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CU Honors College

Conference Travel Grants

Support for Conference Travel

Students presenting at professional academic conferences may request Conference Travel Grant (CTG) funds to register for and travel to the events. Limited funds, up to $150, will also be available for students who wish to attend conferences without presenting.

The CTG is intended to provide financial support to students in the Clemson University Honors college planning to present at professional academic conferences. Conference Travel Grants will be awarded to those students invited to present at conferences, and in limited circumstances, for those who are not presenting.

Students may apply for a maximum of two Conference Travel Grants in one fiscal year. In order for your application to be considered, you must have submitted your application two weeks prior to the start date of the conference.

For more information about eligibility and approved expenses please read the CTG Guidelines.

  • Eligibility
    • Applicants must be current Honors students in good standing at the time of application, and at the time of presenting at the conference.
    • Conference Travel Grant applications must be submitted two weeks prior to the conference start date. Applications submitted after that date must be submitted with a justification for the delay and will be considered on a case-by-case basis.
    • Applications submitted after the conference has ended will not be considered.
    • Conferences must apply to a student’s academic interests, and be a professional academic conference. Unprofessional conferences or events of a social nature will not be considered.
    • To be eligible of a full grant of up to $500, applicants must have submitted a proposal that has been accepted for presentation at a professional educational conference. Applicants must attach their invitation to present at the conference with their Travel Grant application, or have a valid reason as to why this cannot be provided at that time. The application will not be considered without an invitation to present sent at least two weeks prior to the conference start date.
    • Students planning to attend International conferences (excluding Canada) may be eligible for additional funding of up to $1000. Additional funding will be awarded on a case-by-case basis and will require approval from the Dean of the Honors College.
    • Under no circumstances will students be reimbursed for meals above the State and domestic per diem rate.
    • Please be aware the Honors College has limited funds and may not be able to fund all requests. We encourage students to seek additional support from other sources, however, the Honors College is only able to reimburse expenses paid for by the student. We are unable to reimburse departments for expenses incurred on a student's behalf.
    • Requests for funding may be denied or withdrawn by the Honors College if any of the above conditions are not satisfied, or if the applicant’s standing in the Honors College comes into question.
    • Students may apply for a maximum of two Conference Travel Grants in one fiscal year. This spans from July 1st to June 30th. For conferences that span the fiscal year, the start date of the conference will be used to determine eligibility.
  • Approved Expenses

    Students may be reimbursed for the following expenses:

    • Conference Registration Fees.
    • Lodging – cost of room in hotel, motel, dormitory, or conference center and related taxes. Charges for television, phones, movies or other services will not be reimbursed.
    • Food – the cost of all meals will be reimbursed in accordance with Clemson University policy at a rate no greater than the applicable per diem rate.
    • Transportation
      • Public carrier – cost of plane, train, or bus ticket
      • Personal vehicle – the cost of use of a personal vehicle will be reimbursed in the amount of 15 cents per mile. Carpooling is encouraged.

    Note: the Honors College cannot reimburse departments for expenses incurred on a student's behalf. 

  • Application Requirements

    A completed application will consist of:

    • Application form
    • Letter of acceptance of presentation proposal from sponsoring conference, or invitation to present at sponsoring conference (where applicable)
    • Letter of support from a Clemson Faculty member.

    Complete the application.

    NOTE: Applicants for either a full or partial grant must have a recommendation letter from a Clemson faculty member uploaded to the ADMIT system before the application can be considered.

  • Submitting Expenses

    All applications must be submitted online through the ADMIT portal.

    Supplemental documentation should be uploaded to the ADMIT portal two weeks prior to the start date of the conference.

    To submit conference expenses, you must complete the Student Conference Expenditure form and upload it with your receipts to the ADMIT portal. Please upload your receipts and the completed expenditure form to the Applicant Facing Checklist section of your ADMIT application.

    You must also set up TigerPay if you plan to receive funds from the Honors College (see accordion below). We are not able to process transactions in any other way. 

  • TigerPay Instructions (Please Read)
    You MUST set up TigerPay to receive your funds

    Honors students must register with TigerPay in order to receive funds from the Honors College. This directive includes all reimbursements and grants – travel, conference, research, etc. 

    Registering for TigerPay allows the Clemson Honors College to reimburse and distribute grant funds by putting the funds directly into your bank account. These funds include Honors-related pre-approved purchases and grants, such as Educational Enrichment Travel Grants and Conference Travel Grants.

    Important Tips:

    If you use a “” email address, you need to drop the “g” when linking the email address to your bank.

    After you tap the link above, you choose your bank and depending on what bank you use, the instructions are different.

    With TD, for example:

    • Log into your online banking account
    • Go to transfers and find the tab that says “send money with Zelle”
    • Make sure you use your Clemson email with no “g,” and your personal cell number (not home) in order to register

    The part of the registration process that links you to Clemson is your email address. This enables Zelle to be used for money transferring.

    Once Clemson puts money into your account, (through Zelle) you will receive an email from Zelle notifying you. You will not receive any notifications until there is money put into your account.

    If you do not have a bank that is listed, you will have to choose that option and provide more information than students who do have a bank listed. If you encounter issues, please call customer support at 1-866-839-3488.

    You may contact Jenny Wirtz in the Clemson Honors Business Office for questions related directly to the Honors College. But we can not answer questions related to setting up your TigerPay account. Please call their support number (above) about setting up your TigerPay account.

  • Find Out More

    Contact Melissa Hawkins at for program details.

Savannah Finley and other Honors students presenting at a conference.
Savannah Finley

“The Conference Travel Grant allowed for me and three other honors students to present at a national honors conference in Orlando, Florida. Without the help of the Clemson Honors College, our attendance would never have been possible. The great staff of the Honors College made it easy to understand the application process and were available to help answer my many questions. Thanks to the CTG, my team and I were able to present research on breast cancer to other students and scholars from all around the country.”

Savannah Finley
Animal and Veterinary Sciences Major ('21)