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CU Honors College

Summer Program for Research Interns

Engaging high school researchers

A partnership with the Governors School for Science and Math (GSSM)

The Clemson Honors College manages the Summer Program for Research Interns (SPRI) each summer on Clemson University campus locations throughout the state. SPRI is a partnership with the Governors School for Science and Math (GSSM) in Hartsville, SC.

Every student at GSSM participates in a summer research experience mentored by academics and professionals across South Carolina, the country, and the world.

SPRI is a program unique to GSSM. For six weeks during the summer between junior and senior years, GSSM students join research groups at university and corporate R&D labs in South Carolina, the United States, Europe or Asia. Students work with their research mentors and Governor's School faculty during their senior year to compile and analyze their research findings, prepare formal research papers, and present their work at the GSSM Annual Research Colloquium and at the SC Junior Academy of Science annual meeting.

At Clemson, GSSM students work with university faculty and graduate students to gain direct experience with the scientific process, thus developing their understanding of the scientific method, the methods of discovery, subject matter expertise, critical thinking skills, data analysis and quantitative skills, creativity, and communication skills. They may have additional opportunities to present their research in academic journals or at professional conferences in conjunction with their summer research mentor.

The Honors College works with Clemson University's Pre-Collegiate Programs Office and Summer Scholars Program to assist with the oversight of policies in working with minors and to provide a safe, secure learning environment for the on-campus residential SPRI students. They also help provide counselors for these students. Through these relationships, oversight policies are maintained, and evening and weekend recreational activities are provided to the GSSM students, thereby providing a well-rounded experience.

Examples of summer research studies with Clemson University mentors include:

  • In Bioengineering – Enhancing the Mechanical Properties of the Cartilage Scaffold for Cartilage Repair.
  • In Parks, Recreation and Tourism Management – The Impact of a University’s Presence on Neighborhood Walkability.
  • In Plant and Environmental Science – The Effects of Water Stress on the Root Morphology of Soybean Seedlings.
  • In Electrical and Computer Engineering – Robot Synchronization with Pulse Coupled Oscillators

For more information about SPRI, contact SPRI logistical coordinator Melissa Hawkins at

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