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IT Services


Please visit the CCIT Support page. Someone at the CCIT help desk will assist or assign the ticket to the appropriate team, which will often be us. You can also email or call CCIT.

Call or text CCIT support: 864-656-3494 for emergencies
Social media: or

CCIT will route tickets to the Science IT Services team as appropriate.



Who are we?

The Science IT Services Team supports the College of Science’s pursuit of excellence in scientific discovery, learning, and engagement by providing timely and efficient IT support services to faculty and staff, and by connecting to CCIT and CECAS for additional IT services.

What do we do?

The IT Services Team handles many IT-related tasks in the College of Science. A detailed list can be found here

How can I contact IT Services?

The best way to request our service is to create a ticket by contacting CCIT. But, before you do that, please review the following:

Can I resolve it myself? Search the CCIT knowledge base for self help documentation.

Is it scheduled maintenance or a known outage? Check the CCIT status page which shows scheduled maintenance and known outages for important systems. It also shows the history of outages. Even if the status page shows the system is “degraded “ or CCIT is “investigating,” go ahead and submit a ticket. The additional information will help CCIT with its investigations. Note that CCIT is sending fewer mass emails about outages than it used to send. You can subscribe, from the CCIT status page, to alerts about the specific systems important to you.

What if it is a printer? If your printer needs ink or toner, call the supplies phone number on the printer’s Ricoh decal. If it is a shared printer, there should be a designated person near the printer who may already have the needed supply. If there is a problem with a printer, PrintSmart will fix it but they expect local support — our team — to check on it first. Please contact CCIT to create a ticket and include the long number from the Ricoh decal as well as the printer’s location.



B12 Long Hall
Clemson, SC 29634

☏ 864-656-0550


For urgent computer or IT support, visit the CCIT Support page at or contact CCIT via email or telephone:

➥ Meet our team

For non-urgent IT projects or needs, please use the project request form and a member of the SCIENCE IT Services team will be in touch.