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Honors Wellness Ambassadors

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Committed to Being Well

Rocks piled in front of the Clemson Library pond, signifying wellness.

Wellness Ambassadors is a peer education program created to encourage Honors students at Clemson University to pursue and maintain healthy lifestyles. The program is designed to not only provide interesting and engaging programs to educate Honors students on the importance and implementation of wellness, but also to provide peer support from fellow honors students.

Mission Statement

To promote sustainable and holistic wellness among honors students through education, events, and guided support.

Our Vision

To be a community that exemplifies all dimensions of wellness, including: emotional, environmental, financial, intellectual, occupational, physical, social, and spiritual.

Our Values

Creativity, respect, inclusivity, trustworthiness, transparency, helpfulness, vitality, and selflessness

Get Involved

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You can join the Honors Wellness Ambassador program in two different ways – by signing up for a wellness community group or applying to be a wellness ambassador. 

Sign Up for a Community Group

Join a group to focus on improving a dimension of wellness with your Honors peers, including:

  • Game nights
  • Cooking and nutrition
  • Artistic expression
  • Relax and unwind

These groups are designed to be fun, informal, and engaging, and will not require strict attendance.

Complete the Sign Up Form

Apply To Be a Wellness Ambassador for the 2022-23 Academic Year

Honors Wellness Ambassadors are all active members of the Honors College in different capacities. As a Wellness Ambassador, you would:

  • Complete Certified Peer Educator training through a self-paced module
  • Attend additional trainings with the Healthy Campus office about how to identify mental health problems, healthy coping mechanisms, and what “wellness” wholly entails
  • Organize wellness programming targeted at providing students resources to maintain all aspects of their personal wellness
  • Be available for fellow Honors students to share experiences or listen to wellness-related concerns

Share your passion for wellness with the Honors community by applying to be an Honors Wellness Ambassador!

Apply Today!

What We Offer

Honors College Events

We hold monthly events open to all Honors students. All of our events relate to at least one dimension of wellness making them fun opportunities to meet the Ambassadors and learn ways to implement wellness in your life!

Community Groups

Our Ambassadors meet in bi-weekly community groups that are available for all Honors students to join. These community groups focus on one element of wellness and meet throughout the semester in order to get to know people interested in similar activities.

One-on-One Meetings

Our smallest scale offering is our one-on-one meetings during which our ambassadors are available to offer wellness advice or just provide a listening ear. Schedule an appointment with us!

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Contact Us

Would you like to talk more about wellness ambassadors or get connected to one of our ambassadors? Send us an email and someone will get into contact with you!

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