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Honors Faculty Award

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Douglas W. Bradbury Award

Made possible by a gift from the Clemson Class of 1940, the Douglas W. Bradbury Award recognizes a faculty member who has made outstanding contributions to the Clemson University Honors College.

Nominations can be made by Honors students, faculty, department chairs or other academic administrators, or staff who work closely with faculty.

Awards Presentation

The presentation of the Douglas W. Bradbury Award is made at the Clemson University Honors College Spring Awards Ceremony in May.


For more information about the Honors Faculty Awards program, please contact the Honors College at 864-656-4762 or email Stephanie Phillips

Thompson Mefford and Bill Lasser on a stage.

Nomination Process

How to Nominate a Faculty Member

Nominators should complete the online nomination form to nominate a deserving faculty member by March 15, 2024. Nominators are not asked to submit a letter along with their nomination; however, the faculty member may, at his or her discretion, specifically ask the nominator to write one of their letters of support.

The Honors College will notify nominees of their nomination via email and will also provide a submission packet for the nominee to complete. Full submission packets, including the below materials, are due to the Honors College by April 5, 2024.

In support of their candidacy, nominees are asked to submit the following materials:

  1. A current curriculum vitae
  2. A statement of no more than two pages summarizing the nominee's involvement in and service to the Clemson University Honors College, addressing the evaluation areas detailed below
  3. A sample Honors course syllabus (if appropriate)
  4. No more than three supporting letters, at least two of which must be from Honors students; letters must be submitted to Stephanie Phillips ( by the submission deadline

Nominations remain active for three years.

Evaluation Process

Dr. Mefford watching a student perform an experiment.

In selecting the recipient of the Douglas W. Bradbury Award, the Clemson University Honors College Committee will assess nominees in each of the following areas, giving preference to candidates who exhibit breadth and depth in their contributions to the Honors College and Honors students:

  1. Involvement in the development and teaching of Honors courses
  2. Involvement as an Honors thesis/project advisor
  3. Service to the Honors College (e.g., departmental liaison, member of the CUHCC, Honors College application reviewer, member of other Honors College committee)
  4. Service to Honors students as mentor/advisor (e.g., Dixon Fellows senior fellow, EUREKA! mentor, Honors College study abroad faculty member, advisor/mentor to Honors students or organizations affiliated with the Honors College)

Although candidates need not contribute in all areas, the strongest candidates will demonstrate exemplary contributions in more than one area.

Nominees and references are strongly encouraged to address the evaluation criteria in their materials. The committee will only consider materials and information presented in the nomination packet.

If in the judgment of the Clemson University Honors College Committee none of the nominees meet these criteria, no award shall be made.

Previous Award Recipients

Douglas W. Bradbury Award Recipients
Name Year Department
Amanda Cooper Fine 2023 Department of Marketing
Andrew Pyle 2022 Department of Communication
Angela Naimou 2021 Department of English
Elizabeth Rivlin 2020 Department of English
Thompson Mefford 2019 Materials Science and Engineering
Neil Calkin 2018 Mathematical Sciences
Sarah Winslow 2017 Department of Sociology
Meredith A. McCarroll 2015 Department of English
Jeff Fine 2014 Department of Political Science
Michael L. LeMahieu 2013 Department of English
Kerry S. Smith 2012 Genetics and Biochemistry
Stephen H. Wainscott 2011 Clemson University Honors College
Alfred P. "Hap" Wheeler 2010 Department of Biological Sciences
June J. Pilcher 2009 Department of Psychology
Robin M. Kowalski 2009 Department of Psychology
William R. Dougan 2008 Department of Economics
William T. Pennington 2007 Department of Chemistry
George William Koon 2005 Department of English
Frederic W. Shilstone 2004 Department of English
Brian J. Melloy 2003 Industrial Engineering
Daniel K. Benjamin 2002 Department of Economics
Pamela E. Mack 2001 Department of History
William Lasser 2000 Department of Political Science
Mechthild Cranston 1999 Department of Languages
Alma Bennett 1998 Department of English
Raymond C. Turner 1997 Physics and Astronomy
T. Ross Winkinson 1996 ADVS/Microbiology
Jessup M. Shively 1995 Biological Sciences
S. Imtiaz-UI Haque 1994 Mechanical Engineering