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Mechanical Engineering

Interfacial Fluid Mechanics Laboratory

Research themes: Student using UAS Solder equipmentThe Interfacial Fluid Mechanics Laboratory provides a collaborative and inclusive atmosphere where lab members can advance the leading edge of research on interfacial phenomena and soft matter physics. Complex liquids are ubiquitous in these areas and often present challenging interfacial and bulk properties to characterize.

Lab facility/equipment: To this end, the lab space is outfitted with state-of-the-art equipment to characterize material properties, including an Anton Paar MCR 302 rheometer, Attension Sigma 702 tensiometer, and DMA 35 density meter. Experimental apparatuses are custom-made with equipment including mechanical shaker systems with feedback control, an automated ultrasonic solder station, precision optics, a variety of fluid pumps, hot plates, and other basic lab equipment. At the same time, DSLR cameras, an optical microscope, and a Phantom VEO 410L high-speed camera probe phenomena across varying spatial and temporal scales.

Bostwick profile

Joshua Bostwick
Lab Director
(864) 656-5625

Bead on fiber
Dip coating equipment
Rheo equipment
High-speed camera equipment
Tensiometer equipment