Nathan  Long

Assistant Professor

Office: (864)656-4023

Animal and Veterinary Sciences

137 P&AS

Ph.D. in Animal Breeding and Reproduction, Oklahoma State University 2008
M.S. in Animal Science, University of Georgia 2004
B.S. Animal and Veterinary Sciences, Clemson University 2002

Currently teach one undergraduate applied nutrition course in addition to helping out with other nutrition courses. In addition, will develop a graduate level course in area of expertise. Also responsible for conducting research on fetal programming in cows and also supplementation strategies for calves that can increase marbling in steers.

Research interest:
Area of expertise is in the field of fetal programming which is the study of the effects of maternal and environmental factors that cause alteration in fetal growth and development. I then investigate how the changes to the fetus persist into the postnatal animal and leads to physiological effects like diabetes, high blood pressure, and obesity. To accomplish my research I utilize sheep and cattle as my models. In addition to this research, I am interested in the effects of postnatal nutrition and specific nutrients on growth and marbling of calves.

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Long, N. M., K. A. Vonnahme, B. W. Hess, P. W. Nathanielsz, and S. P. Ford. Effects of early gestational undernutrition on fetal growth, organ development, and placentomal composition in the bovine. 2009 J. Anim Sci. 87: 1950-1959.

Professional society activity:
• American Society of Animal Science
• Society for the Study of Reproduction
• North American Colleges & Teachers of Agriculture

Honors and awards:
2011 Junior Faculty Travel Stipend 2011 DOHaD 7th World Congress on Developmental Origins of Health and Disease
2011 USDA NIFA NRI Merit Fellow to SSR 2011 National Meeting
2010 Travel Award Aspen Perinatal Biology Conference
2008 NACTA Graduate Student Teaching Award
2008 Gamma Sigma Delta Graduate Student Teaching Award

AVS 370 Principles of Animal Nutrition
AVS 375 Applied Animal Nutrition