Distribution, Transportation and Engineering Technology

This emphasis area includes protective packaging systems modeling; transportation environment measurement, modeling and simulation.

Mr. Greg Batt, emphasis area coordinator

Emphasis Area Course Requirements
●Select Minor or Emphasis area as soon as possible
●A minimum of 15 credit hours required (additional emphasis area courses may be approved by emphasis area coordinator)

Distribution, Transportation and Engineering Technology Courses (Catalog Year 2012/13)

Distribution and Transportation

Course Number/Course/Credits/Pregs and Coreqs

C E 255 Geomatics 3(2,3)   Coreq: ED 209
C E 311 Transportation Engineering Planning and Design 3(3,0)  Preq: CE 255; Coreq: EXST 301
C E 410 Traffic Engineering  3(3,0) Preq: CE311 or COI
C E 411 Roadway Geometric Design 3(2,3) Preq:  CE 311 or COI
C E (C R P) 412 Urban Transportation Planning 3(3,0) Preq: CE 311 or COI
MGT 305 Economics of Transportation 3(3,0) Preq:  Junior Standing
MGT 317 Logistics Management 3(3,0) Preq: Junior Standing
MGT 423  International Business Management 3(3,0) Preq: Junior Standing
MGT 424  Global Supply Chain Management 3(3,0)  Preq: MGT 390

Engineering and Technology
Course Number/Course/Credits/Pregs and Coreqs
AG M 205  Principles of Fabrication  3(2,3)
AG M 406  Mechanical and Hydraulic Systems  Preq:  AG M 206, PHYS 200 or 207, or COI
AG M 460  Electrical Systems  3(2,3)  Preq: Junior Standing
E G 209  Intro to Engineering/Computer Graphics  2(1,3)  Coreq:  ENG 130 or 141
ENGR 120  Engineering Problem Solving and Design  3(1,4)  Preq:  ENGR 101, MTHSC 106; Coreq:  PHYS 122
ENGR 130  Engineering Fundamentals  2(1,2)  Preq:  CES 102  Coreq:  MTHSC 106 or 107