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Seniors Advising Sophomores in Honors (SASH)

Honors students helping Honors students plan for their careers

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Senior Advising Sophomores in Honors (SASH) provides professional and career development opportunities to sophomore students in Honors.

Honors students who complete an interest form in the fall of their Sophomore year will be paired with an experienced senior Honors student who will serve as a mentor throughout their sophomore year. 

Advisors assist sophomores with professional and personal goals that facilitate their intellectual, cultural, and community development within the Honors College.

SASH advisors work in conjunction with Honors College staff towards the mission of the Honors College. Advisors develop communication, teamwork, leadership, event planning, and advising skills as they interact with sophomore students.

Meet this year's advisors!

  • Lucy Jennings (she/her)
    Lucy Jennings

    Hometown: Charlotte, NC
    Major: Genetics and Psychology

    During her time here at Clemson, Lucy has been involved in a wide variety of clubs and organizations on campus. As an undergraduate researcher completing Departmental Honors in Genetics, she studies the role of DNA repair pathways in response to double strand breaks caused by chemotherapeutics and replication stress. She is also involved in another area of research within a Psychology CI understanding the role of sleeping position in developing autism symptoms. Outside of research, Lucy is a member of Sigma Kappa Sorority and serves as the AVP of Academic Excellence, a member of the Women’s Club Basketball Team, and the President of the IPTAY Student Advisory Board. This fall she will be applying to Genetic Counseling Graduate programs. Don’t feel like you have to have it all figured out as a Sophomore, Clemson and the SASH program are here to help you navigate the rest of your college experience.

  • Katy Bortz (she/her)
    Katy Bortz

    Hometown: Richmond, VA
    Major: Women’s Leadership and Political Science
    Minor: History

    After spending the spring of her Junior year in Italy studying at the American University of Rome, Katy is excited to be back on Clemson’s campus for her senior year! This fall, Katy will be interning remotely with a congressional campaign in Virginia. She has also completed internships with Senator Mark Warner’s office, Women on Boards UK, and a county council campaign in Greenville, SC. Additionally, Katy has served on the executive board of the Clemson College Democrats club for the past two years, and she is now President for the 2022-2023 school year. She has completed an Honors Contract and a Summer Research Grant with Dr. Olson in the political science department and was a member of the Moot Court CI during the fall of her sophomore year. Katy is a member of Sigma Kappa panhellenic sorority, and she will start serving on the Clemson University Commission on Women as the undergraduate representative this fall. She is excited to meet you all and get a chance to help you decide how to make the most of your next few years at Clemson!

  • Aniela Nozka (she/her)
    Aniela Nozka

    Hometown: St. Louis, MO
    Major: Bioengineering, Biomaterials concentration
    Minor: Materials Science and Engineering

    Throughout her time at Clemson University, Aniela has used her passion for engineering, biomedicine, and helping others to focus her studies and extracurriculars. This past summer, she participated in an REU program, where she performed paid research at the University of Florida in the Chemical Engineering department. During the school year, Aniela conducts Departmental Honors research in the Department of Bioengineering, working on the development of magnetic nanoparticles for use in biomedicine. Her success in academics and research, as well as her involvement at Clemson, led Aniela to receive the Larry S. Bowman Outstanding Junior in Bioengineering award. Aside from academics, she leads Engineering World Health’s Clemson chapter, a club focused on the development of healthcare for third world countries. She is also an active member in the engineering sorority, Alpha Omega Epsilon. Her experience as an Honors Peer Mentor for the past three years has helped her pursue her passion for mentoring others, and she is excited to be a SASH mentor this year. Previously, she participated in a CI on genetic editing, as well as in Clemson Design-a-thon, a 48 hour engineering design competition. Aniela encourages everyone to make the most of their time at Clemson by making as many connections as possible with peers and faculty, as these will unlock many opportunities in the future.

  • Colin Murphy (he/him)
    Colin Murphy

    Hometown: Annapolis, MD
    Major: Economics
    Minor: Mathematical Sciences

    Colin worked a consulting internship this summer and would be happy to share his experiences. He is a member of the Club tennis team and has been involved with Campus Rec, Cuhackit, the American Statistical Association, Clemson Society of Future Actuaries, and as a SASH and Honors Peer mentee. He encourages all students to stay active through intramural sports, Clemson Campus Rec, or activities with friends.

  • Kate Cox (she/her)
    Kate Cox

    Hometown: Charlotte, NC
    Major: Psychology
    Minor: Human Resources Management & Athletic Leadership

    Kate Cox is involved in various organizations on campus. Among those, one of her favorite roles has been to be the intramurals chair of her sorority, Kappa Delta. Kate expands her love for sports and Clemson athletics by being a part of the IPTAY Student Advisory Board where she served as the social media chair and now serves as the marketing chair. Academically, Kate is a member of Order of Omega, the Greek honors society, and is also a part of a creative inquiry project focusing on athletes, their identities, injuries and mental health. Kate will be graduating in December with plans to potentially move to Hawaii for a few months before furthering her education through graduate school. Kate hopes to get her Master’s in Sports Psychology and become a psychologist for a professional sports organization. Kate’s biggest piece of advice is to apply as much as you can. This means applying to be a part of different organizations or leadership roles, as well as applying yourself academically, socially, and professionally. She is very enthusiastic about being able to provide leadership advice to incoming sophomores!

  • Kelly Evans (she/her)
    Kelly Evans

    Hometown: Summerville, SC
    Major: Psychology
    Minor: Art and Biology

    Kelly has spent her time at Clemson exploring both science and the arts. She is the founder of Clemson’s eating disorder support club, Bodywell, as well as the Editor in Chief for The Chronicle Magazine, Clemson’s literary and art magazine. She volunteers weekly with AnMed Health. She is also a member of the Homeless Period Project and a published member of a social psychology research team that has most recently been investigating the implications of mattering in suicidality and mass shootings. After studying abroad in Rome last semester, Kelly returned home in June and took the MCAT. She hopes to move to the northeast for her gap year before attending medical school to become a psychiatrist. In her spare time, she loves drawing and taking long runs. Kelly’s biggest piece of advice is to build opportunity through the things you’re passionate about rather than things that supposedly will “boost your resume”. She can’t wait to meet you all!

  • Kaylie Fringer (she/her)
    Kaylie Fringer

    Hometown: Lexington, SC
    Major: Nursing

    Kaylie has had the opportunity to get involved with many different clubs and organizations on campus during her time at Clemson thus far. After beginning as a Biology major, unsure of what she wanted to do in the medical field, Kaylie then transferred into the Nursing program at the end of her sophomore year. Kaylie will have spent a total of 4 and a half years in Clemson, her favorite place on earth, and graduate with a BSN. Following graduation in December of 2023, Kaylie will take her NCLEX then begin her career as a Registered Nurse in either Pediatric Oncology or Labor and Delivery. After working for a few years, she hopes to come back to school to become a Family Nurse Practitioner. Growing up as a tiger, Kaylie was eager to develop her own meaning of what Clemson means to her. Beginning freshman year, Kaylie was a member of Clemson Student Government’s Freshmen Council to kickstart her involvement on campus. Additionally, she got involved early on with Clemson Miracle as a member of both the Events Committee and Hospital Relations Committee. In her Panhellenic sorority, Kaylie is the current VP of Standards, former Philanthropy Chairman, Homecoming Float Chairman, and is a member of Panhellenic’s DEI Committee. She is also the former Director of Marketing for the Feel-Good Club. Kaylie was one of the pioneers in developing the Clemson Area Diverse Literacy program, supplying underprivileged students in the community with books and academic resources through various fundraisers and events. In her spare time, she enjoys working out, going on runs, visiting home, and cooking new recipes. Kaylie’s biggest advice is to take every opportunity that comes your way and appreciate the value of building connections and a network. Clemson is a world of opportunities! Don’t blink because it flies by and before you know it, you’ll be in our shoes and trying to find every possible way to stay here forever. We are looking forward to meeting you all so soon!

  • Alina Kazmi (she/her)
    Alina Kazmi

    Hometown: Fort Mill, SC
    Major: Biochemistry
    Major: Microbiology

    Alina has used her four years while at Clemson University to explore her interest in the medical field. Currently, Alina is applying to medical schools and awaiting the news of where she hopes to attend. Alina’s journey throughout her collegiate career has been filled with lots of experiences and extracurricular activities. During her freshman year, her very first involvement was Freshman Council where she was able to truly appreciate all that Clemson has to offer while forming many friendships. From there, Alina became a member of the Zeta Tau Alpha Fraternity where she worked with many other individuals to raise money for breast cancer research and awareness. During her sophomore and junior year, Alina became involved in organizations such as Phi Delta Epsilon Fraternity, a pre-med fraternity that creates a supportive community of future healthcare professionals, and as an Honors student, various programs associated with the Calhoun Honors College such as Honors Peer Mentoring and SASH. Now, while in her senior year, she will continue to participate in these organizations while also continuing her research in the bioengineering department where she investigates the effects of increasing strain on cellular deformation. Additionally, she has chosen to further her time as an athletic tutor for the Athletic Academic Services department while also being an Alzhemier’s Buddy at Clemson Downs. Outside of the school environment, Alina enjoys trying new cuisines, cooking, working out at the gym, and hanging with her friends. If she were to give you all one piece of advice, she would recommend creating positive relationships with your professors as they will go the extra mile to help you out if you do. With that being said, she looks forward to meeting you all in Clemson!

  • Lauren Bulik (she/her)
    Lauren Bulik

    Hometown: Long Beach, NY
    Major: B.S Biological Sciences and B.S Environmental and Natural Resources (Conservation Biology)

    Lauren is sad to be entering her final year at Clemson, but is excited to share everything she loves about it with her new advisees! Lauren’s biggest involvement on campus is with her Creative Inquiry, with Dr. Childress, which focuses on marine ecology and conservation. She’s been a member since Freshman year, and took advantage of the CI & UR Summer Program the past two summers, using it to do research with her lab in the Florida Keys. This research will serve as the basis for her Honors Thesis. This summer, she also interned with a marine conservation non-profit, REEF. Lauren kicked off her passion for exploring the ocean her Freshman year at Clemson when she got SCUBA certified with the Clemson SCUBA Club, and has been diving ever since. Also on campus, she has worked at the Clemson Writing Lab since Sophomore year, a writer for the Sensible Tiger, and is a Dixon Global Policy Scholar, which gave her the opportunity to study abroad in Paris. Lauren is a huge Clemson Football fan, and will be at every game this fall! In her free time, she also enjoys cooking, working out, and the outdoors. If she were to give any advice, she would say to take advantage of everything you can – which is the most common advice, but also easier said than done, so is excited to help make that possible!

  • Grant Wilkins (he/him)

    Hometown: Kingsport, TN
    Major: Computer Engineering and Mathematical Sciences

    Grant is super melancholic about coming into Senior year but is happy to be able to be a part of the SASH program and get to know/advise the future of this great place! In these three years so far he has done a mix of service, academic programs, and fun, a lot enabled by the honors college. Grant’s biggest involvement has been through the Student Alumni Council (SAC), which he has been involved in since Freshman year, where he serves as the Ring Ceremony Director, a rewarding experience that incorporates his favorite Clemson tradition! While there is other involvement he has done with CUSG, Tigerama, and others, Grant can advise about how to become involved on campus! Since Freshman year Grant has also been involved in research with Dr. Calhoun of the ECE department, focusing on the energy efficiency of high-performance computing. With Dr. Calhoun Grant has had the opportunity to author publications, attend conferences, apply for research grants and awards, and do an REU during Summer 2020. Grant certainly can answer a lot of questions about research and what that looks like at Clemson, along with STEM fellowships. In Summer 2021, Grant went out to California to do a software engineering internship about the Powerwall with Tesla, an experience that has solidified plans for graduate school in smart grid technology. This past summer, Grant also was able to study abroad in Paris and South Africa through the Dixon Global Policy Scholars and National Scholars Program, so if you want to talk about these or have any interest in studying abroad he can help you out! Grant is super excited to bring the different experiences he has had at Clemson to the table and (hopefully) help advise folks at a great moment in their college career and at the end of the day have a lot of fun!