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CU Honors College

Clemson Honors Alumni

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Over the past decade, we’ve doubled our enrollment to more than 1,750 Honors students, built one of the finest Honors College residential complexes in the country, and expanded our seminar program.

Our students continue to be leaders in their academic fields and represent Clemson by winning almost every national award or fellowship, including Goldwater recipients, Fulbright Scholars, Truman Scholars, and a Rhodes Scholarship.

We’re incredibly proud of our alumni—not only because of your accomplishments, but also because of your dedication to Clemson and to your communities across South Carolina, the nation, and the world.

Honors College alumni work in Fortune 500 companies and in small start-ups. They attend some of the finest graduate and professional schools in the world. They serve the public as doctors, lawyers, teachers, government officials, engineers, professors, and in many other professions.

Please stay involved in the Honors College!


We are always looking for volunteers to interact with students and spreading the word about Clemson and the Honors College far and wide. And of course we are very thankful for your generous financial contributions in support of the College’s students, programs, and activities.

We’re developing a searchable database of alumni contact information. The goal is to allow our students to find alumni who share their professional interests and who can serve as contacts and mentors. Email for details.


We are constantly evolving so we can continue to attract the nation’s top students and give them the support they need.

Your gifts are critical for the Clemson Honors College and will enhance our ability to achieve the ambitious goals we have for our next chapter. Make your gift online at

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