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College of Education Labs

College of Education

The College of Education is home to a host of nationally recognized centers, institutes, labs and programs that help us extend the reach of our commitment to systematically improve education. The efforts focus on such important issues as special needs, diversity, literacy and writing, STEM/STEAM, digital media, arts education, early learning and educational policy. These outreach efforts make a tangible, positive difference in the lives of individuals and communities in South Carolina and around the globe.

College of Education Labs

Arts and Creativity Lab

The Arts and Creativity Lab allows for concentrated work in both the visual and performing arts in education. A visual art with seminar space and a performing arts space with a specialized performance floor have been modeled after professional arts studios and designed to create a comfortable and non-intimidating environment for creative work and arts integration in early childhood, elementary and special education. For more information, contact Alison Leonard.

Child Learning and Development Lab

The Child Learning and Development Lab (CLAD) at the College of Education brings together faculty and students to address issues relating to the healthy development and learning of young children. Our members lead research, teaching and service projects in collaboration with multiple stakeholders in the state of South Carolina and around the world. The mission of CLAD Lab is to leverage interdisciplinary approaches to advance the healthy development and learning of young children in South Carolina and around the world. For more information, contact Faiza Jamil.

Digital Media and Learning Labs

The mission of the Digital Media and Learning Labs is to create a culture of participation with digital media technologies by providing media “hangouts” fostering creativity, production and learning, supported by community members. For more information, contact Ryan Visser.


The IDEA (Inclusive Digital Education and Analytics) Lab is located at Clemson University in the College of Education. Our research is focused on designing inclusive digital learning environments in engineering, computer science, and computational statistics. We also develop and implement innovative and inclusive analytics approaches to make sense of student learning. For more information, contact Golnaz Irgens.