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College can be an adjustment. Wouldn’t it be great to have someone who has been there before support and guide you around the pitfalls, helping you reach your full potential? We thought so.

The research is out there. Studies have demonstrated the positive impact that mentoring has on academics. Students who have mentors during their first year of college perform better in their classes and are more likely to stay in school — and graduate. They’re also more involved, which helps them build connections and develop professionally.

Student success is important, which is why we created the COSMICScienceNet and Tigers on Call mentoring programs. Our mentors have been in your shoes, and are able to help you develop and excel. We want our students to finish what they started, and participating in a mentoring program can help you do that.

COSMIC Science Peer Support

COSMIC is intended to support incoming freshmen with their transition to college by matching them with upperclassmen mentors who come from similar backgrounds and share similar interests. To find those upperclassmen, incoming freshmen will complete online profiles about themselves, their experiences and their interests. The profiles will then be matched with mentors based on the above-mentioned criteria. Each mentor will help his or her mentees navigate college life by regularly checking in, setting goals, answering questions and providing support.

We are currently piloting this program for under-represented students in the College of Science, and are looking for both mentors and mentees. Expand the sections below and learn more about the opportunities COSMIC offers. 

We will begin accepting freshmen applicants during the summer for the Fall 2019 term. To enroll, a student must identify as an under-represented college student. There is no cost for this program.

By joining COSMIC, you will benefit from the experience of an upperclassman who has recently transitioned to college. Having a mentor will help you quickly adjust to your new role as a college student with less frustration and more success. Learn about opportunities for engagement on campus. Set goals for yourself, all while making a new friend. Program applications will be due in early August, so be on the lookout for an email from COSMIC during the summer.

Change a life. Change your life. Become a mentor.

Share your personal experiences and words of wisdom to help a freshman student adapt to the new and foreign environment that is college. Develop your own leadership and communication skills and make connections by sharing your own ideas at the benefit of someone else.

Qualified applicants should:

    • Identify as under-represented
    • Have a cumulative GPA of 2.75 or higher
    • Be enrolled in at least six credit hours in the current semester
    • Have completed at least 12 credit hours at Clemson
    • Be actively pursuing a degree in a College of Science major

Mentors will be expected to check in with their mentees on a regular basis and help them set goals to achieve success in their first year of college. Mentors will have to attend at least one university-related event with their mentee.

➥ 2020 COSMIC Mentor Application

➥ 2020 WISDOM Mentor Application

ScienceNet Alumni Mentoring

Landing a job or moving onto advanced study after your undergraduate years can be a challenge. First, you have to know what it is that you want to pursue in your future. Then, you have to gain experience in that field. Then, there are applications, recommendation letters, interviews, qualifying exams… and much more.

What if you could get a leg up by seeking advice from experienced professionals in your field of interest? ScienceNet Alumni Mentoring connects students with College of Science alumni to help them develop networking skills, explore careers, build résumés, get career advice and set professional goals.

To participate in ScienceNet, students fill out a profile form that will be used to match them with an alumni mentor based on mutual career interests. After assignments have been established, students will be expected to meet regularly with their alumni mentors. ScienceNet is open only to junior and senior College of Science students.

➥ Find out more information or register and become a mentor

Tigers on Call Health Professions Mentoring

Tigers on Call is a mentoring program facilitated through Health Professions Advising, which connects current students to alumni and friends in health care. It is available to students of all majors who intend to pursue careers as physicians, physician assistants, dentists, pharmacists, physical therapists and occupational therapists. Students can connect with mentors to learn more about the various specialties within their fields of interest, as well as receive feedback on résumés, personal statements and other components of the admissions process.

More information on Tigers on Call will be available soon on the Tigers on Call website.

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To find out more about College of Science mentoring programs, contact a program advisor.

Sharetta Bufford

COSMIC Coordinator


Adam Hunter
ScienceNet Coordinator
☏ 864-656-3288

Harolynn Williams 
Health Professions Advising
☏ 864-656-4154