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CU Honors College

Honors Residential College

Welcome to the HRC

Your home on Clemson campus

The Honors Residential College was designed specially for Honors students living on Clemson University campus.

The Honors Residential College is more than your typical residence hall. Staff aim to enhance student residents' intellectual engagement, as well as their personal, professional and leadership development.

Students also have the benefit of interacting with energetic and dedicated Faculty in Residence who live in the honors community and lead a series of events to build camaraderie and connection.

You must be a Clemson Honors member to apply for housing at the Honors Residential College.

If you have recently been admitted to Clemson University and to the Clemson Honors College as a first-year undergraduate student, you can access Honors housing information within 24 hours of submitting the Honors admission decision reply form in your undergraduate portal

Note: your enrollment deposit must be paid before you can apply for housing. Housing information will appear 24 hours after payment.

To learn more about Cribb and DesChamps Hall, the home of the Honors Residential College, visit the Clemson Home Website. You can also find us on Instagram.

HRC Crest

HRC Crest

Developed and designed in 2020 by students in the Honors College and residents of the Honors Residential College (HRC), the crest represents the culture that exists within the community and among its residents. Each element was carefully selected and designed to communicate what the HRC experience is to current and prospective students and the broader campus community.

*Please do not use or reproduce the HRC Crest without express permission from the Community Leadership Team.

The 3 Elements of the HRC Crest

  • At the top of the crest, "the architecture of the Great Hall represents the main space that most students recognize as “The Honors College” [...]and the area where students could study, relax, or go to honors events, all which helped form a strong bond with the space."
  • The Mountains "pay tribute to the fact that Clemson began as a land grant university, and its identity remains firm in the location. In fact, it is even acknowledged in our alma mater – “Where the mountains smile in grandeur O’er the hill and dale.” The addition of nature also recognizes the firm environmental role that Clemson University advocates, which is spearheaded by many students, with many initiatives started by honors students."
  • The Tiger Paw "shows that while the HRC is its own unique experience, it still falls under the Clemson umbrella where students can be proud to be part of both, and not feel like there is a choice between being part of Clemson or being part of the HRC."

About the HRC

Graphic that says HRC has H.E.A.R.T.“The HRC is at the heart of the Honors College as it fosters growth via community, access to experiences and connections beyond the classroom that have a meaningful impact and prepares students for the personal and professional challenges that they will encounter in their lives.”

Our Why

Our mission is to foster the fluid and interconnected nature of holistic learning in community.

Our How

HRC H.E.A.R.T. provides a guide for how we seek to engage students around our communities mission. Each letter in H.E.A.R.T. represents something we strive to do or be for the residents who live with us in Cribb and DesChamps.

Home away from home

  • Being a home away from home. The HRC is the place where Honors students can de-stress, relax, and be themselves: smart, quirky, enthusiastic and fun-loving.

Engagement beyond the classroom

  • Providing opportunities for self-expression. HRC events allow residents to express their creativity and share their passions outside the classroom.
  • Promoting interaction with professors outside the classroom. In addition to regular interactions with the faculty-in-residence, students have many opportunities to meet and get to know Clemson faculty members.


  • Engaging the greater Honors College community. Some HRC events are held in the Great Hall and the Honors Center to foster a sense of belonging and inclusion in the Honors community as a whole.
  • Prepare students for the personal and professional challenges that they will encounter in their lives.


  • Creating rich community. The strong connections among HRC students and staff make the stresses of college life easier and the joys and successes sweeter. Diversity is recognized and appreciated. Friendships made in the HRC can last a lifetime.

Thinking as global citizens and about current events

  • Providing opportunities for intellectual, global and cultural engagement. We offer large and small events designed to expand our students’ world—often in cooperation with the greater Honors College.

Meet the Team

Meet the Faculty-in-Residence, HRC staff and Residential Assistants at the heart of the HRC experience.

Meet the HRC Team
HRC Residential Assistants and staff
A pile of Valentine's Day cards created by Honors students for a local seniors' center

Explore Our Traditions

Learn about the traditions that ground what the HRC team strives to do or be for its residents.

Our Traditions