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CU Honors College

Departmental Honors

The purpose of Departmental Honors is to provide Honors students a unique opportunity to do advanced, in-depth study and research within an academic discipline.

Specific requirements are set by the student's department; however, in most cases, students will complete a thesis, portfolio of creative works or major research project under the guidance of a faculty member or committee of faculty.

Departmental Honors is typically completed during your junior and/or senior years, depending on the requirements set by the department. However, permission may be granted for Departmental Honors to be earned in an area of study other than that of the student's major.

Honors courses can be counted towards either General Honors or Departmental Honors but not for both General and Departmental Honors.

  • When You Complete Departmental Honors
    Normally, Departmental Honors is completed during your junior and senior years.
  • Eligibility

    To be considered for any Departmental Honors program as a current Honors student, you must have a cumulative GPA of 3.40 or higher and the approval of the department in which you will complete Departmental Honors.

    If you are applying to Departmental Honors as a current, non-Honors student, you must apply to and be accepted by the Honors College before beginning your Departmental Honors courses. You must have a cumulative GPA of 3.50 at the end of the semester in which you apply as well as support from the department in order to be admitted.

  • Course Requirements By College

    Courses taken for Departmental Honors must be Honors courses.

    You can find Departmental Honors courses provided by your College in the Honors College Student Handbook that corresponds to your academic catalog year, as recorded by the university.

    Find the Handbook for your academic catalog year.

  • Find Out More

    Speak to an Honors advisor or Departmental Honors faculty contact for more information.