Bluffton, SC. I am an Animal and Veterinary Science major concentrating in pre-veterinary medicine. In my spare time, I enjoy going to all of Clemson’s sporting events (football games especially!), spending time outdoors, trying new restaurants, and hanging out with friends. As a peer mentor, I am here to help you navigate your transition to college whether that be with classes, clubs, research opportunities, or anything else that may arise. I am always down to grab Starbucks or ice cream from the ‘55 Exchange and I cannot wait to get to know you all! I hope you have a great summer and, as always, Go Tigers!



    ian smith 


    Name: Ian Smith


    Hometown: Wheaton, IL


    Major: Food Science and Technology


    Grad Year: 2023

    Campus Involvement: Sailing Club T-Shirt and Tailgate Chair, Catholic Student Association, Human Nutrition Club, Intramural Referee.

    Bio: Hey guys, welcome to Clemson!!! I'm Ian and I'm going to be a sophomore in the Food Science and Technology program in the fall.  My concentration area is Culinology.  In case you were wondering, my favorite food to cook is chicken parm.  I hope that you guys all have smooth transitions into college.  If you are wondering about becoming involved in the Peer Mentor Program, I highly suggest it.  I was my freshman year, and it was one of the highlights of my year.  I hope to be there if y'all need any help.  The thing I'm most involved in on campus is the Sailing Club, where I am in charge of our apparel and tailgates.  My favorite things to do in Clemson are to spend a day down by the lake and to go get food somewhere with friends, especially Sully's Steamers or Chipotle/Moe's.  In high school, I ran cross country, swam, and ran track.  My favorite artists are Zac Brown Band and Bazzi.  Next year, I'll be living on campus in Stadium Suites. Go Tigers!


  • College of Architecture, Arts, and Humanities

    Degrees Within the College of Architecture, Arts and Humanities

    Construction Science and Management
    Fine Arts
    Landscape Architecture
    Language and International Health
    Language and International Trade

    Modern Languages
    Pan African Studies
    Production Studies in Performing Arts
    Religious Studies
    Visual Arts
    World Cinema
    Women's Leadership

    Meet the Mentors


    jessica cooper


    Name: Jessica Cooper


    Hometown: Greenwood, SC


    Major: English


    Minor: Biology


    Grad Year: 2022

    Campus Involvement: CUSG Governmental Affairs Director, President of the William T. Howell Pre-Law Society, Moot Court Creative Inquiry, Writing for Hope, International Justice Mission

    Bio: Welcome to the Clemson Family! My name is Jessica Cooper, but you can call me Jessie. I am very excited to get to know each of you and help you in any way that I can! After I graduate from Clemson, I hope to attend law school and pursue a career in public interest law. If you are also interested in law school, I would love to help you locate the resources on campus that are available to you. Additionally, I am more than happy to discuss my on-campus involvement and give advice on being involved! In my free time, you will find me reading, hiking, or trying new restaurants. There are so many beautiful hiking locations near Clemson, and I would love to plan a group hike! If you ever need someone to talk to, whether it’s for advice or you just want a friend to hang out with, I will be there for you!


  • College of Behavioral, Social and Health Sciences

    Degrees Within the College of Behavioral, Social and Health Sciences

    Health Science
    Justice Studies

    Parks, Recreation and Tourism Management
    Political Science
    Sports Communication
    Youth Development Studies

    Meet the Mentors


     Peer Mentor Anna Corontzes, Clemson University, Clemson Honors, Clemson University Honors College, Peer Mentors

    Name: Anna Corontzes

    Hometown: Clemson, SC

    Major: Nursing

    Minor: Spanish

    Campus Involvement: Honors peer mentoring, departmental honors for nursing, fly-fishing club, Spanish club, and Sullivan Center volunteer. 

    Bio: Hey y’all! My name is Anna Corontzes and I am a Senior here at Clemson. I am a nursing major with a Spanish minor. I absolutely love Clemson and it is very near and dear to my heart as I grew up in Clemson and have lived here my whole life. Throughout college, I have done a Spanish immersion study abroad in Alicante, Spain for a summer (paid for through a grant I received through the honors college!) and am part of the fly fishing club, functional medicine club, and Spanish club. I am a very nature-oriented person and love anything outside. I work at Clemson University Corners Restaurant and also volunteer at the free clinics in the area, working with Spanish-speaking patients typically. I have been a mentor before and absolutely loved it and am looking forward to this upcoming year. Welcome to Clemson and Go Tigers!



    Name: Virginia Gembala

    Hometown: Mendam, NJ

    Major: Psychology (pre-Med)

    Minor: Spanish

    Grad Year: 2023

    Campus Involvement: Sigma Kappa Sorority, Clemson Hope.

    BioWelcome tigers! My name is Virginia Gembala and I am a rising sophomore studying psychology on the pre-medicine track. I am super excited to meet all of you guys and help show you why Clemson is as amazing as they say! Freshman year can be both exciting and completely nerve-wracking, so I'm more than thrilled to help you navigate through it all. Also, as I continue to work towards going to medical school and obtaining an MD I would also be more than happy to help you through class selection as well as any concerns with being a non-science major pre-medicine student, which can seem crazy at times. I plan on studying abroad next summer for my Spanish minor, so if you either see yourself studying a language or studying abroad, I can help you out too! At home I love to hang out with my brothers and friends, explore new hiking trails, and go to the beach. Some of my favorite things to do in Clemson are go to the gym and different workout classes, go downtown and try all the different restaurants or sweet spots, and of course the football games! If you have questions about anything from classes to different campus activities, or even just a chance to catch up or rant, know I will always be available! Congrats on your decision to go to Clemson and join the Clemson University Honors College family, I hope to see you in the fall!



    Name: Sean Michael Graham

    Hometown: Jackson, TN

    Major: Health Science

    Minor: Spanish

    Graduation Year: 2022

    Campus Involvement: PAL Leader, Founding Board member of the MEDLIFE chapter at Clemson, Certified Student Leader Program, Alpha Epsilon Delta, Catholic Student Association, Spanish Club, Pi Kappa Phi Social Fraternity, Intramural sports.

    Bio: Welcome to Clemson! I want to congratulate you all on making one of the biggest decisions in your life so far. I am so glad you chose Clemson and the Clemson University Honors College. My name is Sean Graham and I am a rising Junior, Health Science major from a small town in West Tennessee called Jackson. I came to Clemson knowing only one other student and was definitely nervous when first moving in. That being said, 2 years in and I can’t walk through campus without a familiar face waving and saying hi or joining me on my walk to class. Post-grad I plan to attend medical school and pursue a career as a practicing physician. I am a very passionate Clemson Tiger fan hoping to make my way to another College Football playoff game this winter. I am looking forward to helping you all transition to a new environment and this next chapter of your lives. I very excited to share with you all my favorite restaurants, campus activities, opportunities and study spots this semester! I hope you all have a first semester as amazing as mine was. Again, congrats on your decision and welcome to Clemson. Go Tigers!


    Peer Mentor Brendan Healey, Clemson University, Clemson Honors, Clemson University Honors College, Peer Mentors

    Name: Brendan Healey

    Hometown: Charleston, SC

    Major: Health Science

    Minor: Management

    Graduation Year: 2022

    Campus Involvement: Club Tennis President, Clemson Writing Fellow, Honors Wellness Ambassador, Fellowship of Christian Athletes

    Bio: Welcome to Clemson! My name is Brendan Healey and I'd like to congratulate each of you on choosing Clemson and the Honors College.  You made a great decision!  I'm so excited to help each of you transition to college life and enjoy the great opportunities that the Honors College offers.  I have yet to decide on a career, but I’m interested in dermatology or a dental specialty.  My hobbies include tennis and spending time outdoors.  I‘ve taken a wide range of Honors classes, so I can be a big help during registration.  I’m a returning mentor. Also, I worked as an Honors Wellness Ambassador last school year. I’m eager to share ways you can engage with the Honors College. Getting involved early was a great decision and I hope I can help each of you do the same.  I can't wait to be your Honors Peer Mentor!



    Name: Sarah Ann Kenneson

    Hometown: Johnson City, TN

    Major: Health Science

    Graduation Year: 2021

    Campus Involvement: Departmental Honors in Public Health, Tutor at the Academic Success Center, Fellowship of Christian Athletes: Small Group Leader and Servant Team Member, Intramurals Soccer.

    Bio: Welcome to Clemson!! My name is Sarah Ann and I am a rising senior. I am a Health Science major with a concentration in Pre-Professional Health Studies. Being from Tennessee, I didn't know anyone as a freshman but now I call it my home and I hope one day you do too! After graduation, I hope to attend medical school and go on to be a physician (but I have no idea what specialty yet!). In my time here at Clemson, I have loved being involved with public health research and the departmental honors program so, if you have any interests in research I would love to talk to you. Outside of my studying, I love to be in nature, hang out on Bowman with friends, and go to Spill the Beans. Being a freshman is so exciting but it can also be intimidating especially if you are from out-of-state so, I would love to be here for you as you transition. Whether you have questions about academics, the healthcare field, research, the best coffee shops, or just need someone to talk to, I would love to be that person! I can't wait to meet all of you and go Tigers!!




    Name: Jade Killion

    Hometown: Philadelphia, PA

    Major: Criminal Justice

    Minor: Political Science and Business Administration

    Graduation Year: 2022

    Campus Involvement: Alpha Chi Omega, Editor for The Pendulum, CUSG Military Affairs Committee, Departmental Honors Program and Study Abroad (Florence, Italy).

    Bio: Hi, everyone! Welcome to the Clemson family! My name is Jade Killion and I am a rising junior on a pre-law track. I am so excited to meet all of you and hope that sharing my experiences with you will help you make a smooth transition to your life on campus! I am involved in a few different organizations on campus. I am a proud member of Alpha Chi Omega sorority where I am constantly pursuing leadership roles and the incoming Middle East and Africa Desk Editor for The Pendulum, Clemson’s student-run international affairs magazine. Clemson, especially within the Honors College, has so much to offer each and every one of you and I hope you come to think of me as a shoulder to lean on as you explore! I can’t wait to meet you and, as always, go tigers!



    frances kirk

    Name: Frances Kirk

    Hometown: Columbus, OH

    Major: Political Science

    Minor: English

    Graduation Year: 2022

    Campus Involvement: Associate editor of The Tiger (Clemson’s student-run newspaper), varsity rower for Clemson Crew, volunteer for Clemson Write for Hope, Dixon junior fellow.

    BIO: Hey everyone! My name Frances and I’m a rising sophomore political science major at Clemson! I am so excited to meet you all and welcome you into our Clemson family! A little bit about myself, I am a big bookworm and I also love to write. I write a little for the student-run newspaper, The Tiger, but my main job for the paper is being the associate editor. Being a part of Tiger Media is one of my favorite things at school. My favorite place on campus is the rowing boathouse, where you can find me most days. I rowed all through high school and found some of my closest friends on Clemson Crew. I love to hammock, hike, and be outside; my goal is to hike in every national park. If you see me around campus, I’m probably listening to a comedy podcast, drawing, or watching Bon Appétit videos on YouTube. I love to travel and plan to study abroad next year. If you love dogs, ice cream, Spider-Man, Harry Potter, and jamming out to music, we’ll be great friends. The transition to college isn’t always an easy one—it wasn’t for me—but the Peer Mentor Program helped me out my freshman year and is a great opportunity for new students. Through the program, I made new friends and my mentor gave me advice and opportunities to get involved. I’m here to give the same experience to you—to answer any questions you have, help you find your way around campus, and hopefully make your transition to Clemson a little easier. There is a place for everyone here, and once you find it, you’ll feel completely at home. I can’t wait to see you all on campus and go Tigers!




    Name: Alexa McAllister

    Hometown: Cornelia, GA

    Major: Psychology

    Class: 2022

    Campus Involvement: Sigma Kappa, Rotaract Club, TigerLive, Tutor for Introduction to Logic, Undergraduate Researcher for the Autism Research Center, 2020 Davenport Scholar.

    Bio: Welcome home, Tigers!  My name is Alexa McAllister, and I am so excited to have the opportunity to meet you guys and join you during your first semester at Clemson.  I chose to come to Clemson after spending 13 years coming to football games in Death Valley (before Dabo, believe it or not)!  Clemson has always been my second home, and I am so excited for you to feel that atmosphere during your freshman year here!  I hope to obtain my Master's in Clinical Psychology after graduating from Clemson to get my License for Professional Counseling and become a child psychologist.  One of my favorite things at Clemson, besides the amazing family that makes it up, is my passion for Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) that I have been able to pursue through my participation in the Autism Research Center CI team.   I look forward to helping you get plugged into campus and to helping you pursue your passions like I have been able to!  When I’m not studying or researching, I am at my job at Eleos technologies in downtown Clemson. I completely understand the struggle of working almost full time and going to school more than full time, so if I can help you navigate how to balance that, please reach out to me! I can’t wait to meet you guys in the fall and show you around my favorite place on Earth. Go Tigers!



  • College of Business

    Degrees Within the College of College of Business

    School of Accountancy
    Department of Finance
    John E. Walker Department of Economics

    Graphic Communications
    Army ROTC
    Air Force ROTC



    Meet the Mentors



    Name: Erin Concannon

    Hometown: Needham, MA

    Major: Accounting

    Minor: Management

    Graduation Year: 2021

    Campus Involvement: Alpha Chi Omega Sorority, Peer Assisted Learning Leader, Beta Alpha Psi Accounting and Finance Fraternity.

    Bio: Hey guys! Welcome to Clemson! I am an Accounting major with a Management minor from a town right outside of Boston, MA. I love going out to eat, going to Y-beach, hanging out with my friends, going to social events, and drinking tons of iced coffee. Coming to Clemson was a big change for me from the city, but I couldn’t imagine going anywhere else, and I want to help you guys to feel that way too. Go Tigers!!



    Name: Hannah Gertz

    Hometown: Greenville, SC

    Major: Business

    Minor: Economics

    Graduation Year: 2022

    Campus Involvement: Clemson Undergraduate Student Government Senate, Elections Board, The Pendulum foreign affairs magazine writer, Pencils of Promise Volunteer, FCA (Fellowship of Christian Athletes).

    BIO: Hey y'all! Congratulations on making one of the best decisions. Being an honors Tiger is a huge accomplishment, and we are SO glad to have you! I am an economics major from Greenville SC, and I am hoping to attend law school after Clemson. We have some fantastic pre-law experiences here, such as student government (which I am super involved in) and some really cool Creative Inquiry research classes-I am participating in a Moot Court CI this year.  Outside of the classroom, I love cheering on the Tigers in Death Valley, talking about politics or fashion, and I also love photography! I am confident we will have a fantastic year together! Looking forward to meeting y'all and helping your first year be as smooth and FUN as possible! 


  • College of Education

    Degrees Within the College of College of Education

    Agricultural Education
    Early Childhood Education
    Elementary Education
    Mathematics Teaching
    Special Education

    Secondary Education Areas:
    Social Studies (History)

    Science Teaching Areas:
    Biological Sciences
    Physical Sciences

    Meet the Mentors




    Name: Caroline Morales

    Hometown: Charlottesville, VA

    Major: Secondary Education and English

    Graduation Year: 2023

    Campus Involvement: Orientation Ambassador, The Chronicle, Clemson Miracle, Cru, English Majors Organization, GoalPOST.

    BIO: Hi Tigers, and welcome to the Honors College! My name is Caroline Morales, and I am currently in my second year as a Secondary Education and English double major. The Honors mentor program helped me adjust to Clemson as a new student, and I am so excited to help you find your place here in Tigertown. I’ve gotten involved in a variety of ways, and found organizations to help me pursue my interests in community service, English, and teaching. I can’t wait to get to know you, and show you some of my favorite spots and experiences on and off campus. Welcome to the Honors College, and go Tigers! 


  • College of Engineering, Computing and Applied Sciences

    Degrees Within the College of College of Engineering, Computing and Applied Sciences

    Automotive Engineering
    Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering
    Glenn Department of Civil Engineering
    Holmombe Dept. Electrical and Computer Engineering

    Engineering and Science Education
    Environmental Engineering and Earth Sciences
    General Engineering
    Industrial Engineering
    Mechanical Engineering

    Materials Science Engineering

    School of Computing

    Meet the Mentors



    Name: James Cox

    Hometown: Anderson, SC

    Major: Bioengineering with Biomaterials Concentration

    Graduation Year: 2022

    Involvement: Phi Delta Epsilon Medical Fraternity, Lab of Orthopedic Design and Engineering, Sigma Nu Fraternity, Order of Omega, Clemson Sertoma Club, Counselor at Camp Hope and Camp Sertoma at the Clemson University Outdoor Lab, Intramural Basketball.

    Bio: Hey fellow Tigers and welcome to the Clemson family! I’d like to congratulate each of you on your acceptance into the Clemson University Honors College, and I am thrilled to get to know some of y'all over the next year. My name is Bryce Cox, and I am a junior Bioengineering major from Anderson, SC with plans of attending medical school after graduation. In my free time, I love to hunt and fish, play basketball, work out at Fike, and most of all, watch college football. I am involved in a variety of student organizations including Phi Delta Epsilon Medical Fraternity, Greek life, and the Clemson Sertoma Club. Last summer, I had the opportunity to serve as a camp counselor for Camp Hope, a camp for adults and children with special needs, at the Clemson University Outdoor Lab. I am here to help make your transition from high school to college go as smoothly as possible and will help you out any way that I can! If you need someone to talk to about classes, professors, campus involvement, or life in general I’ve got you covered! I can’t wait to get to know y’all and go Tigers!



    Name: Jonathan Daniel

    Hometown: Stonecrest, GA

    Major: Computer Science

    Minor: Business Administration

    Graduation Year: 2023

    Campus Involvement: Assistant Chief Engineer at Tigervision, Intramural Official and Field Attendant at Campus Recreation, Member of National Scholars Program.

    Bio: Hey everyone! Welcome to Clemson and congratulations on your acceptance into the Honors College! My name is Jonathan Daniel and I am a sophomore from Stonecrest, GA. I am a Computer Science major with a minor in Business Administration. A few of my interests include playing and watching sports such as soccer, basketball and flag football as well as playing video games with my friends (I'm always down for a game of Smash or Mario Kart). I love being involved on campus and am happy to give advice on clubs, professors, classes and life in general. I cannot wait to meet you all, and Go Tigers! 


    Name: Sofia Graham

    Hometown: Summerville, SC

    Major: Electrical Engineering

    Minor: Spanish, Cluster Engineering

    Graduation Year: 2022

    Campus Involvement: Student Desk Worker at Nieri Family Enrichment Center for Student Athletes, Society of Women Engineers, Clemson University Symphony Orchestra, VP of Internal Affairs for CLEMSONLiVE, Undergraduate Clemson Bioengineering Society, Bioengineering Study Abroad in Pamplona Spain, We Want to CU Smile, attend St. Andrew’s Catholic Church.

    Bio: Welcome Class of 2024! My name is Sofia Graham, and I’m thrilled to be an honors peer mentor for the upcoming school year. I’m an Electrical Engineering major from Summerville, SC and I love being a part of the Clemson family. A few of my favorite things include comics, traveling, reading, and playing musical instruments. I love being involved on Clemson’s campus and if you need any advice on clubs, classes, or professors, I’m your girl! Welcome to the Clemson family: I can’t wait to help make Clemson your new home!



    Name: Reagan Gregory

    Hometown: Summerville, SC

    Major: Environmental Engineering

    Graduation Year: 2022

    Campus Involvement: Environmental Engineering Club, Clemson Student Chapter of the American Water Works Association, Women in Science and Engineering, Intramural Sports.

    Bio: Hello everyone! Welcome to Clemson and congratulations on your acceptance into the Clemson University Honors College! I love all things Disney, baking, and hanging out with my friends. I love life here at Clemson and I hope you will too! You can find me attending group fitness classes, going to football games, and playing intramural sports when I’m not studying environmental engineering. I know how hard adjusting to college can be, academically and socially, but I’m more than ready to assist you and make your freshman year at Clemson as great as it can be. Congratulations again and I cannot wait to meet you all!



    Name:  Grace Haller

    Hometown: Charlotte, NC

    Major: Bioengineering with concentration in Biomaterials

    Minor: French

    Graduation Year: 2023

    Campus Involvement: Clemson Bioengineering Society, Theta Tau Professional Engineering Fraternity, Society of Women Engineers (SWE), Catholic Students Association, Intramural Sports, Creative Inquiry - Soft Tissue Injuries in Sports, Women in Science and Engineering (WISE), Dixon Fellows Program.

    Bio: Hey everyone welcome to Clemson! My name is Grace Haller and I am from Charlotte, North Carolina. I am a rising sophomore majoring in Bioengineering with a biomaterials concentration, and I am minoring in French. I love playing volleyball, traveling, Clemson football games, and dollar slice pizza night downtown! I especially enjoy hanging out with my friends and doing homework on Bowman Field and the Watt Center. As an out of state student, I understand how difficult this transition can be. I am so excited to welcome you to Clemson and help you make it your home! Go Tigers!


    Name: Jake Liguori

    Hometown: Marlton, NJ

    Major: Computer Science and Economics

    Graduation Year: 2023

    Campus Involvement: TIGEROAR, Clemson Men's Choir, Honors Ambassadors, Creative Inquiry, FCA.

    Bio: Hi everyone, and welcome to Clemson! My name is Jake Liguori and I am a rising junior Computer Science and Economics major from Marlton, NJ. Although I'm undecided on a career, I'm interested in Data Science and Data Engineering. Here at Clemson I am involved in our all-male acapella group TIGEROAR as well as the Men's choir.  I am also an undergrad TA for the School of Computing. My favorite hobbies include playing guitar, playing basketball, singing, gaming, hanging with friends downtown, going to the beach, and watching our team dominate on game days. In addition, I'm a big fan of anything Disney and even participated in the Disney College Program last semester. The transition to college can seem challenging at first, but I am here to help make it as easy and enjoyable as possible. I can answer questions involving classes, professors, clubs, or anything you need to confidently start off your time at Clemson. I can't wait to meet you all soon! Go Tigers!




    Name: Audrey Mannion 

    Hometown: Brielle, NJ

    Major: Industrial Engineering

    Minor: Business Administration

    Graduation Year: 2022

    Campus Involvement: Intern at Clemson Makerspace, Officer in Alpha Delta Pi Sorority, volunteer for ClemsonLIFE, Women in Science and Engineering (WISE), Institute for Industrial and System Engineers member (IISE), intramural sports.

    Bio: Hey friends! First of all, congratulations on your acceptance to Clemson University and the Clemson University Honors College and welcome to the Clemson family! I am a rising Junior in the Industrial Engineering Department. I love to explore the Clemson area by running the Dikes, going to Y-beach, playing intramural sports, and I have an obsession with Mexican food. I look forward to taking you guys to some of my favorite restaurants, going on coffee runs, grabbing ice cream, etc! The transition from high school to college can be challenging, but I am here to make it as easy as possible. I would love to be a resource for you if you have questions regarding classes, clubs, internships, or just need a study buddy! I cannot wait to meet you all in the fall and welcome you to my favorite place on earth! As always, GO TIGERS!




    Name: Michelle Mayer

    Hometown: Piedmont, SC

    Major: Computer Engineering

    Minor: Mathematics

    Graduation Year: 2022

    Campus Involvement: Undergraduate Research in Artificial Intelligence, Creative Inquiry, Clemson Wesley, Society of Women Engineers (SWE), CUhackit, Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), UPIC Internship Program, Intramural Basketball, Tau Beta Pi.

    Bio: Hey everyone! Welcome to Clemson! My name is Michelle and I am a rising junior from Piedmont, South Carolina. I am a Computer Engineering major with a Mathematics minor, and I hope to one day work in the Cybersecurity field. This summer, I have an internship working for a Department of Defense contractor, and I am super excited. My favorite things to do in Clemson are going to football and basketball games, taking dance classes at Fike, rock climbing (I took a climbing class my freshman year!), hiking, and going to performances at the Brooks Center. When I first started at Clemson, I struggled with picking my major and finding where to get involved on campus, so if this sounds like you I am willing to help! If you have any questions about upstate South Carolina, balancing schoolwork and fun, or making the most out of your time at Clemson, I’m your girl! I cannot wait to show you around campus and help make Clemson feel like home!



    Name: Aniela Nozka

    Hometown: St. Louis, MO

    Major: Bioengineering (Biomaterials Concentration)

    Graduation Year: 2023

    Campus Involvement: Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA), Clemson Photography Club, Women in Science and Engineering (WISE), and Central Spirit.

    Bio: Hello incoming class of 2024! My name is Aniela Nozka, and I am a sophomore from St. Louis, Missouri. I am studying bioengineering with a concentration in biomaterials. In the future I hope to go to graduate school and do research in genetics. Coming from 12 hours away, I didn’t know much about Clemson, but I have learned a lot and have grown to love my new home. I love going to sporting events, especially football and volleyball! I also love going to the lake with my friends! The transition to college can be hard, but I hope I can help make that transition easier and answer any questions you might have. I’m looking forward to meeting you in the fall! Congrats on all that you have accomplished so far, and welcome to the Clemson family!




    Name: Brook Schmid

    Hometown: North Port, FL

    Major: Bioengineering - Biomaterials Concentration

    Minor: French Studies

    Graduation Year: 2023

    Campus Involvement: IMPACT participant, Rotaract Club Community Service Coordinator, Homeless Period Project, Shop Supervisor in the Clemson Mechanical Engineering Student Shop, WISE mentee, IPTAY member, Creative Inquiry.

    Bio: Hello and welcome to Clemson! My name is Brook Schmid and I am a rising sophomore Bioengineering student on the Pre-Med track who is also pursuing a minor in French Studies. After graduating, it is my dream to work in the engineering industry abroad before applying to medical school. Outside of class, I enjoy painting, gardening, dogs, football, spending as much time outside as possible and I frequent the rock wall at Fike. I understand that the transition to college can be difficult and I would love to offer my guidance in any way possible. Specifically, I have a working knowledge of Pre-Med, engineering and honors requirements; taking summer courses; abroad advising; and getting involved in clubs, Creative Inquiry and campus jobs. If I can't answer your question, I'll help find someone who can. I can't wait to meet you and show you what it is that makes Clemson so great!



    Name: Julia Thompson

    Hometown: Westfield, MA

    Major: Bioengineering - Biomaterials Concentration

    Minor: Business Administration

    Graduation Year: 2022

    Campus Involvement: Writing Fellow for the Writing Center, Tau Beta Pi, Undergraduate Clemson Bioengineering Society, Society of Woman Engineers (SWE), Alpha Lambda Delta, Creative Inquiry, Study Abroad in Spain, Intramural Sports, Recreational Golf Club.

    Bio: Hi everyone! Welcome to Clemson! My name is Julia Thompson, and I am a junior from Westfield, Massachusetts. I am a bioengineering major with a concentration in biomaterials and a business administration minor. I love going to sporting events on campus, taking group fitness classes at Fike, and hanging out with friends! Going to school almost 1,000 miles away from home was a hard decision for me, but I love Clemson, and I’m sure you will too! The transition from high school to college can be challenging, so I’m excited to help you navigate your freshman year and find ways to get involved on campus! I look forward to meeting you in the fall and grabbing a coffee from Starbucks or getting ice cream downtown at Spill the Beans! Once again, welcome to the Clemson family!



    brendan tobin 

    Name: Brendan Tobin

    Hometown: Lunenburg, MA

    Major: Bioengineering - Biomaterials Concentration

    Graduation Year: 2021

    Campus Involvement: Delta Tau Delta Fraternity, Undergraduate Research, Order of Omega Honor Society, Alpha Lambda Delta Honor Fraternity, Co-op and Internships, EUREKA! Research Program, Intramural Sports.

    Bio: Hey y'all and welcome to Clemson! I want to congratulate you all for making the best decision you could have made in coming to Clemson. My name is Brendan Tobin and I am excited to be an honors mentor this upcoming year. I am a rising senior in bioengineering with a concentration in biomaterials, looking to work in industry following graduation. I love nearly everything Clemson whether it be going to football games, playing intramural sports, or just hiking in the nearby area. I have truly enjoyed my three years at Clemson and have gotten the privilege of being a part of a variety of opportunities including Greek life, honors societies like Alpha Lambda Delta, EUREKA! Research Program, and a couple professional opportunities like co-op and internships. I look forward to helping you all with anything you may need to get adjusted to your new home at Clemson. I definitely know how big of a change coming to college can be, having come to Clemson from out-of-state myself. I cannot wait to meet you all in the fall and welcome you to your Clemson home! Go Tigs!




    Name: Tim Wayman

    Hometown: Seneca, SC

    Major: Mechanical Engineering

    Graduation Year: 2021

    Campus Involvement: Presbyterian Student Association, FIRST Robotics Alumni Club, Alpha Lambda Delta, Study Abroad in Germany-Automotive Design and Advanced Manufacturing, Clemson Co-op, Clemson Swing Dancing.

    Bio: Hello freshman honors students! I am so excited to meet you! My name is Tim Wayman and I am a 5th year senior Mechanical Engineering major who has a (minor) obsession with robots. I am from just up the road in Seneca, SC and I am so glad you have chosen to spend this portion of your life here in “the golden corner” of South Carolina, I hope you grow to love it as much as I do. I love spending time in nature be that hiking one of the hundreds of local trails, spending time on the lake, or getting my feet wet at the base of one of the many waterfalls nearby. Having been a Clemson student for 4 years now and a resident for 21 I look forward to helping you navigate your first year here be that questions about classes, clubs, events, or even just what restaurant to go to when your parents come visit. I am excited to see you all on campus and welcome you into the Clemson family! Go Tigers!


  • College of Science

    Degrees Within the College of Science

    Biological Sciences

    Mathematical Sciences

    Meet the Mentors



    Name: Caroline Barrows

    Hometown: Fuquay-Varina, NC

    Major: Biochemistry and Psychology

    Graduation Year: 2023

    Campus Involvement:  EUREKA! 2019 Undergraduate Research Program, RHA (Residence Hall Association), AED (Alpha Epsilon Delta) Health Pre-Professional Honor Society, Honors Ambassadors, FCA (Fellowship of Christian Athletes), Biochemistry and Genetics Club, and Clemson Wesley.

    Bio: Hey y'all! My name is Caroline Barrows and I am a rising sophomore Biochemistry and Psychology major! I am SO excited that you have all chosen Clemson Honors! This past year I have gotten involved with several organizations on campus focusing on service, advocacy, academics, and ministry. Next year, I will serve as the Vice President of RHA and I hope to become involved with one of FCA’s servant teams and Central Spirit. After graduation, I hope to attend medical school and become a pediatrician. Some of my favorite things to do around campus include going to sporting events, Y-Beach, and Spill the Beans. I am so excited to be an Honors Peer Mentor and I hope to be able to help y’all with your transition to Clemson. Whether an academic question, school advice, or help getting involved on campus, I can’t wait to be there for y’all. Welcome to the Clemson Family!



    Name: Ben Brandes

    Hometown: Lexington, SC

    Major: Biochemistry

    Minor: Spanish Studies

    Grad Year: 2022

    Campus Involvement: Honors Research in Biochemistry and Genetics, National Residence Hall Honorary, Residence Hall Association, Symphonic/Concert Band, Photography Club, Biochemistry & Genetics Club.

    Bio: Howdy! Congratulations on your acceptance into the Clemson University Honors College! The next few years of this wild adventure will undoubtedly be some of your most memorable, and I hope that I will be a beneficial resource as you are starting the journey. In the following year I will be applying to medical school, so I would be happy to share my experiences about that from both a Clemson-centric viewpoint in addition to the pre-health scene at large. In addition, I can talk to you about undergrad research at Clemson (I work with Kozubowski currently; we study stress response of a fungal pathogen Cryptococcus neoformans), suggest classes/professors in our college, or recommend avenues for the summer. Outside of school & science, I work a lot with the National Residence Hall Honorary, a group that does community building. Additionally, I enjoy playing the French horn, taking pictures with my Canon Rebel T6, and going hiking/just being out in nature. My first semester had a somewhat rocky transition, but my honors peer mentor that year helped to ease the confusion. I hope to help you find your own path here at Clemson and realize the incredible resources that both the Honors College and university at large have available to you. Now for the pun that we love at Clemson: CU soon!



    Name: Megan Douglass

    Hometown: Fort Mill, SC

    Major: Chemistry and Microbiology

    Graduation Year: 2021

    Campus Involvement: Eureka! 2017, Honors Advisory Board Outreach Chair, Creative Inquiry in Biochemistry and Genetics, Dixon Fellows, European Crossroads, Honors Mentor Program, Undergraduate Research at Medical University of South Carolina, Departmental Honors, Clinical Applications and Medical Practices, Health Missions in Central America.

    Bio: Hi guys! I am super excited for my second year as Vice President of the Honors Mentor Program. You’ve made the best decision of your life, deciding to come here to Clemson, and I hope you love it every bit as much as I do! I am finishing up my junior year and cannot describe what an amazing experience I have had in my time here. I plan to go to medical school, so I’m more than willing to help anyone with pre-med aspirations. I would love to assist any of you with registration, class questions, housing concerns, etc. and am also happy to talk to you guys about whatever non-school related things that might be on your mind. Anything and everything you want to know, I am here to help! I understand that this transition can sometimes be difficult, so please utilize any mentor or myself whenever you need advice or feel overwhelmed. I’m very easy-going and love to go out to eat, so I plan to do lots of that with my mentees again this year! Congratulations on your decision to join the Clemson Honors College family, and I can’t wait to meet each one of you!



    Name: Noah Dunn

    Hometown: Tega Cay, SC

    Major: Biological Sciences

    Minor: Psychology

    Graduation Year: 2023

    Campus Involvement: Alpha Epsilon Delta National Health Pre-Professional Society, Paws for PA, Clemson Students Against Alzheimer’s, Clemson Club Swimming, 2020/21 HRC Resident Assistant.

    Bio: Hey class of 2024! Congrats and welcome to Clemson! I’m Noah and I am a rising sophomore biology major on the pre-PA track! Although I thought my freshman year at Clemson would be crazy scary and hard, it was actually pretty easy to become a part of the Clemson Family and I hope to help make the transition easy for you too! Things that I love to do on campus when I’m not studying include: watching a game in Death Valley, going downtown to Moe’s and Spill the Beans, walking through the botanical gardens, swimming at Fike, taking a cycling class at Douthit, and using the Keurig for coffee in the Honors Kitchen! I will be living in DesChamps in the fall so I’ll be super close to most of you guys and will be available for any questions regarding class scheduling, the best places to study, or what food to avoid at Schilletter. I love all things outside, taking pictures, and trying new restaurants so if you like those things too, I’d love to be your mentor! Have an awesome summer and see you guys in the fall! Go Tigers!



    Name: Sierra Gilley

    Hometown: Denver, NC

    Major: Mathematical Sciences

    Minor: Statistics

    Graduation Year: 2021

    Campus Involvement: Financial Director of Clemson Hope, American Statistical Association, Clemson Association for Women in Mathematics, STEM Competition Creative Inquiry, Undergraduate Research, Intramural Indoor and Outdoor Soccer.

    Bio: Welcome to Clemson and the Honors College, and most importantly welcome to the Clemson family! I am entering my final year at Clemson as a Mathematical Sciences major with an emphasis in Statistics, and I plan to pursue a career in Data Science. I participate in two intramural sports and they are so much fun even if you have little to no experience. I love any and all sports, so if you need someone to go to a game with you, I’m your person. Some of my favorite places around Clemson are Y-Beach, Spill the Beans, Your Pie, and the amphitheater. I love exploring so taking day trips to Greenville or the mountains are some of my favorite things to do especially in the spring time. I also hold a leadership position in an amazing non-profit called Clemson Hope, and I am also involved in undergraduate research, so if this sounds like something you might be interested in doing yourself, I would love to help you navigate through these situations. I hope to help make the transition from high school to college easier for you, and make it go as smoothly as possible. Hope you have a great summer and welcome to the Clemson family! Go Tigers!



    Name: Elise Hildebrandt

    Hometown: Simsbury, CT

    Major: Biology (Pre-Pharmacy)

    Graduation Year: 2021

    Campus Involvement: Clemson Running Club, Pre-Pharmacy Club, Honors Club Peer Mentor, Chi Omega Sorority.

    Bio: Welcome Class of 2024 to the Clemson family! My name is Elise Hildebrandt and I am a rising senior on the pre-pharmacy track. I am really excited to meet you all and to help you navigate through your first year at Clemson. As I think of the questions that dominated my thoughts in the early weeks of my Clemson experience, I know that I have a lexicon of experiences to share with the incoming Clemson University Honors class. Additionally, as I pursue my long-term goal of obtaining a PharmD, I would love to help anyone that has science and/or pre-health interests by sharing my experiences with schedule planning and course registration. In my opinion, one of the best ways to get to know the area as an incoming freshman is to try out new restaurants and food choices and I am very excited to do that with you guys! Congratulations on making the best decision in coming to Clemson and joining the Clemson University Honors College family. As always, Go Tigers!



    Name: Lucy Jennings

    Hometown: Charlotte, NC

    Major: Genetics

    Minor: Psychology

    Graduation Year: 2023

    Campus Involvement: Eureka! 2019, Women’s Club Basketball, Intramural Sports (flag football/ indoor soccer), Resident Hall Association, Tigers 4 Babies, FCA, Biochemistry and Genetics Club.

    Bio: Congrats Tigers! I am so happy that you have decided to join the Clemson family and cannot wait for you to get on campus in the fall! My name is Lucy Jennings and I am a rising Sophomore majoring in Genetics and minoring in Psychology. After graduation, I am hoping to get my MS in Genetics Counseling. I love to be active whether that is competing in intermural sports or just working out at Fike. I love going to all Clemson athletic events and cheering on our Tigers. I also love going to all Clemson’s bests ice cream spots like Spill the Beans and 55 Exchange. I want to be here for you, whether you have questions about your biology homework or what building your advisor’s office is in. If you want a fun mentor that will be there for you and treat you to those mid-week pick me ups then I am your girl! I want to be here for you as you transition to life at Clemson in whatever way and help you fall in love with this incredible place. Go Tigers!



    Name: Alina Kazmi

    Hometown: Fort Mill, SC

    Major: Biochemistry 

    Minor: Microbiology

    Graduation Year: 2023

    Campus involvement: Freshmen Council, Phi Delta Epsilon Medical Fraternity, Zeta Tau Alpha Fraternity, and Undergraduate Research in Fibrotic Remodeling.

    Bio: Hello fellow Tigers and welcome to Clemson University! My name is Alina Kazmi and I am a rising sophomore from Fort Mill, SC. I am currently heading down a pre-med track while majoring in biochemistry and minoring in microbiology. Down the road, I hope to earn an MD in order to accomplish my lifelong goal of becoming a surgeon someday. Some activities I enjoy partaking in during my free time are going to workout at Fike, running all over campus, cooking, and shopping. Not too long ago, I was in your footsteps and I completely understand the excitement, stress, and frustration freshmen year brings. However, as one of your Honors peer mentors I would love to provide to you the essential services you need to succeed here at Clemson. That being said, I hope you get the most out of your Clemson experience, and go Tigers!



    Name: Micayla McMahon

    Hometown: Greenville, SC

    Major: Biochemistry

    Minor: Biological Sciences

    Graduation Year: 2021

    Campus Involvement: Clemson Honors Ambassador, Clemson Honors Dixon Fellows, AnMed Health Volunteer, Clemson CMED, Alpha Epsilon Delta Honors Medical Fraternity, Alpha Phi Sorority Director of Community Service, Order of Omega Greek Honors Society, Mortar Board Honors Society for College Seniors, MedEx Academy Club President/MedEx Academy Intern, Biochemistry and Genetics Club, Fellowship of Christian Athletes Small Group Leader, Intramural Basketball and Soccer, Clemson Miracle Dance Marathon Team Captain.

    Bio:Hey y'all! My name is Micayla McMahon and I am a rising junior Biochemistry major and Biological Sciences minor! I am SO excited that you have all chosen Clemson Honors! Congratulations! The past two years at Clemson have been such a wonderful experience for me, as I have made some of the best friends and have been able to get involved in all the things I love! Clemson truly is a family and I know you will love it here too. I am hoping to attend medical school after Clemson, so I have really gotten involved with great pre-medical resources here at Clemson. Other than my interest in medicine, I have loved getting involved in local volunteering, ministry, and intramural sports here at Clemson! In my free time I love spending time with my friends, going to football games, walks by the lake, and drawing! I hope to be able to guide each of you to find what you are truly passionate about. I cannot wait to help y'all with anything you need- whether it be class-related questions, school advice, help with transitioning to college, or how to get involved in what you love! I can't wait to meet you!



    Name: Amelia Morton

    Hometown: Irmo, SC

    Major: Microbiology with a Biomedical concentration

    Minor: Business Administration and Psychology

    Graduation Year: 2023

    Campus Involvement: Pi Beta Phi Sorority, Dixon Fellows Program, ClemsonLIFE Volunteer, Club Tennis.

    Bio: Welcome to Clemson Class of 2024! Congratulations on your acceptance to the Clemson University Honors College and on joining the Clemson family! My name is Amelia Morton and I am a rising sophomore from Irmo, SC on a pre-medical track. As a mentor, I am so excited to get to meet each of you and help you tackle your freshman year. I will be here to answer any questions you have about getting involved in clubs, the Dixon Fellows Program, as well as class locations and schedule recommendations. Some of my favorite things to do on campus are hang out on Bowman Field on a nice day, study in the library, or go downtown to All In or Spill the Beans. Other things I like to do for fun are read, watch movies and play tennis. I look forward to taking my mentees out for dinners downtown, meeting up for coffee at Core Starbucks for a study break or getting some Clemson ice cream. I know the transition ahead of you is a little daunting right now, but as someone who just went through it, I can tell you that this next year is going to fly by and I will be here to help in any way I can. I hope you all have a great rest of your summer and I will see you in the fall! Go Tigers!!!




    Name: Olivia Solverson

    Hometown: Pittsburgh, PA

    Major: Genetics and Psychology

    Graduation Year: 2023

    Campus Involvement: Undergraduate Genetics Research, Webmaster Chair and Brother in Phi Sigma Pi National Honor Fraternity, Member of CURE Clemson and Clemson Students Against Alzheimer’s as well as the Catholic Student Association.

    Bio: Hey everyone! First of all, congrats on being accepted to the Clemson University Honors College and for choosing Clemson! You will not regret it!:) My name is Olivia Solverson and I am a rising sophomore Genetics and Psychology double major. I hope to become a Genetic Counselor in either cancer or prenatal genetics. Being from Pittsburgh and going to a pretty small high school, I only knew one other person coming to Clemson. So, I know first-hand what it is like and how intimidating it can be if you are coming from far away. I am involved in research and other clubs/organizations, and would love to give you tips on how you can become involved on campus as well! When I am not studying, I love to spend time with friends, work out (sometimes), and watch Netflix (especially The Office and Criminal Minds). I can’t wait to show you guys all the amazing things Clemson, and specially the Honors College, has to offer! I will be living in the Honors College dorms again next year, so if you are staying in Core and ever need help or just someone to talk to, let me know! I’m so excited to get to know you and help you get used to, and love, the college lifestyle. Welcome to Clemson