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IT Services — Services Offered

Support services offered

A number of support services are offered by the Science IT Services team.

Procurement and inventory management

      • Devise and help departments execute life-cycle replacement strategies.
      • Pre-purchase advice and consent for hardware, software, and services.
      • Help execute purchases (i.e. create a shopping cart or request a quote to send to the requisitioner).
      • Help departments maintain equipment and software license inventories.
      • Safely surplus retired equipment.

Hardware and software support

      • InstalI and configure Windows or MacOS systems and software.
      • Troubleshoot and maintain hardware and systems, including accessing vendors’ support systems on behalf of the client, or engaging CCIT for repairs.
      • Help customers contact the appropriate units for software and service support and be a communication bridge when needed.
      • Utilize tools CCIT provides to efficiently manage Windows and MacOS systems.
      • Where CCIT will delegate the responsibility, we will accept it and perform administrator or operator tasks for the College (such as creating and configuring emaiI Iists, configuring and maintaining the College OU in Active Directory, managing file share rights, etc.)
      • Create documentation to guide clients through self-help scenarios.

Support liaisons for Tier 1 support

      • Troubleshoot network printers and engage PrintSmart for reconfigurations and repairs.
      • Assist with deploying network printer queues.
      • Basic troubleshooting for AV and classroom equipment, and engage CCIT for repairs.
      • Point of contact for CECAS and HPC Linux systems support.


For help with the following services, contact Charles Allen at

      • Advise clients on data security, risk management, and disaster recovery and business continuity planning.
      • Advise on distance learning and emerging A/V strategies.
      • Advise clients on using Qualtrics survey and related services.
      • Support onboarding and offboarding.

Information systems

For help with the following service, contact Charles Allen at

      • Assist with creating efficient and secure data collection and workflows for the college and departments by designing, developing, implementing, and maintaining web-based applications and the databases they require.


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