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International Student Summer Employment Guidelines

For 2024, summer break for international students is defined as May 4 - August 20.

Student Employee Categories for Summer Months

All international student employees should fall into one of three categories for summer:

  • Terminations - Reasons for termination include:
    • The student is graduating in May.
    • The student’s employment authorization has ended, and the student has not taken required actions to extend the employment authorization.[1]
    • The student is not returning to Clemson for fall enrollment.
    • The student is not working for the summer and will not resume employment in your department in the fall semester.[2]
  • International Student Break - Submit this request by following the procedures below. These students will meet all the following criteria:
    • The student has been an active employee in your department in the spring semester.
    • The student is not expected to work during the summer months.
    • The student is expected to resume employment in your department in the fall semester and has enrolled in fall semester coursework.
    • The student is not listed on the weekly “International Employee Work Authorization Expiration” report.
  • Active employment - Their employment will continue for the summer months in your department.
    • Active employees who are continuing in the summer do not need to be terminated or placed on break, unless they have an upcoming employment authorization expiration.
    • Active employees who are currently working 20 hours or less and need to increase hours for summer will need to submit a completed Data Entry Change form to the Data Center. The same as a U.S. student is processed for increase in hours. If hours are increased to more than 20 hours per week, hours will need to be reduced to 20 per week, no later than August 20.
    • Employees who will be on break from another department and work for your department during the summer months need an International Hire Request after the home department has entered the break action for the student.

[1] Student employees who are on the “International Employee Work Authorization Expiration” report need to be terminated no later than the expiration date listed. If these students wish to extend their program end dates, they must do so in accordance with the deadlines established by the International Services Office and provide the extension information to International Employment. Federal employment eligibility end dates for F-1 students correspond with the program end date listed on the student’s Form I-20. No employee on this report is permitted to accept or continue employment after the expiration date listed.

[2] The effective date of the termination should be the student’s last day of employment in your department, and the termination should be entered as soon as is feasible.

New International Students or Rehires

All new employees for the summer or fall or any employee currently in “Terminated” status in PeopleSoft will still need to meet with an International Employment Representative for hire or re-hire approval.

Special Note Regarding 9MA Student Employee Pay

Nine-month graduate assistants (9MA) will receive their 18th payment of the academic year on 5/15/2024, paying them through 5/16/2024. In order to accurately pay them in full on 5/15/2024, do not process termination, adjustment, or break actions until after payroll is confirmed for the 5/15/2024 payday (on or after 5/10/2024; no later than 5/16/2024).

Transition from graduate assistantship to GSH or GSSE for summer

You may process pay group and title changes without approval from International Employment.

Procedure for International Student Break

If you have a student employee who will not work for the summer, but is expected to return for the fall semester, complete the Student Change/Hire Form (PDF) and email it to the Data Center at

  • Select “Yes” in the “Is this an International Student?” drop down box.
  • Be sure to include an effective date and an earnings distribution change for FWS students.

REMINDER: The same form can include the Start Student Break and the earnings distribution change. Enter an Effective Date equal to the first day not working.

Return from International Student Break

No later than August 20, Budget Centers/Departments will need to take action to end the break status for any student worker returning to work in Fall 2024 or terminate if the student worker is not returning to work.

An International Hire Request is only required if you are increasing a student’s hours when returning from International Student Break.

Process the request for Return from Student Break on the Student Change/Hire Form (PDF). Enter an Effective Date equal to the first day back in active status.

Reminder: If the student is not returning to work in the fall, a termination is required; use the Student Change/Hire Form (PDF).


  • Before May 4: Submit appropriate requests for student breaks.
  • May 4: International students can begin working up to 28 hours.
  • Around August 12: Submit Return from Break requests for fall. Enter terminations for any students who will not return.
  • August 20: All international student employees with work record above 20 hours must be reduced back to 20 or less.
  • Around August 23: International students who have not been returned from break will be terminated.

Maximum Hours

While federal law allows international students to work full time during authorized break periods, Clemson University limits student employment hours to a maximum of 28 hours per week. International student hours can be increased effective May 4 (no International Hire Request approval needed). All international student hours must be reduced back to 20 or less on or before August 20.

Requesting Additional Jobs, Summer Jobs

The 20-hour limit has been removed from the International Hire Request Form for summer. Please use the International Hire Request form to request additional or summer jobs for a student employee.

If you have a special situation or need guidance, contact an International Employment Representative.

Contact Clemson International Employment

Administrative Services Building
108 Perimeter Rd.
Clemson, SC 29634-5337



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