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Graduation Education FAQ

Who do I need to contact with questions about graduate programs?
Information on our Masters and Doctoral programs as well as program contacts can be found on the College of Education website.

When are applications reviewed and accepted for College of Education graduate programs?
Our various graduate programs have different expectations for the application packet content and deadlines. Please visit the program site for specifics. For programs that have application deadlines, decisions are usually communicated within a month after the deadline. For programs with rolling admissions, decisions are usually communicated within three weeks of the completed application. No incomplete application packets are considered for admission.

Do you offer graduate programs that lead to educator certification?
You might consider our MAT programs that grant a master’s degree and initial educator certification in one year’s time. The middle level MAT prepares teachers to teach middle level math, social studies, English and/or science. The secondary MAT prepares teachers to teacher high school mathematics or science. The special education MAT prepares teachers in at least one of the following areas: learning disabilities, emotional/behavioral disorders or intellectual disabilities. Otherwise, you might consider a South Carolina State Department of Education alternative route to educator certification such as PACE. You can visit the S.C. State Department of Education website for South Carolina requirements for educator certification.

If I already have a graduate degree, do I still need to take the GRE?
If the program requires the GRE, it must be supplied as part of the application packet.

What is the minimum GRE score needed to be accepted?
Program areas do not normally make admission decisions on only one aspect of an application. As such, we do not set minimum standards for the GRE. All required components of the graduate application for a specific program area are considered for admission purposes. Admission selections are made from the competitiveness within that specific applicant pool. As such, you are encouraged to make all aspects of your application as competitive as possible including your GRE score.

What is the cost of the program? Is financial aid available?
Tuition rates vary by program area. You can review the tuition costs for each program here. Financial aid information can be found here, as well as in the next FAQ below.

What graduate assistantship opportunities are available in the College of Education?
Graduate assistantships are available with the College of Education. They require enrolling in at least nine credits per semester and average 20 hours per week working with specific faculty members or projects. These competitive slots are determined from the accepted applicant pool from each program area. Doctoral students are automatically considered for all slots. Applicants to the master’s and specialist degree programs that plan to pursue the degree full-time are encouraged to send a letter of application and resume to: Julie Jones:, 102-B Tillman Hall, 864-656-5096.

Can I enter as a non-degree seeking student and then switch to degree seeking later?
Non-degree and degree seeking statuses are completely different. Separate applications must be submitted for each. Some program areas allow non-degree seeking students on a space availability basis while others do not. Contact our Student Services Coordinator Julie Jones at: if you have a question about a specific class or program. Regardless, if you wish to be considered as a degree seeking student, you must submit a degree seeking application.

I have taken some previous classes at another institution. Which of these can I count toward a degree here?
Transfer of credit decisions at the graduate level at Clemson University are determined by your advisory committee. An advisory committee is created toward the beginning of your program. You will need to be admitted to a degree seeking program before a formal decision about transfer of coursework can be rendered. In the interim, you may review the required coursework for a program and assess the congruency between a course you have completed and a required course for that program. In all cases, the course must have been completed within the last six years.

I have been enrolled as a student before. Do I need to apply again?
Well, that depends. Degree-seeking students who separated from the University during the fall 2016 semester or after without an approved Leave of Absence must apply for readmission, at which time they must pay the standard application fee. You can find more information on the Leave of Absence Policy in the Graduate School Policy Handbook. Degree-seeking students who separated from the University prior to the fall 2016 semester may submit a Re-Entrance Form to

If you completed a degree program, wish to change your status or have not been enrolled for more than six years, you must submit a new application.