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CU Honors College

Honors Success Grants

Creating Opportunity

Honors Success Grants are intended to cover the unexpected, unanticipated opportunities that fall outside of the parameters or timelines of the other Honors grants.

Program Details

  • Success grant applications are considered on a rolling basis as funding allows.
  • They are reviewed on the first Monday of each month.
  • Students will be notified of funding by the end of the month of submission.
  • All grants are subject to university rules and regulations.
  • Partial funding may be awarded, as student initiative in pursuing funding from other sources is highly encouraged.
  • Proposals that are suited for other types of Honors grants will not be accepted. It is important that students stay alert to other grant types and their timelines.


Questions related to Success or other types of grants can be directed to Melissa Hawkins at

  • Ineligible Expenses

    Success grants cannot be used to cover:

    • Tuition at Clemson or another institution
    • Clemson on-campus housing
    • Publication fees (note: these are often predatory publishers - the Clemson Library has excellent support to determine whether a publisher is predatory)
    • Proposals that attempt to circumvent limits on repeat funding (e.g., you cannot receive success grant funding to travel to an academic conference if you have already received funding through an Honors College Conference Travel Grant)
  • Deliverables
    • Students who receive a Success grant may be asked to present about their funded experience in a written or poster format.
    • Additional requirements of a funded experience will be discussed with the student and based on the type of opportunity the grant is fulfilling.
  • TigerPay Instructions (Please Read)

    You MUST set up TigerPay to receive your funds

    Honors students must register with TigerPay in order to receive funds from the Honors College. This directive includes all reimbursements and grants – travel, conference, research, etc. 

    Registering for TigerPay allows the Clemson Honors College to reimburse and distribute grant funds by putting the funds directly into your bank account. These funds include Honors-related pre-approved purchases and grants, such as Educational Enrichment Travel Grants and Conference Travel Grants.

    Important Tips:

    If you use a “” email address, you need to drop the “g” when linking the email address to your bank.

    After you tap the link above, you choose your bank and depending on what bank you use, the instructions are different.

    With TD, for example:

    • Log into your online banking account
    • Go to transfers and find the tab that says “send money with Zelle”
    • Make sure you use your Clemson email with no “g,” and your personal cell number (not home) in order to register

    The part of the registration process that links you to Clemson is your email address. This enables Zelle to be used for money transferring.

    Once Clemson puts money into your account, (through Zelle) you will receive an email from Zelle notifying you. You will not receive any notifications until there is money put into your account.

    If you do not have a bank that is listed, you will have to choose that option and provide more information than students who do have a bank listed. If you encounter issues, please call customer support at 1-866-839-3488.

    You may contact Jenny Wirtz in the Clemson Honors Business Office for questions related directly to the Honors College. But we can not answer questions related to setting up your TigerPay account. Please call their support number (above) about setting up your TigerPay account.

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