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Mechanical Engineering


Fracture Mechanics

Research themes: Pataky in lab with studentThe Pataky research group focuses on experimental solid mechanics and material characterization. The research goals are advancing experimental techniques, gathering high-resolution measurements to discover and quantify phenomena, and assisting in developing a physics-based model. The two main areas of research are focused on understanding microstructural-induced phenomena during fracture and fatigue and the deformation mechanisms in additively manufactured materials. The overarching vision is to understand material behavior at the micro- and mesoscales to link the gaps between material science and mechanical engineering.

Lab facility/equipment: The FRAME – Fracture Mechanics Lab) includes 2 full sized load frames, one capable of 100 kN and the other 250 kN; Pataky using lab equipment in FRAME laboratorytwo creep/stress rupture machines capable of 100 kN, through a level arm ratio of 20:1, with furnaces capable of 1000+ °C; and two R.R. Moore rotating-beam fatigue testing machines. In addition, his laboratory has a mesoscale load frame for tension or compression experiments up to 10 kN. The total displacement range is able to be captured under an Olympus optical microscope to perform high-resolution digital image correlation (DIC) at magnifications up to 50x. The laboratory contains a full collection of low-magnification DIC equipment (digital cameras, lenses, tripods, lights, etc.) for 2D or 3D experiments. The laboratory also contains material preparation equipment: four polishing wheels, two grinders, ultrasonic cleaners, a low-speed diamond saw, furnaces for heat treating and growing grains, and a fume hood for speckling samples.

Pataky profile

Garrett Pataky
Lab Director
(864) 656-2415