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Seniors Advising Sophomores in Honors (SASH)

Honors students helping Honors students plan for their careers

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Senior Advising Sophomores in Honors (SASH) provides professional and career development opportunities to sophomore students in Honors.

Honors students who complete an interest form in the fall of their Sophomore year will be paired with an experienced senior Honors student who will serve as a mentor throughout their sophomore year. 

Advisors assist sophomores with professional and personal goals that facilitate their intellectual, cultural, and community development within the Honors College.

SASH advisors work in conjunction with Honors College staff towards the mission of the Honors College. Advisors develop communication, teamwork, leadership, event planning, and advising skills as they interact with sophomore students.

Meet this year's advisors!

  • Natalie Claypool (she/her)
    Natalie Claypool

    Hometown: Louisville, KY
    Major: Spanish and International Health
    Minor: Psychology

    Natalie is active on and off-campus in youth mentorship and support programs. She has research experience in child development and health disparities through her interdisciplinary honors thesis, various Creative Inquiries, and connecting with professors. This past summer, she worked in Costa Rica and Honduras. During her sophomore year, studied abroad in South Africa. She hopes to help students find their dream study and work travel opportunities!

  • Zach Hubbarth (he/him)
    Zach Hubbarth

    Hometown: Fort Mill, SC
    Major: Mechanical Engineering
    Minor: Mathematical Science

    Within the Honors College, Zach is also an Honors College Ambassador and was a counselor for the EUREKA! program. He is the VP of Brand for the Grand Challenge Scholars and is doing research in the field of origami metamaterials for robotics. Zach studied abroad in France at GTL for a semester and likes to spend his free time playing sports with friends.

  • Jake Liguori (he/him)
    Jake Liguori

    Hometown: Marlton, NJ
    Major: Computer Science and Economics

    Jake Liguori is a member of Clemson's male acapella group TIGEROAR and has been active in the Honors College as a Peer Mentor and Ambassador. Jake worked in Walt Disney World for a semester and encourages students to always leave time to relax.

  • Natalie Markley (she/her)
    Natalie Markley

    Hometown: Myrtle Beach, SC
    Major: Microbiology
    Minor: English

    Natalie is involved in ClemsonLIFE as a nutrition and fitness instructor and part of the executive board for Foundation for International Medical Relief of Children. As an undergraduate researcher, she studies the impact of Clostrioides difficile infection on the human gut microbiome. She took part in the SASH program during sophomore year and learned ways to get involved and what Clemson has to offer. Don't be afraid to ask for help- more than often Clemson students and professors are happy to give a helping hand!

  • Nan Miles (she/her)
    Nan Miles

    Hometown: Spartanburg, SC
    Major: Spanish and International Health
    Minor: Social Science

    Nan Miles is a PAL leader for Anatomy & Physiology, an ambassador for MedEx Academy, and works in Clemson's Eukaryotic Pathogen Innovation Center. Her research involves exploring alternative treatment options for amoebic dysentery. Off-campus, Nan volunteers for the Julie Valentine Center and runs her nonprofit, Project AID. She suggests finding something that you're passionate about outside of your major; for Nan, this is international relations and led to her studying abroad in the Balkans!

  • Helen Schmidt (she/her)
    Helen Schmidt

    Hometown: Clemson, SC
    Major: Political Science and Philosophy

    Helen Schmidt is active in Model United Nations, the Honors College, and Creative Inquiry. During the fall she will be doing an internship in Washington, D.C., but can't wait to meet you all in-person in the spring. Her advice to students is to study abroad and travel as much as possible while also taking advantage of all the opportunities at home on Clemson's campus. Go tigers!!!

  • Helena Upshaw (she/her)
    Helena Upshaw

    Hometown: Charleston, SC
    Major: Computer Science
    Minor: Sustainability

    Helena Upshaw is Co-Director of CUhackit, teaches coding classes for PEER/WISE Girl Scout events, and has been a TA for CpSc 1020 & 1060. In 2020, she was a UPIC Intern for the Clemson Energy Visualization & Analytics Center. She spent this past summer as a Software Engineering Intern at Deloitte supporting web & API development for the US Dept. of Education. Her biggest piece of advice to sophomores is to always choose what you're interested in over what you think you're supposed to do!

  • Morgan Usher (she/her)
    Morgan Usher

    Hometown: Greenville, SC
    Major: Mechanical Engineering and Psychology

    Morgan is a part of the club volleyball team, the grand challenge scholars program, a leadership training creative inquiry, and Navigators campus ministry group. She studied abroad in Rome, Italy and encourages all students to study abroad at some point in their college career!

  • Kathleen Wirth (she/her)
    Kathleen Wirth

    Hometown: West Virginia
    Major: Biochemistry
    Minor: Business Administration

    Kathleen hopes to attend dental school after graduation. At Clemson, she has been involved in a wide range of research projects including psychology at the Prisma Healthcare hospital, material science with NASA, and most recently, photogrammetry technology for coral reef conservation with NOAA. Kathleen is a Dixon Global Policy Scholar and Peer Mentor in the Honors College where she was awarded 'Best Mentor' for the 2019/2020 year. She encourages everyone at Clemson to get out on Lake Hartwell by making use of the free kayak rentals at Y-beach!