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Pursuing Purposeful Action Through Vigorous Research

Research in Clemson’s College of Science spans the physical sciences, life sciences and mathematics. The most important research questions today — those that have the greatest capacity to advance STEM disciplines and promote sustainability and the well-being of humans — require investigations at the intersection of the life and physical sciences. The College of Science is well positioned to tackle such grand challenges.

College faculty conduct biomedical and genomics research; investigate pure mathematics and theoretical physics; develop new materials and applications for them; strive to understand the fundamentals of life, and explore the cosmos, oceans, wildlife and the landscape in order to advance knowledge about natural history, evolution and conservation. The college’s average research expenditures are $11 million annually.

Professors in the College of Science and at Clemson are always looking for new ways to collaborate on research. As part of efforts to encourage and grow research collaboration, the University has the Research Expertise Discovery Suite (REDS), which is an online portal that allows users to search for faculty with particular scholarly subject matter expertise. The program, powered by data from Academic Analytics, maps any related internal collaborative scholarly network between faculty and is a powerful tool for our faculty.