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Third-Party Programs

A wealth of opportunities
A wealth of opportunities

Studying abroad through a third-party program opens up a wealth of additional host institutions and program itineraries. As opposed to Clemson’s faculty-directed or exchange trips, third-party programs are coordinated by other universities and study abroad organizations, thereby increasing the number of programs available to our students.

This flexibility allows you to choose your program’s length, ranging from a semester or summer session to a full academic year. Under third party programs, students pay tuition and fees directly to the third-party organization and an additional Clemson study abroad fee. 

Because third-party programs are organized by multiple organizations outside of Clemson, course credit offered abroad is not always guaranteed to transfer to your transcript as a similar course. Some credits may transfer as elective credit only, and often, the credits taken abroad do not equal the credits earned. This is because credit values differ from country to country; thus, what is listed as one credit in another country might not be equivalent to one credit in the United States. 

Let us help you find an ideal third-party program

Following the five steps below will help ensure a smooth experience.

STEP 1: Attend Study Abroad 101, hosted by the Office of Global Engagement.

STEP 2: Explore available third-party programs. Once you are on the Programs Search page, select the “Advanced Search” option. In the upper right corner. Then, under the “Parameters” section of the form, look for “Program Type” and select the “Third-Party” option. Then, under “Area of Study” choose your desired field of study. The Center for Student Services encourages you to explore third-party programs independently before meeting with us to plan your trip. Once you’ve narrowed down your options, we can help you decide which program is right for you.

STEP 3: Make an appointment with a study abroad advisor in the Center for Student services. We will help you navigate the study abroad process, beginning with how to select a program, then how to verify that programs are accredited. We can also explain how your chosen program will convert into credits at Clemson.

STEP 4: Once you’ve found the ideal program, it’s time to apply.

STEP 5: Have your coursework pre-approved to ensure you receive the maximum credit for the courses you take abroad. Complete the “Request to take Courses Abroad” form by meeting with your academic advisor. This may require multiple signatures.



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Advising Program Coordinator for Student Services
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