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Our Seven Majors Emphasize Scientific Research

Student working in lab.Invest in Your Future

When you become a part of Clemson University’s College of Science, you’re investing in your future. You’re challenging yourself to go the extra mile. Our seven majors emphasize scientific research. You’ll be taught by internationally renowned professors. And you’ll be supported by a group of faculty and staff who all share the same goal — to advance ScienceForward through excellence in discovery, learning and engagement.

The College of Science is a step on the path to meeting your career goals. We know you want employment that offers challenges, a high quality of life and the ability to make a difference in the world. We can help you get there.

Many Choices

With a degree in science, the choices are vast. Whether you choose to enter the workforce or have plans for graduate or professional school, your undergraduate experience in the College of Science helps you set the stage for success. Alumni from our college are presently making waves in health care, research, education, conservation, technology and more.


The College of Science Difference

Passionate Faculty

Our seven majors make scientific research and discovery a real practice. In the College of Science, you’ll find faculty who are passionate about sharing knowledge, bring real-world accomplishments to the classroom and who can help direct your course of study, opening a world of career possibilities. You won’t be lost in a sea of students, either: Clemson’s student-to-faculty ratio is 16 to 1, with 85 percent of classes having fewer than 50 students.

Global Experiences

Global experiences offer high-impact, transformative opportunities that strengthen students, build global citizens and provide context to facts. Faculty-directed programs allow students to perform coursework under the direction of a Clemson faculty member in another country; exchange programs allow students to study abroad at a partner school; third-party programs let students identify and build their own unique experiences.

Emphasis on Research

The emphasis on hands-on research is apparent through expansive opportunities and investments in facilities and equipment, including cutting-edge tools and laboratories. This creates an engaging academic environment that encourages student learning and discovery. A vast array of scientific experiments is conducted, each one contributing to Clemson’s national ranking as a top-tier research institution.

Student Experiences

Coursework is only the start of how you can engage in the College of Science. Getting involved in activities outside the classroom does more than build your resume. Whether you want to play disc golf, study abroad, join a Greek organization, help build a Habitat for Humanity house — or do all of those things and more. At Clemson, there’s a place for you.

Student and faculty member working together in lab.

Take the Next Step

Learn more about how you can be part of advancing ScienceForward. Visit campus virtually or in person and see firsthand what it is like to be a student. Meet with college and departmental representatives to learn about curriculum options. Ask questions. When you’re ready to apply, our admissions website includes application timelines and other information to guide you through the application process. Ready to apply to Clemson and start your future in the College of Science? Click the button below.

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