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Mechanical Engineering

LAM2 Laboratory

Laser-Based Manufacturing and Materials (LAM2) Processing Laboratory

Research themes: Assisted by ultrafast lasers, we are particularly interested in materials processing at extreme conditions, such as extremely high temperature and pressure, severe deformation, high precision and throughput. View of green laser equipmentOur interdisciplinary research topics include laser ablation, laser-induced shock waves, laser-induced plasma, multi-scale surface structuring, and dissimilar materials joining. Combined approaches, including both experimental study and physics-based modeling, are employed to unveil the underlying mechanisms of different processes.

Lab facility/equipment: The Laser-Based Manufacturing and Materials Processing Laboratory (LAM2) facility includes:

  • A high repetition rate, high pulse energy femtosecond laser machine (Pharos by Light Conversion)
  • A superfast sCMOS camera
  • An nm-resolution 3-D translational stage
  • A high-speed laser scan head
  • A soft wall cleanroom
  • An Optical microscope
  • An ultrasonic cleaner
  • A hot plate
Zhao profile

Xin Zhao
Lab Director
(864) 656-2151

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