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Educational Specialist: Administration and Supervision with Building-level Certification

Ed.S. Administration and Supervision

Administration and Supervision

Our graduate programs at Clemson University build on the rich experiences and expertise of faculty and students to provide an educational environment in which both groups share in research, exploration and inquiry. The result of this synergy is impact — on our community and beyond. The Ed.S. is a post-master’s degree and is appropriate for people who already have a master's degree.

Specialty Concentrations

Learn more about the Educational Specialist in Administration and Supervision Our online Educational Specialist in Administration and Supervision (EdS) is for experienced educators who want to learn how to serve students and communities collaboratively and acquire the necessary skills to solve the complex problems facing schools today. The EdS combines the educational excellence that Clemson University is known for with the flexibility that many educators need. The program enables students who already have a Master’s degree in education or a related field from an accredited university to earn an advanced degree in educational leadership. Our graduates become  principals, assistant principals, instructional coaches, curriculum specialists, and serve in a wide variety of district-level leadership roles. Our next cohort begins in the fall of 2019.

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The EdS offers three degree options, which consist of 30 or 36 credit hours.

Option 1: EdS with South Carolina building-level certification

For educators holding a valid South Carolina teachers’ license, the certification option includes a 30-hour core and two internships and leads to either elementary or secondary building-level administrative certification. 

Option 2: EdS with potential for out-of-state building-level certification**

Educators teaching under a certificate from a state other than South Carolina may be able to apply for certification in their own state by completing Clemson’s 30-hour core and transferring in six internship credit hours from another accredited program.  **Clemson’s MEd is fully accredited in South Carolina. Educators interested in receiving certification in another state are responsible for consulting with their state education agencies to determine their specific certification requirements.

Option 3: EdS

Educators desiring an educational leadership degree without certification simply complete the 30-hour core.

Our online program offers convenience and flexibility, with the same high quality learning experience associated with Clemson’s face-to-face programs. The two-year, 10- or 12-course program includes a strong emphasis on instructional leadership and building equitable schools. Students take two, eight-week courses a semester with field experiences embedded in each course. In the latter half of the program, students apply what they are learning in the program to address a problem of practice in an educational setting they are familiar with.

In addition to being recognized for their scholarship and service to local school districts, Clemson’s faculty have diverse P-12 teaching and leadership experiences and work closely with school and district leaders to bring timely and relevant content to courses.

Our next cohort begins in the fall of 2019. Applications may be submitted any time before July 15, and students will receive a decision about their application soon after it is submitted. To apply for the EdS, applicants must complete the online Graduate School application. All required documents must be on file before we can review your application. Applications require the following:

  • Transcripts from undergraduate and graduate degrees in education or related fields from accredited universities 
  • A Graduate Record Exam (GRE) score taken within the last five years
  • Three letters of reference
  • A personal statement

Important Program Information

Requirements for Option 1 (South Carolina building-level certification)

  • Valid teaching certificate 
  • Three years of teaching experience
  • One of the letters of reference must be from an administrator

Students seeking building-level certification in South Carolina, or any other state in the United States, should consult the relevant educational authorities for information regarding certification requirements.

Official transcripts will be required for all options if recommended for admission.

Given the applied nature of the Eds, students must be working in or have access to an educational setting. 

Official test results are required from the Graduate Record Examination revised General Test (GRE). These scores are considered official only when they are sent directly to the Office of Admissions from the testing agency. Examinee copies are not considered official.

The Educational Testing Service (ETS) and the Psychological Corporation do not retain scores longer than five years. If your test scores are older than five years, you must retake the test and have official scores sent directly to Clemson University. The GRE revised General Test is offered year-round at testing centers worldwide. Advance registration for tests is required. More information about the GRE can be found here

The EdS consists of a 10-course, 30-credit core, with two additional internship courses required for those seeking building-level certification. The six-semester program can be completed in 24 months with two courses offered each fall, spring and summer. All courses are taken online and have field-based learning experiences embedded in them. The course sequence features a developmental approach to leadership in schools and communities with attention to the effects of rurality, poverty, and race on learning conditions and on student and community development. For those seeking certification, two internships are required. As the EdS includes many applied experiences, students must be working in or have access to an educational setting.

Fall 2019:
EDL 7000 – Introduction to School Leadership
EDL 7050 – Contemporary Issues in Schools

Spring 2020:
EDL 7200 – School Personnel Development
EDL 7250 – Law and Ethics for School Leaders

Summer 2020:
EDL 7100 – Organizational Improvement in Schools
EDL 7500/7550– School Internship I (for Option 1 only)

Fall 2020:
EDL 7300 – Instructional Leadership I
EDL 7400 – Instructional Leadership II 

Spring 2021:
EDL 7150 – Community Relations for School Leaders
EDL 7450 – Resource Management for School Leaders

Summer 2021
EDL 7350 – Program Evaluation for School Leaders
EDL 7510/7560– School Internship II (for Option 1 only)

Clemson University uses the most advanced online technology to provide a rich, supportive, and seamless learning environment. Asynchronous course elements allow students to access the course content and meet the deadlines for completing each learning module at their convenience. Synchronous elements promote student interaction and the development of a true learning community. Students are provided with timely support from instructors and technology personnel so that learning is maximized. Clemson University uses the Canvas learning management system in all courses. An orientation module is provided before the start of the program to allow students to become comfortable with the learning expectations and technology before courses formally start.

As a top 25 university, we continually strive for unsurpassed quality offered at an economical price. Tuition and fees are projected to be approximately $19,800 for the 10 course sequence leading to the ed. specialist degree (approximately $630/credit hour). Exact rates and information on financial aid can be found at:

Beginning Fall 2019, a SC Teacher Incentive will reduce tuition by 10% for all in-state K-12 teachers/leaders. This incentive applies to all new and returning students who have been accepted into this program.

For more information and for assistance applying to this program, please contact our Student Services Coordinator Alison Search at

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Brochure for the Educational Specialist: Administration and Supervision with Building-level Certification Degree