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Undergraduate Students

Message from the Dean, Anand Gramopadhye

As a prospective student making plans for extending your academic career beyond high school, you are facing some very important decisions that could impact your life for years to come. There are many things to consider, and no doubt you are getting advice from a variety of sources - parents, relatives, and friends. Since you are visiting this site, I am guessing you are interested in a scientific or technical field, and undoubtedly are being bombarded with mail from scores of institutions of higher learning. Allow me to share why your coming to Clemson would be one of the best decisions you could make. The foundational experience that a Clemson education provides is both rewarding and challenging. It lays the groundwork for a career path of greater success.

Our mission in the College of Engineering, Computing and Applied Sciences (CECAS) is to create future engineers and scientists who can be productive in a global economy. Because today’s global citizen is expected to have experience beyond his or her primary discipline, our academic structure encourages cross-disciplinary collaboration. In addition, we provide a number of experiential learning opportunities that require students to transfer academic knowledge and experience from the classroom to real-world work environments.

"We want to be known for addressing the grand challenges facing us, creating world-class educational and research infrastructure."
- Dr. Anand Gramopadhye, Dean

Creative Inquiry is an imaginative combination of engaged learning and undergraduate research that plays a key role in what we like to refer to as the “Clemson Experience.” Students take on problems that spring from their own curiosity, from a professor's challenge or from the pressing needs of the world around them. One Creative Inquiry project that started out as a bioengineering instrumentation class, grew into a multi-semester effort to build a low-cost alternative to neonatal incubators for use in developing countries. Students designed and built a sensor device and a warming blanket to keep premature babies at the correct temperature. The goal was to design a warmer that can be produced locally, from available parts. Scores of children in Africa and Tanzania are alive today, thanks to these warmers.

Clearly, Clemson realizes that preparing students for successful careers means providing much more than specialized technical knowledge. Engineers and scientists must be critical thinkers and entrepreneurs and innovators who understand the social and business implications of their work. They need to be able to communicate their ideas coherently and work effectively in teams. Above all, they must be willing and able to provide leadership in solving society’s big problems. If you’re ready to make your mark in the world, make Clemson University your choice for your undergraduate experience.

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