Dixon Fellows Program

Dixon Fellows, Clemson University Honors College, Clemson SC

Founded in 1996, the Joseph E. and Caroline G. Dixon Fellows Program brings together some of Clemson University's best students and faculty to form a unique community dedicated to intellectual, cultural, and personal learning and growth. Our purpose is to enhance the students' ability to compete for international fellowships and for admission to top-level graduate and professional schools; and, ultimately, to enable them to assume a position of leadership and responsibility in their communities and in the world.

At the heart of the Dixon Fellows experience is the mentor group, a small number of students (the junior fellows) meeting together with a professor (senior fellow) who acts as role-model, mentor, and guide. These small groups meet regularly throughout the semester to engage in a variety of formal and informal programs and events, each designed to encourage discussion and conversation, and to enable the junior fellows to learn from the senior fellows, from invited guests, and from each other.

The Dixon Fellows are also invited to a number of special events—including lectures, receptions, and performances—involving the entire group. They are also able to participate in specialized seminars and workshops on a variety of practical matters, such as how to obtain an internship or how to prepare for an interview.

Through their shared experiences, the Dixon junior fellows develop the skills and talents they need to compete for prestigious national and international scholarships, such as the Rhodes, Marshall, Fulbright and Truman Scholarships; to apply to graduate and professional schools, and to enhance their personal and professional lives.

The Dixon Fellows Program is named in honor of the late Joseph E. and Caroline G. Dixon of Columbia, SC, who provided generous financial support. We also receive operating funds from Clemson University and from a variety of private donors.