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CU Honors College

Resources for Honors Parents

Helping Your Honors Student Succeed

College is a time of transition for students as well as their parents, guardians, and families.

Typically, first year students arrive on campus with little experience in independently managing their time, money, or many activities. 

It isn’t always easy, either for parents or for students. Both federal law and our educational philosophy require us to talk directly to students, working with our campus partners to help them to address any difficulties while maximizing their educational experiences.

Parents help by continuing to support their students in every way, encouraging them to take advantage of the many opportunities offered by the Honors College, and keeping in touch with us when urgent matters develop.

Honors students leave Clemson and the Honors College having faced and overcome new challenges, whether on campus, in the workplace, or across the globe.

Thanks to all our Honors parents for allowing us to work with your children throughout their Clemson experience!

  • Honors Curriculum Tracks

    There are three different graduation tracks that Honors students have the option to graduate with:

    General Honors requires at least 18 credit hours in at least three different disciplines. The requirements (i.e., amount of credit hours, course, and final project) for Departmental Honors differs depending on the department the student chooses to pursue. Lastly, Interdisciplinary Honors requires at least 14 credit hours.

    A list of 1000- and 2000-level Honors course sections, as well as a list of Honors seminars, can be found on the student's Honors Course module in the virtual orientation program.

    Please note that course availability may change.

  • Orientation Information

    Students are required to meet with their department's academic advisor before they register for classes. Academic advisors will reach out to students to schedule their pre-registration advising meetings.

    Students are not required to meet with their Honors advisor; however, if students have Honors-specific questions, drop-in advising hours will be shared with them in their orientation program, and will also be sent to them via their Clemson email.  

  • Course Registration Plan

    The registration plan is a tool within iROAR (where students register for classes) that allows them to create up to two planned schedules of classes prior to the start of registration.

    Creating a plan is no guarantee of gaining a seat in a class and does not mean a student is registered for a planned class.

    A tutorial on using the registration plan feature can be found in the student's virtual orientation module.

    Students will create their registration plan in iROAR, where they will also register for classes.

    Note: Honors students are required to take one Honors course in the fall and spring semesters. However, they may register for more than one Honors course, if desired, and if it is conducive to their schedule.

  • AP/IB Classes

    Review the list of AP courses (PDF) and IB classes (PDF) accepted by Clemson University.

    AP and IB credits can count toward your student's degree requirements, but not toward an Honors course requirement.

    If your student hasn't received their AP/IB scores before course registration, have them inform their advisor (before course registration) which AP/IB courses they have taken and their anticipated scores.

    Their academic advisor will advise them to register for the appropriate courses.

  • Support for Honors Students

    Throughout your student's time in the Honors College, we aim to provide as much support as possible including, but not limited to, Honors advising, peer mentoring, discussion groups, and social events.

    Honors Advising

    Honors advisors serve as a supplemental advisor, in addition to your student's academic advisor, to assist your student throughout their Honors experience. Honors advisors can answer questions related to Honors courses, Honors graduation requirements, opportunities available in the Honors College, and much more.

    Honors advising is optional, but students are required to meet with their department's academic advisor at least once a semester to plan their next semester's courses.

    Honors Peer Mentoring Program

    The Peer Mentoring program creates a community of students working and learning together to develop a unique perspective of living and learning through shared experiences. Peer mentors are current upperclassmen in the Honors College that work with groups of 8-10 newly admitted Honors students throughout the academic year. Your student can expect to receive emails about this program and how to join. 

    Dixon Fellows Program

    The Dixon Fellows Program pairs undergraduates with a top Clemson professor to explore a wide range of intellectually challenging topics through readings, theater, film and travel. The application deadline is typically late August, shortly after classes start.

    Social Events

    There are a large variety of social events offered in the Honors College including engaging discussions; networking with industry professionals and graduate and professional school representatives; movie nights; and much more!

    Throughout the Fall and Spring semesters, the Honors College will keep your student informed through a weekly Honors newsletter (via email), announcements on Canvas (Clemson academic messaging system), posts on social media (i.e., Facebook and Instagram), and opt-in text reminders.

  • Find Out More

    If you have any Clemson Honors-related questions that aren't answered on this page, please contact our Honors advisors at

    Other orientation inquiries should be directed to

A family walking towards the Honors College doors.

Opportunities to Engage

Every spring, Clemson Honors hosts information sessions for incoming students and their parents.

These sessions are designed to give you more information about the Honors experience, such as next steps before move-in day, programs available to help your student settle into their new home on campus, and experiences that prepare our students for their future careers.

Watch this page for information about upcoming information session dates!  

Honors Family Events

Parents posing with their daughter outside the Honors Center

Family Popsicle Pop-By

Last September, Clemson Honors hosted a Family Popsicle Pop-By, where Honors families were invited to "pop by" the Courtyard outside the Great Hall on Family Weekend Friday to pick up a free popsicle and chat with Honors staff!