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Mechanical Engineering


Cardiovascular Modeling & Experimentation Research Laboratory

Research themes: Kung and students in labThe Cardiovascular Modeling & Experimentation Research Laboratory (CMERL) at Clemson University focuses on translational research, which develops and integrates experimental and computational tools to help advance cardiovascular medical devices, diagnostics, and clinical procedures. Our interdisciplinary research involves close collaborations with clinicians and broad areas of Electrical, Biomedical, and Mechanical Engineering. We work closely with the Greenville Hospital Systems, the Medical University of South Carolina, as well as other clinicians around the world, spanning from the North American west coast to as far as Belgium, to align our research with current clinical needs. The ultimate goal of our research is to combine the power of engineering and medicine, improve the lives of patients with cardiovascular diseases, and have lots of fun doing this.

Lab facility/equipment: The laboratory is equipped with a water source and a sink to facilitate preparation for flow experiments, high-speed ethernet ports for computer equipment, and specialized 3-phase power outlets for precision servo motor actuation. Kung and student in labThe laboratory is near a prototyping and machining shop dedicated to the Mechanical Engineering department. Equipment available includes ultrasonic flow meters and sensors, high-precision catheter pressure sensors, precision servo and stepper motors for flow control, and various DAQ modules.

The principal investigator maintains the Cardiovascular Modeling & Experimentation Research Laboratory ( at Clemson University, consisting of two spaces of 360 sq ft each on the second floor and in the basement of the Fluor Daniel Engineering Innovation Building (252 and 137 Fluor Daniel).

Kung profile

Ethan Kung
Lab Director
(864) 656-7291