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Graduate Students

Change the World

The College of Engineering, Computing and Applied Sciences offers graduate degrees in traditional disciplines and critical focus areas for both in-person and online graduate students. Both our research and applied degree programs are united by a singular mission: to create a stronger, cleaner, healthier, and more sustainable future for all.

At Clemson, your graduate degree will do more. It will mean more.

Graduate Programs

Do you want to do more?

From preventing cyber attacks to keeping our waterways healthy and becoming the pioneer of biomaterials, here in the College of Engineering, Computing and Applied Sciences (CECAS) at Clemson University, we’re asking the real question.

The program boasts some of the most sophisticated research centers, laboratories, and instrumentation in the Southeast thanks to more than $65.4 million annually that comes into CECAS as competitively sponsored research grants.

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Masters Programs

Clemson University had nearly 3500 students enrolled in a graduate master's program in Fall 2020. Of those, over 750 were part of the CECAS college. Some of our most popular programs are in the fields of automotive, mechanical and industrial engineering. Computer Science ranked among the top 4 within the college.

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Doctorate Programs

Nearly 700 students opted to pursue a doctorate in Fall 2020, both on-campus and across the state. With some of our programs, students are able to have a direct entry into a Ph.D. program without having to obtain a master's degree first. Top programs are bioengineering, electrical and computer engineering, and mechanical engineering.

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Certificate Programs

Clemson University offers a wide range of certificates to further your professional development. Whether you want to build on your existing foundation or expand into a new area, we offer programs in several formats across the state. Classes can be found in Clemson, Greenville, Anderson, Charleston, and online.

Preparing For Success

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Apply Today

Surpass Expectations

Clemson University's College of Engineering, Computing and Applied Sciences has a wide variety of academic programs, including online studies and research-focused degrees. Classes are offered across the state with campuses in Clemson, Greenville, Anderson, and Charleston. The Graduate School Admissions page has more information on preparing to apply.

Steps to Apply

Our Experts

Leaders in Their Field

We have researchers and scientists who are experts in their field. From advanced manufacturing to cybersecurity, our faculty members are leaders in innovation. When the pandemic brought the world to a slow, our researchers were at the forefront of keeping us safe and positioning the economy for growth. For research highlights on Clemson University's experts or to inquire about views on breaking trends shaping the world, please visit the Clemson News site.

University Experts
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Connect With Faculty

Academic Professors and Researchers

Clemson University's College of Engineering, Computing and Applied Sciences' faculty and staff are dedicated to helping you succeed. Our award-winning faculty members serve as mentors and advisors throughout your studies. The extensive focus on innovation allows our graduate students to join faculty in exciting research opportunities.

Faculty Members

Events & News

Clemson University and the College regularly host graduate workshops, professional development opportunities, and invited speakers. Please join us.

Connect With Us

The College of Engineering, Computing and Applied Sciences has several ways to stay connected - from staying up to date on events and opportunities to listening to podcasts hosted by current and former CECAS students.

    Graduate Resources at Clemson

    Every student who plans to major in engineering starts with admittance into General Engineering. You’ll spend your first year taking courses designed to bridge the gap between high school and college-level learning while examining the 10 undergraduate engineering disciplines offered at Clemson. From there, you’ll determine which specialty best fits your talents and interests.

    3 minute thesis presentation in Watts

    3 Minute Thesis

    Graduate students representing every college summarize and explain the relevance of their research in three minutes or less and are judged on clarity, presentation, and more. The competition allows students to develop and hone communication skills they need as professionals but often don’t focus on as part of their usual studies.

    Brennan Ferguson's research has afforded her the opportunity to present at international competitions, as well as win Clemson's annual 3-Minute Thesis competition for 2020.
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    “I knew before I started my Ph.D. that the journey towards a doctorate would be filled with ups and downs. No matter which school I attended, instruments would break, and experiments would not always go as planned. However, at Clemson University the amazing support I have received from the faculty, staff, and students make even the challenging days so much better and brighter. There is a true sense of community here that helps you navigate through all the unexpected twists and turns of your Ph.D. journey.”

    Brennan Ferguson
    Environmental Engineering and Earth Sciences

    Training & Development

    By choosing Clemson, you're joining a community of internationally renowned educators, researchers, and scholars. You'll participate in innovative research in some of the world's most sophisticated labs, discover solutions to local, regional, and global challenges, and engage in service activities worldwide.

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    Graduate Contacts

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    Tonyia Stewart, M.Ed.

    Director - Graduate Recruitment & Inclusion
    Phone: (864) 656-9783

    Smith profile

    Melissa C. Smith

    Associate Dean for Inclusive Excellence & Graduate Studies
    Phone: (864) 656-2119

    Edmunds profile

    Andrew Edmunds

    Executive Director for Recruitment and Outreach
    Phone: (864) 656-0915

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