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CU Honors College

Honors Curriculum Tracks

Choose Your Honors Track

As a Clemson Honors student, you can customize your learning experience in several different ways.

You choose from three different curriculum tracks: General Honors, Departmental Honors, and Interdisciplinary Honors. Together, they provide course and research options that complement your degree and further your academic and personal growth.

You can also complete more than one track to make the most of your Honors experience before you graduate.

Honors College Student Handbook

The Honors College Student Handbook provides students with detailed information about policies and requirements.

Using various means of communication, the Honors Office will do its best to inform you of policies, procedures, postgraduate fellowships, new Honors courses, lectures, cultural events, and just about anything else that will enhance your Honors experience. However, as an Honors student you bear responsibility for understanding program requirements.

The Honors Office cannot be responsible for misinformation about Honors policies and requirements provided by persons not associated with the Honors College.

If you have any questions about the Honors College Student Handbook, please reach out to your Honors Advisor.

Download Your Handbook

Students should follow the Honors College Student Handbook that corresponds to their academic catalog year, as recorded by the university.

Four smiling Honors students at the awards ceremony
Megan Noonan smiling and standing with her arms outstretched on a rocky beach.

“What I most enjoyed about the Clemson Honors College is the established sense of community. I felt accepted and appreciated within the Honors College which helped me to grow academically, personally, socially, and professionally. I am incredibly grateful for my experience in Honors and for the faculty, staff, and peers I’ve gotten to know and learn from.”

Megan Noonan
Honors College Alumna ('22)
Biochemistry Major

Curriculum Tracks

General Honors

Broaden your intellectual perspectives by taking Honors courses in as many different areas of study as possible.

Departmental Honors

An option to pursue Departmental Honors in a Clemson academic major (when offered by the department) and with your department's approval.

Interdisciplinary Honors

Complete advanced, in-depth study and/or research that combines at least two academic disciplines.