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Please complete this brief online proposal notification form. This action will connect you with your College of Education research services team to support you throughout the university grant submission process.

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Proposal Submission TIPS:

Faculty and staff who are key personnel on a grant submission need to complete and maintain a current Sponsored Programs Certification, with online training every three years. For more information, visit: https://

All University employees are expected to maintain a current Conflict of Interest (COI) disclosure. For more information, visit:

Your grants coordinator will create your proposal’s InfoEd record and work with you to complete it. InfoEd is the University’s electronic research administration system to complete and route grant application packages for institutional approvals prior to submission.

To provide maximum support and service, the College of Education grants coordinator should receive a complete “ready-to-submit” proposal package five business days in advance of the sponsor’s due date.

The University-wide policy is “all applications seeking support from sponsors external to Clemson University must be in ‘Ready to Submit’ format and have received the preliminary approval of the applicable OSP Support Center [college] to electronically route for approval by chairs and associate deans for research a minimum of two business days in advance of the immediate sponsor deadline, in order for OSP to guarantee on-time submission.” For more information, visit:

Set Milestones

An electronic username is required for proposal submissions to the National Science Foundation (NSF), National Institutes of Health (NIH) or any sub-agency of the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS). Requests should be made as far in advance of proposal submission deadlines as possible, but no later than 3 days prior to electronic submission due dates to ensure registration and allow for on-time proposal submission. To request a username, visit

NOTE: As of March 26, 2018, users can create their own NSF accounts. The University’s Office of Sponsored Programs approves all requests.

The University’s Office of Sponsored Programs provides guidance for researchers on many aspects of proposal submissions. For more information, visit: https://

The University’s Division of Research maintains an online research policy manual. To access this manual, visit:

Have questions? Please contact us a