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Mechanical Engineering

Xuan Microfluidic Laboratory

Research themes:

  • Understand the field-induced fluid flow and particle motion in engineered microchannels ranging from single straight channels to microfluidic porous media models
  • Develop theoretical and numerical models for the fundamental understanding of microscale fluid, heat, and mass transport phenomena
  • Develop new approaches to focusing, concentrating, and sorting particles and cells for lab-on-a-chip applications

Lab facility/equipmentEquipment used in Xuan Laboratory

  • Microfabrication with soft lithography: UV laser, spin coater, vacuum heater
  • Microfluidic control: high-voltage power supply, function generator, high-voltage amplifier, syringe pumps
  • Microscale visualization: Nikon inverted fluorescent microscope, CCD camera
Xuan profile

Xiangchun Xuan
Lab Director
(864) 656-5630