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CU Honors College

Honors Peer Mentoring

Helping You Transition to College Life

The Peer Mentoring Program is designed to support new Honors students in their transition to the University and Honors College through peer-to-peer connections.

New students are paired with continuing Honors students who each work with a group of 3-5 new Honors students throughout the academic year. Mentors serve as a resource and provide guidance to their mentees, while also fostering community and cultivating a sense of belonging.

Peer Mentors also plan other events throughout the year to bring their first-year student mentees together as a larger group.

  • Objectives of Mentoring
    • To enhance group support and community within the Honors College
    • To assist new students with the transition to Clemson University
    • To encourage active participation in students' academic years
    • To encourage mutually beneficial, positive, and lasting relationships between students
    • To provide peer mentors with opportunities for developing skills in group facilitation, communication, and event-planning
    • To enhance mentees' abilities to interact comfortably with people and groups from diverse backgrounds
  • Requirements
    • Participate in a mandatory training session
    • Meet with mentees as a group at least three times each semester
    • Maintain an open line of communication throughout the semester with mentees
    • Log all contact dates you have with your mentees using the required form
  • College of Agriculture, Forestry and Life Sciences (CAFLS)
    Degrees Within the College of Agriculture, Forestry and Life Sciences
    • Agribusiness
    • Agricultural Education
    • Agricultural Mechanization and Business
    • Animal and Veterinary Sciences
    • Environmental and Natural Resources
    • Food Science and Human Nutrition
    • Forest Resource Management
    • Horticulture
    • Packaging Science
    • Turfgrass
    • Wildlife and Fisheries Biology
    Meet the Mentors
    Erin Barr

    Name: Erin Barr
    Major: Environmental and Natural Resources: Conservation Biology
    Minor: Sustainability and Biological Sciences
    Class: 2026
    Hometown: Reston, VA
    Campus Involvement: Sailing Club, Gamma Sigma Sigma Service Sorority

    Bio: Welcome new Clemson Honors Students! My name is Erin Barr, and I am starting my sophomore year this fall. I am from Reston, Virginia, outside of Washington, DC. My major is Environment and Natural Resources, and I plan to double minor in Sustainability and Biological Sciences. Clemson is a fantastic place to meet new friends and try new things. Clemson’s many clubs allow everyone to find something they’re interested in. I am a big fan of sports and love going to all the different sporting events, not just football (even though it is my favorite)! Basketball, lacrosse, soccer, and so much more are all exhilarating and a great display of our school spirit, something I am proud to be a part of. The first year can indeed contain a lot of excitement but also a lot of nerves. I didn’t know many people coming to Clemson, and adjusting to a new environment can be overwhelming. My hope this year is to help you all have the best year possible and make your transition to Clemson smooth but also fun! I’m eager to meet you all, and congratulations on this exciting new step!

    Sophia Downs

    Name: Sophia Downs
    Hometown: Bardstown, KY
    Major: Animal and Veterinary Sciences
    Grad Year: 2025
    Campus Involvement: EUSAC Study Abroad, Pre-Vet Club, CAFLS Ambassador, The Wildlife Society, CU Catholic Tigers, Central Spirit, Friday Morning Swim, Intramural Sports, The Swift Society, Dixon Junior Fellows

    Bio: Hey y’all! My name is Sophia Downs, and I’m a junior from Bardstown, Kentucky. I am an Animal & Veterinary Science major on the pre-vet track with minors in Wildlife & Fisheries Biology and Biological Sciences. I hope to become an exotic and marine life veterinarian in the future. I first want to start by congratulating you on your decision to join the Clemson Family! I am so excited to share with you all the amazing opportunities that the Honors College, this school, and the community offer. As an out-of-state student, I came to Clemson nervous about transitioning from high school to college since I did not know anyone. However, the amazing people around me helped me adjust to college life quickly, and I hope to help make the transition easy for you too. Things that I love doing at Clemson include hiking around the area, hanging out outside, eating new food at local restaurants, finding the best study spots on campus, learning about unique Clemson traditions, going to concerts, and attending A LOT of sporting events. If you have any questions or concerns about classes, dorms and apartments, student organizations, or even if you want to grab an ice cream or a coffee, please feel free to reach out to me anytime! I look forward to meeting you soon, and as always, GO TIGERS!!!

    Aubrey Schrimsher

    Name: Aubrey Schrimsher
    Hometown: Cleveland, OH
    Major: Animal and Veterinary Science (Pre-Veterinary Concentration)
    Minor: Biology
    Graduation Year: 2024
    Campus Involvement: Yoga Instructor, Animal Science Undergraduate Research, CAFLS Ambassador, Animal Science Teaching Assistant, Dixon Junior Fellow, Pre-Vet Club, Bodybuilding Club, Hiking Club, Astronomy Club, Intramural Sports

    Bio: Hey everyone, welcome to Clemson and the Honors College! I’m Aubrey and I’m an Animal and Veterinary Science major from Cleveland, Ohio. I am currently applying to veterinary schools, and my goal is to focus on exotic and marine animals. I love lifting, running, yoga, doing anything active outside (hiking, paddleboarding, kayaking, laying on the grass at the beach watching the sunset), meditating, and eating good food. I am also a yoga instructor in downtown Clemson. I’m a huge coffee lover and spend most of my time studying with friends at various coffee shops. As someone who came to Clemson knowing absolutely no one, I’m here as a peer mentor to help you navigate college life and give real advice about anything and everything. Whether it’s sending weekly memes to brighten your day, having group meetings at the lake, or getting together for coffee/ice cream, I will be a resource that you can use to make your transition as easy and exciting as possible. Looking forward to meeting everyone soon. :)

    Sarah Wehmueller

    Name: Sarah Wehmueller
    Hometown: Shelby, NC
    Major: Animal and Veterinary Science (Pre-Veterinary Concentration)
    Graduation Year: 2025
    Campus Involvement: Clemson Pre-Veterinary Club (Vice President), Dairy Science Club and Show Team, Clemson Rotaract, Clemson Paw Pals, AVS Undergraduate Immunology Laboratory Volunteer, Clemson Creative Inquiry (Something Very Fishy)

    Bio:  Hey everyone, and welcome to Clemson! I am Sarah, and I am so excited to meet you all this fall! I am currently an animal and pre-veterinary sciences major with a concentration in pre-veterinary medicine. I am a rising junior at Clemson this year, so I look forward to helping you transition into college. In my spare time, I enjoy cooking, doing yoga, and going hiking with friends. I am an equestrian as well, so I love riding horses. I’m always down to hang out and get together for coffee or just to chat. I hope you all have a great summer! Go Tigers!

  • College of Arts and Humanities (CAH)
    Degrees Within the College of Arts and Humanities
    • English
    • Fine Arts
    • History
    • Language and International Health
    • Language and International Trade
    • Modern Languages
    • Pan African Studies
    • Philosophy
    • Production Studies in Performing Arts
    • Religious Studies
    • Visual Arts
    • World Cinema
    • Women's Leadership
    Meet the Mentors
    Owen Eastman

    Name: Owen Eastman
    Hometown: Ridgeside, TN
    Majors: History, Economics
    Class: 2026
    Campus Involvement: The Pendulum, Clemson Literary Festival, CCARE Podcast, WSBF-FM Clemson, Writing Fellows

    Bio: Hello! I'm Owen Eastman, and I'm currently a second-year student double majoring in History and Economics. As an out-of-state student, I was initially apprehensive about finding friends and fitting in well in the greater Clemson community, but after my first year I can confidently say that I am proud to call this place home. The first year of college involves a lot of uncertainty and change, and I'm here to help in any function I can, from recommending cool classes to letting y'all know about helpful resources. I'm very excited to meet this incoming class of students and I can't wait to get to know y'all!

  • College of Behavioral, Social and Health Sciences (CBSHS)
    Degrees Within the College of Behavioral, Social and Health Sciences
    • Anthropology
    • Communication
    • Health Science
    • Justice Studies
    • Nursing
    • Parks, Recreation and Tourism Management
    • Political Science
    • Psychology
    • Sociology
    • Sports Communication
    • Youth Development Studies
    Meet the Mentors

    Blythe Bacon

    Name: Blythe Bacon
    Hometown: Greenville, NC
    Major: Health Science: Pre-Professional Health Studies
    Minor: Political Science 
    Grad Year: 2026
    Campus Involvement: Delta Gamma Sorority, Dixon Fellows Program, Clemson Study Abroad, Clemson Hiking Club, Sigma Alpha Lambda (National Leadership and Honors Organization)

    Bio: Hi everyone! Congratulations on your acceptance into the Clemson Honors College; these next four years are going to be incredible! My name is Blythe Bacon, and I am from Greenville, NC. I am a rising Sophomore Health Science major with a Political Science minor on the pre-med track. Through campus involvement and academic and career services, Clemson has and continues to provide many opportunities that support my future plans in medicine. For example, some fellow Clemson students and I just completed a four-week summer study abroad pre-med program in Cyprus. In my free time, I love to hang out at Y Beach, walk around the lake, hike, travel, jam out to music, and obviously cheer on the Tigers in Death Valley! I am also always up for grabbing coffee or Spill the Beans downtown! I am so excited to serve as a peer mentor and friend that will always listen and answer any questions as you navigate through your first year at Clemson! I look forward to meeting y’all! Go Tigers!

    Sophie Costenaro

    Name: Sophie Costenaro
    Hometown: Golden, CO
    Major: Health Science
    Minor: Microbiology
    Graduation Year: 2026
    Campus Involvement: Pi Beta Phi sorority, Healthy Campus Initiative Research, American Women's Medical Association, Creative Inquiry, Clemson Hiking Club

    Bio: Welcome to Clemson! I’m so excited that you get to experience this wonderful university through the Honors College! I am a rising sophomore and had a great first year at Clemson, and I'm sure you will as well. I'm from Golden, Colorado and love meeting new people and exploring new places. Currently, I am on a pre-med track with a major in Health Sciences. A fun fact about me is that this past summer I completed my EMT certification; which was super cool and a fun step into the healthcare field! In my spare time at school I love walking the dikes, going to the gym, and getting coffee with my friends. I came into Clemson without knowing anyone, and was able to meet so many great people. With that being said, if you ever need someone to reach out to for anything please let me know, it's always nice to have someone in your corner if and when you need someone to talk to. I'm so so so excited to meet you guys and help you have the best year ever!!!

    Caroline Dietrich

    Name: Caroline Dietrich
    Hometown: Charleston, SC
    Major: Health Science: Preprofessional Health Studies
    Grad Year: 2026
    Campus Involvement: Clemson Sailing Club (Philanthropy Chair), Sigma Kappa Sorority, Alpha Lambda Delta Honors Society Member, Dixon Fellows, Catholic Tigers, and Taylor Swift Club

    Bio: Hey y'all! My name is Caroline Dietrich and I am a rising sophomore from Charleston, SC. I am a health science major who plans to go to medical school to become a Pediatrician. I love making new friends and I am so excited to meet you! Clemson is such a welcoming place and I can't wait to watch you thrive! I would love to get the chance to meet you and to help you find where you belong within the Clemson community. During my free time I enjoy spending time relaxing at the lake, going for a dip at Y-Beach, reading, paddleboarding, exploring new coffee shops, walking the dikes with my roommates, and running. Clemson offers a variety of clubs and organizations that all have their own experiences to offer. As a peer mentor, I am here to help make your transition to Clemson as smooth as possible. I can give you tips on how to adjust your studying habits, ways to get involved, and recommendations on the best clubs to join! I look forward to meeting you soon! Go Tigers!

    Grace Drolet

    Name: Grace Drolet
    Hometown: Fort Mill, SC
    Major: Psychology
    Minor: Sociology
    Graduation Year: 2025
    Campus Involvement: Social Psychology Creative Inquiry, Residential Community Mentor, FIRST Generation Success, Clemson Honors Wellness Ambassador, Brooks Center House Manager, Clemson Body and Soul, Dixon Fellows

    Bio: Hello and welcome Class of 2027! On behalf of the Honors College, we are so stoked to have you join us this Fall! I'm Grace Drolet, a junior Psychology student with a minor in Sociology. My future goals involve earning my Master's in School Psychology and/or Social Work. In my free time, I enjoy spending time outdoors walking along the lake, hanging out in Cooper Library, watching movies, and reading. I'm thrilled to help you navigate your first year at Clemson, starting fresh isn't always easy, but trust me when I say you've made the right choice by selecting Clemson. I'm always open if you want to chat, need advice, looking to join a campus organization or research team, need class suggestions, or simply an ear to listen. I'm always down for an afternoon coffee, Chic-fil-a run, or trip to Spill the Beans downtown! Once again, I'm so glad you've decided to come to Clemson and I can't wait to meet you this Fall.

    Caroline Gaddy

    Name: Caroline Gaddy
    Hometown: Chesterfield, SC
    Major: Psychology
    Minor: Criminal Justice, Sociology
    Graduation Year: 2026
    Campus Involvement: Welcome Week Leader, Creative Inquiry, Volunteers4LIFE, Clemson TopSoccer/Challenger Baseball, Special Olympics Clemson, Mindset

    Bio: Hey y’all!! My name is Caroline Gaddy, and I am a native South Carolinian from the small town of Chesterfield. I am a sophomore Psychology major with a double minor in Criminal Justice and Sociology. After graduating from Clemson, I will be continuing my education via graduate school. With my degree, I plan on becoming a Counseling Psychologist. Some of my favorite things to do at Clemson are to go on walks around campus, attend sporting events, go to the gym, and study in Starbucks. Clemson is such a special place to me, so I would love to share my love for it with you!! If I were to become your peer mentor, I would strive to assist you in a smooth transition into life at Clemson. I will provide you with information on opportunities within the Honor’s College, advice on classes and campus involvement, as well as fun things to do around Clemson. In addition, I would love to just be a friend that you can count on for whatever you need!! Congratulations on your acceptance, and I cannot wait to meet you!

    Julia Jamieson

    Name: Julia Jamieson
    Hometown: Atlanta, GA
    Major: Psychology
    Minors: Youth Development Studies
    Graduation year: 2026
    Campus Involvement: Honors College, Delta Gamma sorority, Clemson FCA, and FCA bible study

    Bio: Hi, everyone! I am so excited that you chose to be a tiger, and I can't wait to meet you all! I'm Julia, and I am a rising sophomore this year from Atlanta. I have loved my experience at Clemson in the honors college so far, and I hope to help y'all through the ups and downs of your first year and answer any questions you may have. I love meeting new people and going on coffee or dinner dates, so my future mentees should expect many of those! I want to be someone y'all can come to if you ever need anything, school related or not, and I hope I can help make your first year great! If I'm not in class, you can find me at my favorite coffee shop, All In Coffee, working out, grabbing a bite with my friends, hanging out with my family at a tailgate (gamedays are THE BEST) napping, baking in my apartment, or at a sorority event (yay Delta Gamma!). I'm so excited to be a mentor and can't wait to meet my future mentees. Sending big hugs to all of you, and of course, Go Tigers!

    Ciara Kirby

    Name: Ciara Kirby
    Hometown: Bayport, NY
    Major: Nursing
    Minor: Psychology
    Class: 2026
    Campus Involvement: Alpha Chi Omega, Think Strong Clemson, Student Nurses’ Association 

    Bio: Hi and congratulations on your acceptance to Clemson and the Honors Program!! My name's Ciara and I’m a rising sophomore with a nursing major and a psychology minor. When I graduate, I hope to work in pediatrics and eventually become a nurse practitioner. Some of my favorite things to do at Clemson outside of class are hanging out at the lake, walking the Dikes, and grabbing ice cream or coffee with friends! I’m from Long Island, New York and understand all of the emotions that can come with the transition of moving to a big southern school :) That being said, I’m so excited to help you navigate your first year here at Clemson! I’d love to answer any and all questions you have, show you my favorite places to study, relax, etc., and most importantly be someone you can talk to about whatever is going on!

    Abby Pearce

    Name: Abby Pearce
    Hometown: Lexington, SC
    Major: Nursing
    Minor: Communication Studies
    Graduation Year: 2024
    Campus Involvement: Relay for Life VP and Co-Founder, Nieri Center Front Desk, Clemson Student Nursing Association (SNA), SNA Resolution Committee, Clemson LIFE Volunteer, Sailing Club, Intramural Sports.

    Bio: Hi everyone!! Welcome to Clemson! My name is Abby Pearce, and I am a rising junior nursing major from Lexington, SC. I’m so excited to meet you guys, and I hope that sharing my experiences will help you smoothly transition into Clemson. Clemson is one of the best choices I have made, and I am so excited to share my experiences with you; Clemson has given me so much, and I hope to help all of you find involvement that you are passionate about here. Clemson is the perfect arena to pursue your passions, meet so many new people, and enjoy new experiences! The Honors College goes above and beyond to ensure you have unique opportunities, both in and out of the classroom. I am here to help guide you and am more than happy to share any experiences and answer any questions, whether it be about academics, social life, or anything else. Go Tigers!

    Rose Peterson

    Name: Ellie Pickrell
    Hometown: Ketchikan, AK
    Major: Health Science: Preprofessional Health Studies
    Graduation Year: 2026
    Campus Involvement: Sigma Kappa Sorority, PAL Leader, American Medical Women's Association, College of Behavioral Social Health Sciences Student Advisory Board

    Bio: Hi, everyone! My name is Ellie Pickrell and I am a sophomore health science major on a pre-medical track. Coming to Clemson all the way from Southeast Alaska for college, I have experienced first-hand the challenges that being an out-of-state student can present in the transition to college life, but it has also allowed me to expand my horizons by meeting many new people and exploring a different part of the country. I have had nothing short of an amazing experience thus far at Clemson from the football games in Death Valley to taking advantage of the resources that the Honors College makes available to us while doing schoolwork. In my free time, I enjoy getting outdoors whether that be on a hiking trail or the beach at lake Hartwell as well as going to the gym, shopping, and exploring new coffee shops with friends. I am looking forward to helping out other academically motivated Honors students with the transition to life here at Clemson University!

    Lauren Reynolds

    Name: Lauren Reynolds
    Hometown: Walterboro, SC
    Major: Health Science: Preprofessional Health Studies
    Graduation Year: 2025
    Campus Involvement: Clemson Hiking Club, Intramural League Soccer, Health Professions Advising Ambassador, Central Spirit, Ladies Golf Club, Welcome Week Leader, Clemson Surf Club, EUREKA! 2022

    Bio: Hi guys! My name is Lauren Reynolds, and I'm excited that y'all have chosen the Clemson Family. I'm a Health Science major with the goal of becoming either a Physician Assistant or a Cardiovascular Perfusionist. I'm from a small town called Walterboro which is near the coast. During my time at Clemson, when I'm not in class, working, or studying, I'm usually at the gym, napping, watching movies, playing soccer, hanging with friends, or exploring downtown. Transitioning to college can feel overwhelming, and I want to help you through it. Trying to make new connections, figuring out what clubs/activities to join, or how to get through difficult situations can be scary. I will happily answer any questions or chat if you need someone, even if it doesn't relate to school. I want to ensure that y'all get the most that Clemson, the Honors College, and I can give you. I look forward to meeting and getting to know y'all by grabbing coffee, walking downtown, or eating a quick bite! Once again, I'm excited y'all have chosen Clemson, and I hope y'all have the best experience. Go Tigers!!

    Eleni Rouvelas

    Name: Eleni Rouvelas
    Hometown: Northern VA
    Major: Political Science
    Minor: Communications & Social Science Cluster
    Graduation Year: 2025
    Campus Involvement: Zeta Tau Alpha, Order of Omega, Lyceum Fellows, Populism Research CI Program

    Bio: Hi! I am Eleni. I spent this past summer working in DC and traveling in Hong Kong and Maine but am super excited to be coming back to Clemson and be back in South Carolina. I love sushi, game day tailgates, concerts, and swimming. I lived in Gressette my freshman year (it’s right next to the honors college), on my sorority hall sophomore year, and this year in Earle. I am so excited to meet you!

    Norah Train

    Name: Norah Train
    Hometown: Alpharetta, GA
    Major: Criminal Justice and Economics
    Minor: Russian Area Studies
    Graduation Year: 2026
    Campus Involvement: Recruitment Chair of the Student Funding Board, TOPSoccer and Baseball, Anthropology Club, and CUSG Elections Board Director

    Bio: Hello everyone! Welcome to Clemson and the Honors College! My name is Norah Train, and I am originally from Ridgewood, NJ but I moved to Georgia over the summer. I am a Criminal Justice and Economics double major with a minor in Russian, and after college I am hoping to pursue a career investigating financial crimes as a part of the CIA, Secret Service, or FBI. As someone who is out of state, I can confidently say that Freshman year is intimidating and at times overwhelming. However, my peer mentor helped me overcome challenges I faced in my first semesters, which helped me develop my comfort and love for Clemson. I strive to do the same for my mentees whether they are looking to get involved, switch majors, plan their semester schedule, or even just get coffee. Outside of the classroom I love to run and walk outside, cook fun meals I find on TikTok, hang out with friends, practice my Russian speaking, travel, and of course give back to the Clemson community through clubs and extracurriculars. The Honors College offers so many opportunities that I can’t wait to introduce you to. I look forward to walks, coffee runs, and helpful talks together. I cannot wait to meet you all, CU soon!

    Emma Weber

    Name: Emma Weber
    Hometown: Nashville, TN
    Major: Psychology
    Minor: Sports Communication
    Graduation Year: 2025
    Campus Involvement: FCA, Delta Gamma, Athletic Academic Services

    Bio: Hey everyone! My name is Emma and I’m from Nashville, Tennessee. I’m a sophomore majoring in Psychology and minoring in Sports Communication. In my free time, I love hanging out with my friends and binge watching tv shows. I loved my mentoring experience last year and hope to help y’all have an amazing freshman year! I would love to connect with y’all over a coffee or some food during the year. College is definitely a transition, and I want to be here to answer any questions you may have or just chat about life. So excited to see everyone on campus soon!

    Sophia Wilson

    Name: Sophia Wilson
    Hometown: New Orleans, LA
    Major: Political Science
    Minor: Communication Studies & Nonprofit Leadership
    Graduation Year: 2024
    Campus Involvement: Student Funding Board (Chair), Undergraduate Student Government (Student Body Treasurer, Elections Board), Residence Hall Association (Senator), Alpha Lambda Delta (President), Dixon Fellows Program, Creative Inquiry, Pi Sigma Alpha (Member), ACC Leadership Symposium (Delegate)

    Bio: Hey, y'all! My name is Sophia Wilson, and I am a senior (3rd year) majoring in Political Science. As an out-of-state student, I signed up for the peer mentor program as a mentee to meet other students at the beginning of last year, and it was by far the best decision I made. I'm the Student Body Treasurer and am heavily involved in CUSG and the Student Funding Board. I am in a Creative Inquiry program researching Greek Life on campus! Coming out of state, it was hard to get involved and meet people, and if you are worried about that, I am your girl! I am here to help you plan your schedule, help you set up meetings with advisors/staff, go to a group workout class or get coffee, be a study buddy, and help you get involved on campus. I went to Tiger Prowl, joined clubs, made friends, and I would love to help you all make the transition easier. The honors college has so much to offer, and I can't wait to show y'all. I look forward to our coffee chats at the Core Starbucks, walks downtown, and days on Bowman! Congrats on Clemson, and go Tigers!!!!

    Zoe Vickery

    Name: Zoe Vickery
    Hometown: Greenwood, SC
    Major: Health Science: Preprofessional Health Studies and Microbiology
    Graduation Year: 2026
    Campus Involvement: FCA, Junior Dixon Fellows Program, Alternative Therapeutic Treatments for Breast Cancer Creative Inquiry, Hiking Club, MEDEX Club

    Bio: Hey! I’m Zoe, and I hope you all are excited to join the Clemson family. We sure are eager to welcome you!! Your first year is a great time to meet new people, expose yourself to different clubs and experiences, get involved around campus, and determine what interests you. My goal is to help you achieve these things! Here is a little bit about me: I like running, hiking, lake swimming, kayaking, mountain biking, playing soccer, and just about any other outdoor activity, and if I haven’t done it yet, I hope to try it! I grew up going to Clemson Football games (GO TIGERS!!). And after my undergraduate degree, I hope to attend medical school or PA school. I can’t wait to meet you, and I’ll CU soon! :)

    Rebekah Young

    Name: Rebekah Young
    Hometown: Lexington, SC
    Major: Political Science
    Graduation Year: 2026
    Campus Involvement: CU singers, Gamma Phi Beta sorority, SI leader

    Bio: Hey y’all! I'm super passionate about the Honors program and ready to get involved with the upcoming class! I had a great time in Deschamps last year and am ready to pass that onto the upcoming group. im a PoliSci major (going to law school) and would love to meet some of you on the same path!

  • College of Education
    Degrees Within the College of Education
    • Agricultural Education
    • Early Childhood Education
    • Elementary Education
    • Mathematics Teaching
    • Special Education
    Secondary Education Areas:
    • English
    • Mathematics
    • Social Studies (History)
    Science Teaching Areas:
    • Biological Sciences
    • Chemistry
    • Physical Sciences
    • Physics
    Meet the Mentors

    Caroline Coleman

    Name: Caroline Coleman
    Hometown: Columbia, SC
    Major: Elementary Education
    Minor: Psychology
    Grad Year: 2026
    Campus Involvement: Gamma Phi Beta (ClemsonLIFE Chair), Volunteers4LIFE Executive Board, College of Education Undergraduate Student Advisory Board, CU Adaptive Sports, Clemson Aspiring Educators

    Bio: Hey y’all! My name is Caroline Coleman and I am from Columbia, South Carolina. I am a sophomore Elementary Education major with a minor in Psychology. After graduation, I am hoping to receive my Master’s Degree through Clemson’s Teacher Residency Program. I have been a Clemson fan all of my life, yet having the opportunity to be a student here has been like no other! My favorite things to do on campus include attending football and basketball games with friends, spending time by the lake at Y beach, and getting coffee at All In. I know that the transition to college can be overwhelming, but know that you are not the only one feeling this way! As a mentor, I am happy to help you navigate all of the opportunities that Clemson has to offer and give advice any time you need it. I am beyond excited to meet you all! Go Tigers!

    Adrianna DeSalvo

    Name: Adrianna DeSalvo
    Hometown: Carmel, NY
    Major: Mathematics Teaching
    Grad Year: 2026
    Campus Involvement: Sigma Kappa Sorority

    Bio: Hi mentees! My name is Adrianna DeSalvo and I am from Carmel, New York. I am a sophomore majoring in mathematics teaching. I am involved in greek life on campus, specifically the Sigma Kappa sorority. Being a part of the Honors College here at Clemson has given me so many amazing opportunities. The Honors Residential College, Honors seminars, and Honors sections have all been great experiences. I am able to be a part of such a close-knit community with students who have similar interests as myself. I can’t wait to help you get involved on campus in the honors college as well as Clemson in general! I want to be a friend who can help you with anything whether you're homesick, need help with classes, or just want someone to hangout with! I can’t wait to meet you and be a part of your Clemson journey! Go Tigers!

    Chloe Milkowski

    Name: Chloe Milkowski
    Hometown: Huntington, NY
    Major: Elementary Education
    Grad Year: 2025
    Campus Involvement: Clemson Hope, Clemson Miracle, Delta Zeta

    Bio: Hello, Tigers!! Congratulations on your acceptance into Clemson University! My name is Chloe Milkowski, and I am a rising junior from Huntington, NY, majoring in Elementary Education. I am involved in Clemson Hope, Clemson Miracle, and through Delta Zeta, I am a part of the community service and recruitment committees. If any of those clubs sparked your interest, I would be more than happy to answer any questions you have about them! As a mentor, I want to help you succeed in your first year at Clemson! If you want to join a new club and want someone to go with, I am totally there! Clemson has so many unique features to take part in; some of my favorites include: going to football games, getting açai bowls at CocoBowlz, and paddle boarding at Y-Beach. I am excited to spend time with my mentees by getting Spill the Beans Ice Cream, doing a workout class together, or going to All In to get a coffee! As a mentor, I hope to help you make your transition to Clemson easier and a memorable experience! Congratulations again, and I can’t wait to see you in the fall!! Go Tigers!

  • College of Engineering, Computing and Applied Sciences
    Degrees Within the College of Engineering, Computing and Applied Sciences
    • Automotive Engineering
    • Bioengineering
    • Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering
    • Glenn Department of Civil Engineering
    • Holcombe Dept. Electrical and Computer Engineering
    • Engineering and Science Education
    • Environmental Engineering and Earth Sciences
    • General Engineering
    • Industrial Engineering
    • Mechanical Engineering
    • Materials Science Engineering
    • School of Computing
    Meet the Mentors
    Dorothy Augenbraun

    Name: Dorothy Augenbraun
    Hometown: Fort Mill, SC
    Major: Civil Engineering
    Minor: Computer Science
    Graduation Year: 2026
    Campus Involvement: American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE), Women in Science and Engineering (WISE), Clemson Dancers

    Bio: Hello and welcome to Clemson Honors! My name is Dorothy Augenbraun and I am a sophomore from Fort Mill SC. I am majoring in Civil Engineering with an emphasis in Structural Engineering. Outside of my classes I enjoy reading, taking dance classes with Clemson Dancers, and hanging out with friends. Transitioning to life in college can be a challenge, but the close knit community in the honors college provides you with many opportunities to meet new people and get involved. Everyone is just as nervous as you, I promise. I can’t wait to meet everyone this year and help answer any questions you have!

    Jasmine Creswell

    Name: Jasmine Creswell
    Hometown: Greenwood, SC
    Major: Civil Engineering
    Minor: Geology
    Class: 2025
    Campus Involvement: Society of Women Engineers, American Society of Civil Engineers, ClemsonLIFE alternate ILA

    Bio: Hi, my name is Jasmine Creswell, I am a junior Civil Engineering major with a minor in Geology. I had a great experience with my honors peer mentoring group my freshman year and am so excited to be a part of such an amazing program. Transitioning into college can be difficult, but I hope that I will be able to make it as easy as possible for you. Some of my favorite things to do on campus are go to group exercise classes at Douthit gym, watch sporting events with my friends, or walk downtown to get ice cream from Spill the Beans. I can't wait to meet you and help you find your place at Clemson. It will feel like home in no time!

    Chloe Crozier

    Name: Chloe Crozier
    Hometown: Summerville, SC
    Major: Computer Science
    Minor: Electrical and Computer Engineering and Economics
    Graduation Year: 2025
    Campus Involvement: Breakthrough Scholars Program, AOE, CUHackit, ACM, Clemson Loops, Clemson Boards

    Bio: Hi!!! I'm Chloe Crozier, a Computer Science Junior with minors in Electrical Engineering and Economics. I’ve lived in Charleston, SC, for most of my life, but I’m originally from Ontario, Canada. I have been involved with the honors college since my first year. I am a current Breakthrough Scholar and an Honors Student Advisory Board member. I love being outdoors (hiking, kayaking, walking, going to the beach) and trying new things. I enjoy working on coding side projects and participating in many clubs on campus. I am an executive board member for both ACM and CUhackit. I’m in Alpha Omega Epsilon (Professional STEM Sorority), Clemson Boards (skateboard club), and various intramural sports. I want to mentor students through this program by helping them transition from high school to college. I am well-versed in the opportunities available on campus academically, socially, and professionally, so I would love to be a resource to anyone wanting to get involved. I’m excited for this upcoming school year and can’t wait to start mentoring!

    Ryan Culin

    Name: Ryan Culin
    Hometown: Washington Township, NJ
    Major: Bioengineering 
    Graduation Year: 2026
    Campus Involvement: Chi Phi Fraternity, Welcome Week Leader, Intramural Sports

    Bio: Hey guys, I’m Ryan Culin. I’m a sophomore from South Jersey. I’m majoring in bioengineering on a premed track. In my free time I enjoy working out, playing basketball, and hanging out with friends. I know it’s hard transitioning to college, especially from out of state, but the best thing I can say to do is to get involved! I’m looking forward to meeting you guys this semester and helping make that transition easier!

    Katie Graziano

    Name: Katie Graziano
    Hometown: Rockville Centre, NY
    Major: Civil Engineering
    Graduation Year: 2026
    Campus Involvement: Clemson Canine Companions Puppy Raiser, Club Swim, Clemson University Singers

    Bio: Hi everybody! My name is Katie Graziano and I am from Long Island, NY majoring in Civil Engineering. During my freshman year, I was involved in the Honors Peer Mentoring Program and became great friends with my mentor and fellow mentees. I hope that I can create an environment that makes this transition for you guys as smooth as possible! This transition can be very overwhelming, whether you are coming from out of state or not, so I hope I can be yet another tool the Honors College provides for students to ensure it goes as smooth as possible. I can’t wait to meet you guys and go tigers!

    Emily Trocke

    Name: Emily Trocke
    Hometown: Norwood Young America, MN
    Major: Industrial Engineering
    Graduation Year: 2026
    Campus Involvement: Clemson Tiger Dancers, Women in Science and Engineering (WISE), Clemson FCA

    Bio: Hi Tigers, welcome to Clemson Honors! My name is Emily Trocke and I'm a sophomore Industrial Engineering major from Norwood Young America, Minnesota. Here at Clemson, I'm on the Tiger Dancers dance team and absolutely adore performing at football games, hanging out with friends and being involved on campus! Freshman year is so exciting and filled with so many new beginnings and opportunities; although adjusting can be tough at first, Clemson will start to feel like home before you know it. As an out-of-state student, I totally understand the worries that come with starting college far from home, but I'm so excited to guide you through your first year with Clemson Honors! My peer mentor freshman year was such a lovely resource whether that meant answering questions about school, giving advice on balancing school and life, or simply being a hand to reach out to; I would love to be the same for you! I can't wait to meet all of you and show you what Clemson is all about! Go Tigers!

  • College of Science
    Degrees Within the College of Science
    • Biochemistry
    • Biological Sciences
    • Chemistry
    • Genetics
    • Mathematical Sciences
    • Microbiology
    • Physics
    Meet the Mentors
    Caroline Brindel

    Name: Caroline Brindel
    Hometown: Columbia, SC
    Major: Biological Sciences
    Minor: Women, Gender, & Sexuality Studies
    Graduation Year: 2025
    Campus Involvement: Creative Inquiry Project through the Honors College, Dixon Fellows, Pi Beta Phi Sorority, Alpha Epsilon Delta Pre-Health Honors Society, Beta Beta Beta Biological Sciences Honors Society, Order of Omega Greek Honors Society, It’s on Us, and Intramural Soccer

    Bio: Hello class of 2027!!! My name is Caroline Brindel and I am a junior biology major on the pre-med track! Freshman year is daunting, but for me and so many others it is a year full of the best memories, friends, and experiences! Clemson has easily been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made and I can’t wait to help you through one of the most exciting years of your lives!! One major thing about me is that I am a music junkie. I love discovering new music and artists and even more than that I love, love, love going to any and all concerts (I already have 6 planned for this semester and that number will definitely grow). I am also an avid playlist curator and love talking to people about the music I love. I also am very passionate about women’s issues and advocacy. Like I said before, I am pre-med and my goal is to become an OBGYN so that I can work in a women’s clinic and be at the forefront of advocacy and change in women’s healthcare. Some fast facts about me are that I’m obsessed with my cat named Kat, I’m a matcha addict, I’m a huge Chelsea fan, and I love going to the rowing docs to swim and read! I am so so excited to meet some of you and GO TIGERS!!!!

    Eve Curtis

    Name: Eve Curtis
    Hometown: Charleston, SC
    Major: Mathematical Sciences
    Grad Year: 2026
    Campus Involvement: Kappa Delta Sorority, Swift Society, Calc 2 TA, Women in Science and Engineering (WISE)

    Bio: Hey everyone and congrats on your acceptance into Clemson Honors College!! You definitely made the right choice! My name is Eve Curtis and I am a sophomore math major from Charleston, SC. Some of my favorite things to do in Clemson are obviously game days, going for runs on the dikes, eating good food, and hanging out with my friends! My freshman year last year was tough but rewarding in many ways! I am here to help y'all out in any way I can as I have learned many things from last year. I can be a study buddy and recommend the best study spots and be a friendly face around campus as I will be living on campus this year so I will only be a short walk away!! Never hesitate to reach out as I am here for you and will always be happy to give you advice! I can't wait to meet y'all and share the love for Clemson!! As always, Go Tigers!!!

    Heather Domby

    Name: Heather Domby
    Hometown: Beaufort, SC
    Major: Microbiology (Biomedicine concentration)
    Minor: Business Administration
    Graduation Year: 2024
    Campus involvement: Phi Delta Epsilon (Medical Fraternity), Leading Women of Tomorrow, Clemson LIFE, REDDI Lab Creative Inquiry, Dixon Fellows Program, and former Resident Assistant (RA)

    Bio: Hey, everyone! My name is Heather Domby, and I am a rising senior on the pre-med track. With that said, I plan on taking a gap year after I graduate from Clemson to spend a little more time studying for the MCAT and traveling the world before going to medical school! This summer, I worked as a Certified Nurse Assistant (CNA) at a hospital back in my hometown and also work as a CNA here in Clemson! This semester, I am planning on continuing my undergraduate research in regenerative medicine and am also hoping to spend a little more time exploring the areas around Clemson. In my spare time, I enjoy going to the beach (or in our case, the lake), camping/hiking, binging movies/shows (I am quite the Euphoria fanatic), watching hockey (go Bruins!), and hanging out with my cat, Moonknight. I also love cooking and have even led cooking lessons through the Clemson LIFE Creative Inquiry. I’ve had so many different and exciting experiences here at Clemson and would love to support you in any way I can! Go Tigers!

    Angelina Harley

    Name: Angelina Harley
    Hometown: Fountain Inn, SC
    Major: Genetics
    Minor: Microbiology
    Graduation Year: 2024
    Campus Involvement: FIRST Mentor, Undergraduate Researcher in the Center for Nanotherapeutic Strategies in the Central Nervous System

    Bio: Congratulations on your acceptance to Clemson University's Honors College! I'm excited for you to be a part of the Clemson community. My name is Angelina Harley, and I'm a senior genetics major. One of my favorite things about this university is the amazing opportunity it has given me to do research with the highly talented faculty. I can often be found at one of my favorite Clemson Restaurants (El Jimador Viejo II and Zen Ramen and Sushi Burrito are delicious) or walking around the South Carolina Botanical Gardens. If you need help with anything such as registering for classes, navigating campus, setting up studying strategies, finding the best deals on textbooks, or if you just want someone to hang out with, I'm here for you! I'd love the opportunity to be your mentor and look forward to meeting you this semester!

    Katherine Jackson

    Name: Katherine Jackson
    Hometown: Summerville, SC
    Major: Biochemistry
    Minor: Chemistry
    Class: 2025
    Campus Involvement: Clemson Pre-dental Club (Public Relations Officer), Clemson Club Field Hockey, Conation and Creativity in Engineering Creative Inquiry, Clemson Intramural Sports Assistant, Clemson AED Pre-health Professionals Honor Society, Clemson Design-a-thon

    Bio: Hey everyone! My name is Katherine Jackson and I am a biochemistry major with a minor in chemistry from Summerville, SC! I am currently a rising junior and I hope to attend dental school after I graduate. In my free time, I love to kayak at y-beach, read, and collect LEGOs. I have loved the past two years I have spent at Clemson and I can’t wait for you all to begin your journey here! I know the transition may be bumpy, but there are so many resources and clubs at Clemson to help you! I joined the Honors College Peer Mentoring program because I wanted to help new students feel at home at Clemson, so please feel free to reach out to me for anything! Whether that be needing advice on classes, wanting someone to sit with in the dining hall, or if you just want to talk about life in general. I look forward to meeting all of you!

    Steven Joseph

    Name: Steven Joseph
    Hometown: North Augusta, SC
    Major: Microbiology (Biomedicine concentration)
    Minor: Anthropology
    Class: 2026
    Campus Involvement: Undergraduate Researcher for EPIC, SCIENCE Student Ambassador, Anthropology Club, Pickleball Club, Intramural Ultimate Frisbee

    Bio: Hi guys! Congratulations on your acceptance to Clemson Honors! My name is Steven Joseph, and I’m from North Augusta, South Carolina and currently on the pre-med track. I enjoy reading, watching movies, and hanging out. I also enjoy playing sports like ultimate frisbee, racquetball, and football as well. I came from a super small school, so I understand the nerves of attending a big university where everything is new and intimidating. I hope to ease your transition from high school to college by recommending classes and activities, helping build schedules, getting you involved on campus, and sharing my experiences from my first year. I will be available to get ice cream, explore and recommend downtown restaurants, show you around campus, or just be someone you can talk to. I hope to meet some of you and help you guys tackle your first year in a new environment. Once again, congratulations on calling Clemson your new home. I have loved my experience so far. Enjoy your time here with your new family!

    Helen Larkin

    Name: Helen Larkin
    Hometown: Downers Grove, IL
    Major: Biochemistry
    Major: Spanish, Genetics
    Class: 2026
    Campus Involvement: Running Club, Alpha Omega Epsilon (professional STEM sorority), EPIC research (Dr. Morris's lab)

    Bio: My name is Helen Larkin and I am a current sophomore studying biochemistry with minors in Spanish and genetics. When I first came to Clemson, I was a little nervous about being so far away from home and making new friends. By joining a ton of on campus organizations and taking advantage of the opportunities that Clemson has to offer, I had a great freshman year and am looking forward to the years to come! I am currently involved in research on campus, working in the EPIC suite in Dr. Jim Morris's lab. In the future, I hope to continue doing research and eventually earn my PhD in biochemistry. In my free time, I love running, hiking, going to the beach, and spending time outdoors! I recently studied abroad in Spain this summer to gain credit toward my Spanish minor. It was an incredible experience in which I became a better Spanish speaker and got the opportunity to explore places all over Europe. I highly recommend that anyone studies abroad if they have the chance. I’m so glad that you all decided to attend Clemson and I can’t wait to give you tips and tricks to make your freshman year great!

    Sophia LiVigni

    Name: Sophia LiVigni
    Hometown: Myrtle Beach, SC
    Major: Biochemistry
    Major: Business Administration & Chemistry
    Class: 2025
    Campus Involvement: Honors Peer Mentoring, Clemson Creative Inquiry Research, Biochemistry and Genetics Club, The Chronicle Magazine, Pre-Pharmacy Club, Science Student Advisory Board, and Alpha Lambda Delta Honors Society

    Bio: Congrats on your acceptance to Clemson University Honors College Tigers! My name is Sophia, and I am a rising junior Biochemistry major from Myrtle Beach, SC. I am involved in just some of the countless opportunities, activities, and clubs on campus and am more than willing to share my experience and scroll through Tiger Quest to explore the hundreds of clubs at Clemson with you. I truly believe there is a community for everyone here at Clemson. In my free time, I love going to Y-beach, the gym, thrifting, and trying new foods. Trying new things and finding new passions is part of the college experience and Clemson will open so many exciting doors. Navigating a whole new world that is Clemson and college in general is intimidating but whether it be helping you all try and find organizations to join or creating your four-year class plan with you, I’m happy to help! I’m so excited for the opportunity to mentor this year. Go Tigers!

    Paige Magill

    Name: Paige Magill
    Hometown: Greenville, SC
    Major: Biological Sciences
    Minor: Sustainability
    Class: 2025
    Campus Involvement: Pre-Dental Club, PAL Leader, Gamma Phi Beta Sorority, Club Tennis, Intramural Sports, Alpha Epsilon Delta Pre-Professional Honor Society, Order of Omega, Dixon Fellows  

    Bio: Hi everyone and welcome to Clemson! My name is Paige MaGill and I am a junior majoring in biology and minoring in sustainability; I have plans to go to dental school after graduating. Throughout my time here, I have dipped my toe into many different clubs and organizations (my intramural basketball team got to play in Littlejohn Coliseum!), so I would love to help you step out of your comfort zone and find the best organizations for you. Whenever I have free time, I’m always listening to music and love to go to coffee shops whether it's on campus or off (Core Starbucks is my second home) to hang out with friends or get some work done. If I’m downtown, you can probably find me at Moe’s eating some chips and queso. If you have any questions about the transition into college, what classes to take, or anything at all I would love to answer! I truly have had the best time here at Clemson, and the Honors College has certainly enhanced my experience. See you this fall, and Go Tigers!

    Will McIntyre

    Name: Will McIntyre
    Hometown: Rock Hill, SC
    Major: Biochemistry
    Minor: Psychology & Cluster-Life Sciences
    Class: 2025
    Campus Involvement: Clemson FCA, Peer Mentor Mentee, Clemson AMSA, Neuroscience Club

    Bio: Hey everyone, congrats on choosing Clemson Honors! My name is Will McIntyre and I am a rising Junior studying Biochemistry from Rock Hill, SC. After graduation, I am planning on continuing my studies at either a MD or DO program! My favorite things to do at Clemson are tailgating and attending football games, grabbing lunch at Canes, and just hanging out with friends. The transition from high school to college is a big one and I am happy to help with whatever questions you may have, whether it be class scheduling or something else. My biggest advice to you is to get involved early, and I would love to help give you the resources to do so! Also, if you are interested in the pre-medical track, I would be happy to share my experiences at Clemson and in clinical settings. I hope you all have had a great summer and look forward to meeting y’all on campus this fall!

    Mallory Murphy

    Name: Mallory Murphy
    Hometown: Lexington, SC
    Major: Biological Sciences
    Minor: Computer Science
    Class: 2026
    Campus Involvement: Thomas F. Chapman Scholars Program, Honors Student Advisory Board, Dixon Fellows, Clemson Microbiology Society, Rotaract Service Organization, Swift Society

    Bio: Hi everyone! My name is Mallory Murphy and I am a sophomore on the pre-med track. Making the decision to be apart of the Clemson Honors College is a chance I am so glad I took. I have met some of my best friends here and had the opportunity to connect with so many amazing professors and staff members. There are so many ways to make the most of your Clemson experience, and I would love to help you find the place where you best fit. Whether you’re looking for a place to find academic encouragement or meet new people and bond over a common interest, Clemson has the place for you. In my free time I like to grab coffee, go on walks around campus or the botanical gardens, play games and listen to Taylor Swift with friends, or get dinner and ice cream downtown. I would love to be your mentor and to help make your transition to Clemson a little bit easier. I can’t wait to meet you all in the fall! Welcome to Clemson and Go Tigers!

    Lucy Sullivan

    Name: Lucy Sullivan
    Hometown: Milton, MA
    Major: Biological Sciences
    Minor: French Studies 
    Class: 2025
    Campus Involvement: Delta Zeta sorority, club field hockey, PAL leader, French club, United way, the sensible tiger

    Bio: Hi everyone!! First off congratulations on becoming a Clemson Honors student! My name is Lucy and I’m a rising junior. I’m currently a bio major leaning towards going to PA school but I used to be more premed focused so I know a lot about both tracks. Coming to Clemson is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made and wouldn’t change a thing about my experience so far! I was super nervous to start my freshman year and move so far away from home so I know exactly how a lot of you are probably feeling and can tell you everything will be okay!! I’ve met some of my best friends by joining different groups around campus since there truly is something for everyone here. Some of my favorite things to do around Clemson are going to Y beach, walking the dykes with friends, and of course going to football games! I’d be happy to answer any questions you have about professors, classes, and clubs and organizations to join or just be a friend to talk to this year! Can’t wait to meet you all!!!

    Ashlee Taylor

    Name: Ashlee Taylor
    Hometown: Brick, NJ
    Major: Biochemistry
    Minor: Genetics and Cluster Social Sciences
    Class: 2026
    Campus Involvement: Alpha Epsilon Delta, Tigers for Babies, Conversation Pairs for International Students, Alpha Lambda Delta Honor Society, 2022 Global Competency Creative Inquiry

    Bio: Welcome Class of 2027! My name is Ashlee Taylor and I am an upcoming sophomore at Clemson! First of all, congratulations on your choice to join the Honors College and become a part of the Clemson family! I am from Brick, New Jersey, which is super close to the Jersey Shore, so I love spending my summer relaxing at the beach with my friends. I also have a twin sister who attends school in NJ. Moving to South Carolina was stressful, especially leaving my sister and family behind, but with so many opportunities and experiences here, it was very easy to adjust. Some of my favorite things to do on campus include going to the All In Coffee Shop to study, taking a walk at Y Beach, and going to our sporting events. I would love to be a resource for any and all of your questions to help your adjustment to Clemson be as smooth as possible! I’ll be sure to give my best advice and I can’t wait to meet you all!

    Sophie Waugh

    Name: Sophie Waugh
    Hometown: Annapolis, Maryland
    Major: Microbiology (Biomedicine concentration)
    Minor: Psychology
    Class: 2026
    Campus Involvement: Kappa Kappa Gamma, College of Science Student Advisory Board, PAWS for PA, CI Research with Dr. Fiddler in Food Science and the Metabolism of Iron

    Bio: Hey everyone!! Congrats on your acceptance to Clemson Honors! I have loved my experience at Clemson so far, and I'm so excited for all of you to see why everyone here loves it so much. I’m a microbiology major with a biomedicine concentration and a psychology minor, and I hope to either attend PA school or get my masters in public health after I graduate. I know that leaving home and going to college whether it's 10 minutes away or 10 hours, like it was for me coming from Maryland, is intimidating and can be a stressful experience. I hope that I can ease some of that stress and help you find your place at Clemson as a mentor and friend. Everyone faces challenges in their freshman year, but having someone to talk to and get advice from makes it much easier to tackle them and come out stronger. Get ready to meet your people, learn a lot, work hard, have fun, and have your best year yet!!

    Ruxi Xia

    Name: Ruxi Xia
    Hometown: Wuhan, China
    Major: Biochemistry
    Minor: Mathematical Sciences
    Class: 2025
    Campus Involvement: Clemson Rotaract Club, Clemson Paw Pantry, Clemson Chinese Students and Scholars Association, COSMIC, Tutor at Academic Success Center, Intern at Clemson Light Imaging Facility, Undergraduate Researcher at Nanotechnology Lab

    Bio: Welcome to Clemson! My name is Ruxi Xia, and I am an international student from China. I went to a high school in Virginia, and I lived with a host family there. I am majoring in biochemistry. I want to pursue a career in cancer research, so I plan to go to grad school to get my PhD. I have been part of the student government, a ministry group, a service club, a tutoring center, and, of course, I used to work for Raising Cane’s:) I love going to the sports games, especially men’s soccer - did go to the final game and watch us win the national championship ! I am grateful to have had great mentors, so I aspire to be like them and truly be a friend and a resource for you guys. I really want to be there for you to help make this transition smooth. I love being at Clemson, and I love my small group of close friends. Clemson has felt like home for me, and I want you to feel heard, supported, and loved here as well. I wish you the best of luck, and as always, GO TIGERS!

    Katrina Zabransky

    Name: Katrina Zabransky
    Hometown: South Huntingdon, NY
    Major: Microbiology (Biomedicine Concentration)
    Minor: Genetics
    Class: 2025
    Campus Involvement: Microbiology Club, Photography Club, Delta Gamma (Director of Fundraising), Order of Omega

    Bio: Congratulations Class of 2027 on your Clemson University acceptances! My name is Katrina Zabransky and I am a rising junior studying Microbiology and Genetics. I am from Huntington, NY (about an hour outside of NYC). On campus I have lived in the Honors Residential College and the Douthit Apartments. I am an active participant in Greek life, clubs, and various activities on campus. Some of my favorite aspects of Clemson are game days, dinners downtown, sitting on Bowman Field, and spending time with friends. I am so excited to meet all of you and answer any questions you may have about Clemson, Honors College, clubs, classes, study abroad, or just college life in general!

  • Wilbur O. and Ann Powers College of Business
    Degrees within the Wilbur O. and Ann Powers College of Business
    • School of Accountancy
    • Department of Finance
    • John E. Walker Department of Economics
    • Management
    • Marketing
    • Graphic Communications
    • Army ROTC
    • Air Force ROTC
    Meet the Mentors
    Anna Contini

    Name: Anna Contini
    Hometown: Nutley, NJ
    Major: Financial Management
    Minor: Accounting and Mathematical Sciences
    Graduation Date: 2025
    Campus Involvement: Alpha Chi Omega, Society of Future Actuaries, Market Trend Research Club, Surf Club, Women in Business

    Bio: Hey everyone! Welcome to Clemson and the Honors College! My name is Anna, and I'm thrilled to be your peer mentor as you embark on this exciting journey of academic excellence and personal growth. As a fellow Honors student, I understand the mix of excitement and nerves that come with the beginning of this adventure. You're in for an incredible experience filled with opportunities to challenge yourself, connect with like-minded peers, and make the most of your time at Clemson University. There's something for everyone, from academic clubs to community service initiatives, greek organizations, and hundreds of clubs. I'd happily help you explore these opportunities and find your niche within our vibrant campus community. I have taken advantage of numerous opportunities at Clemson and look forward to continuing my involvement. The town also has excellent hiking trails, coffee shops, and ice cream shops, which I often visit with friends. If you have questions about classes, time management, campus resources, or want to chat about your Honors experience, I'm here for you. I've been through the same journey and understand the heights and challenges you might encounter. Please don't hesitate to reach out to me.

    Ashley Crowder

    Name: Ashley Crowder
    Hometown: Richmond, VA
    Major: Pre-Business/Management
    Class: 2026
    Campus Involvement: Gamma Phi Beta, Swift Society, Chick-fil-A Club

    Bio: Hi guys! My name is Ashley Crowder, and I am so excited to be a peer mentor this year! I can't wait to meet you and help with your transition to college. I am a rising sophomore here at Clemson. I spent all of last year as an architecture major. While I've decided it's not the path for me, I'm happy to help any of y'all pursuing it!! Currently, I am a pre-business major and intend on studying management, but I'll be spending this year figuring out where I want to go from here, just like you guys! Around Clemson, you guys will see me at football & basketball games, taking long walks, doing homework on the Starbucks patio, and enjoying the sunset at the rowing docks. I can't wait to meet you guys soon! College can be daunting, but I really hope I can help y'all find your place here!

    Janhavi Deshpande

    Name: Janhavi Deshpande
    Hometown: Greenville, SC
    Major: Mathematical Sciences and Economics
    Graduation Year: 2026
    Campus Involvement: Treasurer of UNICEF, Creative Inquiry Research, Association of Women in Mathematics, Executive Team for Dholna Dance, Honors Dixon Fellows

    Bio: Hello! Welcome Class of 2027, and congrats on your acceptance to the Clemson Honors College. I am Janhavi Deshpande, a rising sophomore double majoring in mathematical sciences and economics. I love to dance, play volleyball, and partake in volunteer activities. Last year I was a mentee in this same program and am very excited to be a mentor this year. This program helped me get to know the Clemson campus and community as well as opportunities in my field and related fields. If you have any questions in general or related to your specific field of study, I would love to help or connect you to the correct resources and people. Freshman year might seem scary at first, but don’t worry you will have a great time. Enjoy the rest of your summer and best of luck! Go Tigers!

    Lily Dickinson

    Name: Lily Dickinson
    Hometown: Exeter, NH
    Major: Pre-Business on Marketing Track
    Graduation Year: 2026
    Campus Involvement: Chi Omega Sorority, Public Relations Student Society of America, Women in Business, Clemson CHAARG, Intramural Soccer League, Honors Peer Mentor

    Bio: Hi everyone!! Welcome to the Clemson family and congratulations on becoming a member of the Honors College! My name is Lily Dickinson and I am from Exeter, New Hampshire. I will be a rising sophomore in the fall and I am currently on the marketing track. Joining the Honors College was one of the best decisions I made last year as a freshman, especially as an out-of-state student. Being a member of this tight knit community has allowed me to meet a variety of outstanding individuals that I might not have met otherwise. It also allowed me to participate in an honors seminar where I was able to build a strong connection with my professor and peers. Some of my favorite things to do on campus are walking the dikes with my friends, playing soccer on Bowman Field, and hanging out at Y Beach. I am so excited to meet you all soon and would love to answer any questions you have about Clemson! Go Tigers!

    Lauren Major

    Name: Lauren Major
    Hometown: Greer, SC
    Major: Pre-Business (will be Financial Management)
    Minor: Mathematical Sciences
    Graduation Year: 2026
    Campus Involvement: Kappa Delta sorority, Howell Pre-Law Society, Chick-fil-A Club

    Bio: Hi everyone!! Congratulations on your acceptance into Clemson Honors, I can't wait to meet you all! My name is Lauren Major and I am a sophomore Pre-Business major from Greer, SC. After college, I plan to attend law school and eventually become an attorney. Clemson is an incredible place with a close-knit community and I am so excited to help incoming students get involved and fall in love with this school! A few of the things I love are online shopping, podcasts, Spill the Beans, and Chick-fil-A. I can’t wait to be a resource for all of you with any questions you may have about navigating freshman year. I look forward to meeting all of you!!

    Sophia Manav

    Name: Sophia Manav
    Hometown: Aurora, OH
    Major: Economics & Management (Emphasis in International Management)
    Minor: Legal Studies
    Graduation Year: 2025
    Campus Involvement: Delta Sigma Pi, Chapman Scholar, Management Student Advisory Board, Economic Student Advisory Board, College of Business Student Advisory Board, Course Assistant for Business 1010

    Bio: Welcome, incoming Tigers! My name is Sophia Manav, and I am excited to be returning as an Honors mentor this year. As an out-of-state student, coming to Clemson was quite intimidating. That being said, I want to help others adjust to the college transition and have a familiar face on campus. Some activities I enjoy include listening to music, reading, going to the lake, attending any and every sporting event possible, and traveling. This past Spring Break, I went to Italy to visit friends studying abroad in Florence! I am so excited to meet everyone, and hope Clemson becomes your second home, just as it has for me. I would love to give y’all advice for classes, clubs, social life, and anything else you need, even if it is just a study buddy. Can’t wait to welcome you to the Clemson Family! Go Tigers!

    Sorya Prak

    Name: Sorya Prak
    Hometown: Spartanburg, SC
    Major: Economics
    Minor: Global Politics
    Graduation Year: 2025
    Campus Involvement: Dixon Global Policy Scholars, Every Campus A Refugee, Alpha Lambda Delta, Clemson FIRST, Engineers for Developing Communities, Pay it Forward, Dixon Fellows

    Bio: Congratulations on your acceptance to Clemson University’s Honors College! My name is Sorya and I am a rising second year Economics student. I’ve spent my first year at Uni diving further into whatever interests me academically, which includes municipal policy, economic development, and poverty alleviation. I plan on attending graduate school with the intention of earning either an MPA or a PhD in Economics. I have extensive experience working with non-profit and community development organizations in my hometown and I’d be glad to help my mentees professionally. I understand as a freshman, it could be difficult choosing which organizations to join, especially at a school as large as Clemson, so I’d love to help anyone find their CU family! I’m looking forward to seeing y’all on campus, Peace!

    Gianna Sciortino

    Name: Gianna Sciortino
    Hometown: Scottsdale, AZ
    Major: Financial Management
    Minor: Accounting
    Graduation Year: 2026
    Campus Involvement: Zeta Tau Alpha sorority, Dean's Global Leadership program, Women in Business Club, Pickleball Club

    Bio: Hi! Welcome incoming Tigers to the Clemson family! My name is Gianna, and I am from Scottsdale, Arizona! I am currently a sophomore Financial Management major. I am so excited to be a peer mentor for this year and meet all of you! Choosing Clemson was the best decision I could have made, and I can’t wait for you all to experience it! My favorite things to do at Clemson include going to Y-beach with friends for a study break, grabbing ice cream at Spill the Beans, or attending one of Clemson’s sporting events. Other activities I enjoy include traveling, trying out new food spots, dancing, and reading. Coming from out-of-state not knowing anyone was intimidating at first, but I quickly learned there were plenty of other people in the same boat who just wanted to meet people too. I promise it all works out! I would love to answer questions and give advice on anything from classes to football games! Go Tigers!

    Nora Toland

    Name: Nora Toland
    Hometown: Roswell, GA
    Major: Marketing
    Minor: Finance
    Graduation Year: 2025
    Campus Involvement: The Tiger, Student Event Coordinator UPIC Intern, Tiger Ties 1:1 Mentoring, Dixon Fellows, SASH

    Bio: Hi y’all! My name is Nora Toland, and I am a junior majoring in marketing with a minor in finance. I’m super excited to get to know you! Since I am from out of state, the Honors Peer Mentor program helped me a lot during my freshman year, and I can’t wait to help you with anything you need. I switched majors after my first semester of freshman year, so if you’re on the fence about your major, I am a good sounding board. If you have any questions about utilizing SAS, I can guide you through that too. I’m the Newsletter Editor for The Tiger newspaper, and I help with our social media. I am starting as a Student Event Coordinator intern this fall, so if you are interested in finding an on-campus internship, I can show you the process. I love college football, traveling, and spending time in coffee shops. I can’t wait to meet you and welcome you to the Clemson community! Go Tigers!!

    Katie Trenchard

    Name: Katie Trenchard
    Hometown: Ellicott City, MD
    Major: Marketing
    Minor: Psychology
    Graduation Year: 2025
    Campus Involvement: Sales Innovation Program, Alpha Chi Omega Fraternity, Study Abroad (Florence, Italy), Intramural Sports

    Bio: I was born and raised in Ellicott City, Maryland but love attending school at Clemson far from home. I have always had a passion for sports and outdoor activities and played volleyball in high school and was in charge of intramural sports for my sorority, Alpha Chi Omega. I am majoring in Marketing with a minor in Psychology which I believe both encompass my personality and other passions such as having close connections with people and wanting to better myself and others through these relationships. During the summers, I spend my time working as a server at a beach club restaurant and love being able to apply marketing and psychology skills into this role. I am a member of the Sales Innovation Program at Clemson which has allowed me to adapt these very same skills and expose myself to many of the business aspects as well. Last semester, during Spring 2023, I studied abroad in Florence, Italy, and traveled all throughout Europe, and this was immeasurably one of the best decisions I ever made and expanded my worldview exponentially. I am so excited to be a new Honors Peer Mentor and can’t wait to meet all of the incoming mentees!

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Alina Kazmi

“While you make the transition from high school to college, I know that it can be very overwhelming and exciting at the same time. Through the honors Peer Mentoring program, I hope that we can help to alleviate some of the stress you may be feeling by providing you with the necessary tools and mentors that will help you succeed. ”

Alina Kazmi
Past Peer Mentor President, Biochemistry Major
Class of 2023